Kabah’s Shadows and Secrets

Speaking of Rumi and shadows I think it only appropriate we go to Mecca.

I want to show you some images of Mecca and the Kabah and of shadows.

Now lets go flying over Mecca.
The first photo is an image of the entire holy site marked in green.
The green tack marks the site of the Kabah, the BLACK RECTANGULAR CUBE.

The next 3 images I zoomed in on the Kabah Cube.
The first image we can see that the RECTANGLE is not oriented toward north.
But as we focus our attention on the circle toward the northwest of the Cube, the design of the Kabah becomes apparent. Like the serpent descending the steps of El Castillo in Mexico, the SHADOW of the RECTANGLE places a CUBE into the circle at a pre-determined time of day.
The sun hitting the CUBE is deflected like light hitting a prism toward the CIRCLE.
Rolling Eyes

photo A

photo B

photo C

Please note that the 3rd image above illustrates another line that can be faintly seen. This angle at 45 degrees + 90 degree right angle = 135 degrees.
That 135 degrees is again part of the design…
1 + 3 + 5 = 9
A cube has 8 vertices and 1 centre = 9
Now that is just foolin’ with numbers.

Here is the kicker, the real reason for the 135 degrees rotation can be found by rotating this symbol below 135 degrees.

Please note where north is on this wheel…look toward the southeast.
Here is the text that accompanies the image taken from Manley Palmer Hall’s Opus The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

So after we rotate ‘The Great Secret’ 135 degrees, the image looks like this.  At this point I would like to mention that the Nazi salute had the right arm positioned at 135 degrees.

Some people would suggest this is just a coincidence.
Not realizing in fact, everything is by design, and that a coincidence or a deju vu is confirmation of interconnectivity.
Most people  ignore the  experience, I stop and tune in.

These posts are the result of not ignoring the messages, messages that embrace us 24/7/365.

The above image known as The Key to the Great Philosophical Secret is ready for the next veil to be lifted.
We now compare The Great Secret to the 4 Tetramorphs.

And these 4 Tetramorphs can be traced back to the Arabic 4 Royal Stars.
I have an intuitive feeling that the 4 Royal Stars can be found in Mecca.
I have this feeling because these 4 Royal Stars figure too heavily in ancient symbolism to be ignored.

Why do I feel this?
Continue please…

In the next image I have joined 4 of the green domes in Mecca to what I believe to be representations of the 4 Royal Stars … that was incorporated with intent into the architecture as sacred geometry.

At this time I am not sure what star the yellow dome I highlighted is.

So in the diagram above we now have a representation of a cross, specifically a CRUCIFIX.

And in the diagram below, the CRUCIFIX appears as dotted lines.

To give my thesis some credibility we must fly over Peru and observe the same geometric shapes in a place called Moray.
Moray is not far from Cuzco and Machu Picchu…home of the Inca.

Worlds apart but is the symbolism profoundly similar?
Moray has 4 distinct rings, or holes comprised of concentric rings placed as terraces.

Rings of Moray

What is interesting is that they have speculated that these terraces were used by the Inca as outdoor laboratories, the temperature difference great enough between grades to make a difference between strains or types of plants.
An outdoor laboratory.

Then we re-orient the ‘Rings of Moray’ to gain a new perspective.

And this image below slows the spiral down and shows the relationship between Cubes and Rectangles…there is a sacred relationship.

Can I find the same geometry and archetypes in Judaism and Christian Cathedrals, Temples or Shrines?

Of course.
If you seek Unity you will find it.
You will be rewarded for looking for truth.




6 thoughts on “Kabah’s Shadows and Secrets

  1. The Kaba was rebuilt many times and restored. However its was rebuilt with limited funds using the foundations about 1400 years ago. The origional foundations were rectangular. The rebuild was made cube shaped due to the aforementioned limited funds at the time of the Quraish Tribes (at time of the rebuild).


    The Kaba was origionally rectangular… thus the corner of the origional foundations would of met the tail end of the golden spiral.

    The missing section is now called the Al-Hateem. It is a round building in the shape of half a circle, one of its ends faces the Syrian corner and the other faces the western corner, as can be seen in the second picture on this page.

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