JACHIN = WHITE / Yod / Solomon

BOAZ = BLACK / Beth / Hermes

MonteQuest wrote:
Other animals decimate their environment.We might nuke it.

I agree with that summation.
That actually is a common theme in myth.
Man falling prey to sin and avarice and destroying himself.

But I do wonder Monte about these two particular man-made Observation and Measuring devices, first we have a WHITE CIRCLE used to measure microwaves and radio waves, (these waves having the greatest amplitude) and the second observatory is a BLACK RECTANGLE and is used specifically for capturing the smallest waves and particles like gamma rays and neutrinos.

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Please note: and this is important.
These two observatories are like pillars marking the boundaries of the Universe as we are able to measure it…from White Light to Black Light. Between them these 2 pillars are poised to capture all waves … big / macrocosmic and the small / microcosmic waves.
Which brings us back to the Electro-magnetic Light Spectrum.

Now the black and white proof I am about to offer in BLACK and WHITE can be further substantiated in the divinely inspired Tarot.
Ahhh yes, some of the sheeple just stampeded out of the room.

Yes go back to sports scores and reality TV.
Sorry I try not to offer illusions here.
Just a Unity.
Rolling Eyes

Note above the Cards 0 – 4.

Briefly I want to offer a summation of a deeper underlying meaning here in regards to the sequence in the Tarot, and in conjunction with those BLACK and WHITE RELIGIOUS TEMPLES that I am going to introduce you to below, and the BLACK and WHITE SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATORIES above that by NO coincidence match the religious temples in shape and color … the information I present should penetrate a few.

Card 0 – The Fool = nothing, and out of nothing comes something, once you take a step off the cliff … your descent begins.

Card I
– The Magician has before him the 4 Weapons of Ritual Magic. These are the 4 forces known to the Physicists today.
Nuclear Strong, Gravity, Nuclear Weak and Electromagnetism.

It is also important to realize that this is the ORDER of the 4 forces, of their evolution as the Universe was expanding…gravity the force yet to be reconciled with the other 3 in a quantum theory was formed very early in the evolution of our universe.
The Magician is pointing UP and DOWN, his arms forming an angle of 135 degrees. This symbolizes the Hermetic axiom, “As it is above, so is it below.”

Card II – We see the 2 Pillars. One is BLACK and one is WHITE.
The High Priestess sits between these 2 Pillars.
These 2 pillars known as Boaz and Jachin are found in every Freemasonry Lodge and also in Chartres Cathedral.

The High Priestess and what she symbolizes is comparable to the Eectro-magnetic Light Spectrum.
She holds a scroll or a wave in her hands.
Think about a scroll … how it is rolled up … like a golden spiral.
Rolling Eyes
It says TORA … or Torah … or Tarot
Pick one.

Card III is the Empress.
She is introduced as a third party necessary to complete a SPACE.

Thus I believe the first 3 Cards represent the x, y and z axis.

So in defining 4 dimensions it is often expressed as 3D of Space and 1D of Time. Together they became SpaceTime. Our collective illusion.

So in Card IV we would expect to find a reference to Time after using the first 3 visible Cards to define the Space.

Card IV
is The Emperor and he often is referred to as Father Time.
He also represents the Cube, and the structure of Kabblistic Tree of Life (this is important because Kabbalists study Gnostic Texts).
The Cube contains all 32 paths.
22 of the paths represent also the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, called KEYS.
(22 = 2 + 2 = 4)
And the Cube also contains the 10 Sephiroth we find in the Tree of Life.
Thus 22 + 10 = 32 pathways in a Cube.

May I show you an image of what is referred to as a ‘CUBE’. May I point out it is a Rectangular Cube.

The WHITE mass of Islamic worshipers (surrounding the BLACK RECTANGULAR CUBE called the Kabah), are performing a Tawaf, this is the process of circumambulating (walking in a counter-clockwise direction) the BLACK RECTANGULAR CUBE a total of 7 complete rotations.

