SATAN and the anti-CHRIST identified

OilIsMastery wrote:
dukey wrote:
and the pope also calls for a new world order under the un ..
so the pope is literally the antichrist


A link for a dink…

Too fucking easy to provide proof WHO the THEY are dude…
The fact the image below looks like a KEYHOLE is not a coincidence.

Then if we overlay this symbol I found in a Peruvian Monastery …

I added the swastika to show the connection to the colors of the process of Alchemy. ie. black >> white >> red >> gold or yellow.

And the other symbol is an ancient MAGIC symbol that shares the same esoteric shapes as the others…

BUT what is far more important is that we must ask ourselves … Why BOTH the Peruvian mandala found in the monastery and the Magic Symbol have 4 STARS in the diagonals or inter-cardinal positions?

These as it turn out are the 4 ROYAL STARS or the Tetragrammaton or the 4 Evangelists, or in China they appeared as the 4 Supernatural Creatures.

The United Nations is the New World Order. That was called for by Stalinist spies in Washington. So Communists are Antichrist.

Yes soon it will be the Chinese who are the fucking anti-christs eh?
Yes the Chinese also use the same geometry … why?
Because it is based on sacred geometry.

But please notice that the Forbidden City is not oriented to the North exactly, I ponder why?

You want more proof OisM that we are being played for fools?
Go back to your masters and tell them the gig is up.

Stop pointing fingers at the rest of the world for your Semitic woes.
Realize when you do point … the ewe have 3 fingers pointing back toward them.

One finger for each of the 3 Tribes at continual War.


Have the Buddhists, Jains, Aborigine, Hopi, Kogi shown up for the scripted Armageddon party dude?

You want more proof who is to blame.
Let me start here…


And as the organ grinds away in the Vatican, here I present a real chump, chimp or champ?
He actually, this monKEY represents the Right Hand of Satan, known as the anti-Christ.

Bush is simply the Sheppard’s (or the Pope’s) barking dog (the mini Poop) who is leading the flock over the edge…

Mao is dead, Stalin is dead, Hitler is dead, Saddam is dead, Bin laden is dead ….

The Burning Bush is alive and leaving a path of destruction behind.
Where have you been since ’91 dude?
Wake the fuck up, the COLD WAR is over … the Zionists are in Washington … turning up the heat …

Duh to the droll Troll.

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


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