At this time may I also point out that the type of LEFT BRAINED mathematical thinking required to build the above Observatories, and structure 3 Patriarchal Religions is the same kind of thinking and tinkering we are doing with the CREATION, using our sciences that builds the nukes.

And why do my observations suggest something is rotten in Denmark?
(btw…Denmark and the tribe of Dan is another post, yes look for it.)

Because with great interest I notice this JEWISH RELIGIOUS SHRINE / TEMPLE below contains both of them, the BLACK RECTANGLE and the WHITE DOME.


This temple of worship and deep profound meaning in Israel is called The Shrine of the Book and it is where the Gnostic Dead Sea Scrolls are actually kept.

Here we have symbolized a BLACK RECTANGLE or a Door (Did they get this monolith from 2001 A Space Odyssey … lying on its side … symbolically waiting to be ressur-erected perhaps?) and we also have a WHITE CIRCLE.

Now why did I suggest the BLACK RECTANGLE was a DOOR?

And this DOOR above can be found here … in St. Peter’s Square.
Do you see it Monte?
Here we have a potential ‘rabbit hole’.
Willing to go down that hole with me?
…let golem show you what he found in the fire that rages down below…

Good you see the DOOR?
Do you notice the Oval (elliptical orbit) in St. Peter’s Square is actually the same distance from the DOOR as the Black Rectangle is from the White Dome at The Shrine of the Book?

But wait we need to explore the meaning of the WHITE DOME a little farther.
I had heard of BLACK HOLES and a Black Dome would almost be expected. But a white dome nor a white hole was NOT expected by me, but that’s okay, it meant I was about to learn something profound in my quest.
I hate being Right most of the Time.
So I googled WHITE HOLES.

The first image is from inside The Shrine of the Book.

In astrophysics, a white hole is the time reversal of a black hole. While a black hole acts as an absorber for any matter that crosses the event horizon, a White Hole acts as a source that ejects matter from its event horizon. The sign of the acceleration is invariant under time reversal, so both black and white holes attract matter. The only potential difference between them is in the behavior at the horizon.Hawking argued that white holes are the same as black holes, once quantum mechanics is taken into account.

So BLACK HOLES suck in matter and WHITE HOLES eject matter.

We basically have two essential theologies that can be seen as hangovers from the epoch of Oral Traditions.

In the beginning was the WORD and it was divided into consonants and vowels.
And after a very very long time of making sounds (99% of our development is void of a written history), we finally got around to recording them, first as glyphs or symbols and then these glyphs or symbols became letters, forming words.
2 main camps of communication evolved.

One theology is based on sounds stressing consonants.
It developed into a theology that embraces the WHITE LIGHT as divine, fearing the shadows and darkness where Judas and evil wait.
The other theology was based on sounds stressing vowels.
These root languages like Sanskrit embrace BLUE or BLACK LIGHT as a divinty.
Is it that simple?
Look at my evidence above, did I mention I have much more evidence?

In conclusion
the WHITE LIGHT scientists (Sons of Light) want to turn back the hands of TIME, that the (Sons of Darkness) are willing to defend … apparently …
And the danger is … THE scientist and the Judaeo/Christian theologian (both seekers of the White Light) are both willing to RISK blowing up the world to prove THEY are right about the LIGHT they worship.

For my theory to show a consistency the Tibetan Buddhist should suggest we let go of the WHITE LIGHT illusions and embrace the BLUE LIGHT.

But how many of us could possibly live like Monks?
And that is exactly what their right brained holistic thinking and feeling souls suggest, “to let go of our illusions caused by the white light, and this is in opposition to a left brained mathematical egotist which is trying to circumvent “All that has been written”, based on a theology clinging to a light that is rapidly fading…

Solar Radiation is down and Earthly generated Radiation being produced by us is way up…both kinds of radiation are kept in, bouncing off a giant MIRROR, a MIRROR that is the result of the blinds closing. What blinds the blind ranger in danger asks?
The blinds called … drum roll please … ATMOSPHERIC OPACITY.

What do those graphs suggest?
Are we going to be bathed in UV light like the EM spectrum suggests?

Yes we are baking or stewing ourselves slowly (depending on your region) … men made of clay, the next primordial soup.


Call it global warming, call it global dimming, as prophet, I just like to say “All has been written…”
I am adding nothing new to the prophecy as told for eons, only interpretating the events a little differently than others. Am I wrong?
Look at the images I have presented, where else, who else offers you this interpretation.
Please understand I only suggest we prepare for a new paradigm without harming each other…
Rolling Eyes

People together moving mountains.
Would you like to know what that means?
How we can do it?

All of the above Monte suggests to me … THEY place fellas like you and others here at PO between ME and the TRUTH.


In shock and awed by the Creation
Aren’t you?

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


15 thoughts on ““ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” part II JACHIN and BOAZ

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  5. “These root languages like Sanskrit embrace BLUE or BLACK LIGHT as a divinty.”

    You obviously have not studied Hinduism in any depth. Read up on the three gunas just to start with…

  6. Obviously I have not.
    I study the SAME archetypes that are found everywhere.

    “The Tibetan Book of the Dead was first published in 1927 by Oxford University Press, London. Dr. Walter Y. Evans-Wentz coined the title because of parallels he found with the writings of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The paperback and hardcover editions of the book contain extensive notes by Evans-Wentz about the conclusions he drew from the translation which, some say, were greatly influenced by his involvement with Theosophy and neo-Vedantic Hindu views. A later edition of the book includes commentary by the renowned psychoanalyst, Dr. Carl Jung, whose insightful essay illustrates that this Tibetan text goes beyond a study of Tibetan culture and reaches into a psychology that has great relevance to the western world.”

    And again here is another criticism directed at my identifying certain archetypes that will serve to strengthen my thesis.

    And what are those 3 colors of the gunas?


    As it turns out the 3 colors of the 3 Gunas are in fact 3 of the 4 colors (yellow or gold is the 4th), I have been actually ‘tracking’, across cultures and through the passage of time.

    Thank you anthony for that ‘lead’, it was a fine one.
    Read this other blog of mine … where I briefly discuss some other coincidences in regards to these 3/4 particular colors.

    I discuss those 4 colors often.
    Remember a dark blue/purple would have been represented by black at one time. Blue/purple were very difficult dyes to obtain.


    Think of colors as archetypes representing a spectra of light frequency or a vibration.
    Easy to do.

    Go to 2:04 of this video.

    At 2:20 >>> 2:48, (narration is by Leonard Cohen)the Blue vs. White light is discussed, that we ‘encounter’ after we die.

    Blue/Black vs. White brings us back to my thread, we find the same archetypes in Tibetan Buddhism that we find in western theology.

    “All has been written…”

    The EM field is the “Field of Dreams”.

    Thank you again for the ‘guna’ confirmation anthony.
    Those 4 colors btw, are also found in the description of the sacred Mt. Meru and Solomon’s Temple.
    Coincidence or archetypes that transcend man-made boundaries.


  7. Yes but they didn’t worship it. Buddhism is considered crap by Hindus. You haven’t addressed anything. Make this interesting for me mystic. You are in error on this blue/black worship by those who use Sanskrit. Truth should compel you, not I.

  8. Buddhism is considered crap by Hindus?
    You certainly did isolate the real problem with that statement.

    Christianity is considered crap by Muslims..
    Islam and Judaism is considered crap by Christians.
    Judaism is considered crap by Christians and Muslims.
    I wonder what the Jains, Kogi, Aborigines, Taoists and others think.

    I know the atheists think it is ALL crap.
    And I ponder where does the conflicted scientist fit in?

    Truth does compel me anthony, it is the most noble of journeys.
    Not my job to make it interesting for you.
    Sorry that is your job … to make life interesting for you.

    The boundaries are BLACK and WHITE…those are the end zones on the EM Field of Dreams and Nightmares. Nightmares happen because everyone believes what the other person thinks is crap, like the Hindu and Christians.

    There is a published mystic (deceased) and his name is Itzhak Bentov…he wrote 2 books…he also helped build rockets for Israel and had several patents.

    Here is what Itzhak believed.
    In the BLACK light is where you will find hidden, as intersecting wave patterns…the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.
    In the WHITE light we will find the 22 shapes of the Hebrew alphabet, again as manifestations of intersecting wave patterns.

    So yes I did adopt many of this mystics visions.
    I actually embraced Bentov’s visions because they are so similar to mine. But our paths from whence we came, are definitely in sharp contrast.

    Now these are my thoughts again…

    These two colors (black and white) and two languages represent the two hemispheres of the mind.
    Hebrew language represents the Patriarchal Left Brain and please note the language used does NOT like to use VOWELS.
    It is structured on CONSONANTS.
    Its G_d‘s name is YHVH.
    Please note that NO VOWELS are used when mentioning his name.

    Archetype notes that the Sanskrit language is the ‘reverse’ or ‘opposite’ of its western counterpart.
    Sanskrit likes to use the SOUNDS of VOWELS over CONSONANTS.
    The RIGHT hemisphere of the mind is seen as Matriarchal or Holistic.
    In this language God’s representative or the name used is spelled specifically to accentuate vowels…BrAhmA…BuddhA…KrishnA…GAneshA

    Ahh, do you see an archetypal pattern?
    RAphAel, HerA, JudeA, PAtAh or as simply in RA?

    AUM you get what I mean anthony.
    Go to the wailing wall in Jerusalem and let out a big AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM.
    Dare ya…
    Neither East nor West are better than the other…

    Archetype is a fine method to unite humanity.
    Whatever belief you cling to…that really is your problem dude, what you invite into your mind….

    If you can’t appreciate that archetype / ARKetype is a fine method for illustrating the profound esoteric similarities existing between all beliefs, using the art of analogy…can I suggest you stop wasting your time reading my insightful, though somewhat cryptic blog.
    There is a disclaimer to be respected in the process or transmutation of an ‘evolving human being’.

    You can lead a horse or initiate to water but ….


  9. You missed out all the consonants: BRaMaN. You can’t sound out a consonant without a vowel. Thus vowels are Shakti, consonants Shiva. Hebrew uses vowels as much as Sanskrit, they just don’t write them. But funnily enough sanskrit does not write the vowel “a”. How does that jive? Need anymore water.

  10. As for Itzak, anyone can pull crap from their arse, it is up to truth seekers to connect it back from concept to experience to make sure it isn’t castles in the air. Read Schopenhauer’s Four-fold root and WasWaR

  11. Guess you don’t like Ben’s (Itzhak)insights eh?

    Brahma by the way is associated with the RIGHT and Vishnu is on the LEFT.
    Is that correct?
    Handedness = polarity and would play a role in developing the archetypes…

    Okay I have found a summary of the Four Fold Root.
    What is your point exactly?


    1. Material things
    2. Abstract concepts
    3. Mathematical and Geometrical constructions
    4. Psychologically-Motivating forces

    Corresponding in parallel to these four kinds of objects, Schopenhauer respectively linked four different kinds of reasoning. Within his terminology, he associated material things with reasoning in terms of cause and effect; abstract concepts with reasoning in terms of logic; mathematical and geometrical constructions with reasoning in reference to numbers and spaces; and motivating forces with reasoning in reference to intentions, or what he called moral reasoning. In sum, he identified the general root of the principle of sufficient reason as the subject-object distinction, and the fourfold root of the principle of sufficient reason as the specification of four different kinds of objects for which we can seek explanations, in association with the four independent intellectual paths along which such explanations can be given, depending upon the different kinds of objects involved.

    Again what was your point of directing me toward Alfred S?
    Is it the A in his name?


  12. “The Mysterious Stranger” is one of my favourite books. Freemason’s seem to do their best work posthumously, eh?

    “Nothing exists, save empty space, and you–and you are but a thought.”

  13. Nice work Raph.

    Have you ever investigated sirius as a trinary force in relation to this blue-black/white relationship in a binary illusion?

    • yet another hole to explore?
      oh my…it never really ends…you can only conclude after the endless searching, that there must be an underlying unity.

      feel free to post the relevant info.
      or links.


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