NOT a Bedtime Story for Judeao Christians

ajm wrote:
I am just curious as to what monotheistic religions began in the southern Hemisphere?

Well there really is only ONE MONO religion and it is a BELIEF shared by all the siblings of the PATRIARCH Abraham…namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam
What we are witness to in the Middle East is one big dysfunctional family.
Metaphorically and rather profound is the fact … that if this family mended their HIStorical and hysterical funnymentalist behaviors … the world would be a much safer place to live in…

Many of the esoterics place the Masculine principal along with FIRE in the SOUTH.

So let’s follow the trail SOUTH…but first leave your bedtime story called the Bible at home.
You must let go of your HIStorical delusions that came about as a result of the deluge, the truth has been intentionally diluted for people’s consumption.

Recognize the shape of this Cross?

This Cross is known as the ATLANTIS CROSS.

Getting a little suspicious now as to its origins?
Atlantis is the first clue.
And the concentric circles as part of the description of Atantis are as Plato described them.

Did I mention the Southern Cross or CRUX is the most visible of the constellations in the SOUTHern hemisphere, but the smallest of all 88?

Is it a coincidence that the Music of the Spheres would be accompanied by the 88 constellations representing the 88 piano keys?
C’mon on now, admit it, things weave together nicely in the ‘CREATION”…and that is the magic and the beauty of the subtle, sublime interconnections we dismiss as coincidence or deja vu…sadly, these are missed opportunities….

ORION is the most recognizable constellation near the EQUATOR and The BIG DIPPER is the most visible in the northern hemisphere and this completes this trio of all-stars.

And the ancients used the constellation Crux to help guide them at sea. Like the Phoenicians and the Turks based out of Constantinople … who were in possession of many of the artifacts and ancient MAPS that were taken out of Alexandria after it was destroyed.
And the Phoenicans along with an Turkish Admiral named Piri Reis Map present MORE anomalies the Judeao / Christian Myth Makers cannot explain away…
Can you explain the Piri Reis anomalies?
Betcha can’t…

BUT where is SOUTH exactly?
It is relative perspective.
I feel another What IF?
What IF the earth as many scholars have surmised has massive cataclysmic geological upheavals, that were as I surmise later written in as an apocalypse or as Judgment Day?
In other words ‘The Book of Revelations’ documenting a Judgment Day is NOT prophecy.
What IF Revelations is revealed as the recording of a cyclical event?

Ever heard of crust displacement or the wandering poles?
They have proved that the WEST coast of Canada was once the SOUTHERN coast…so your demanding of a southern culture that brought with it the concept of a MONO god needs to be questioned with a certain understanding…
So south is probably always south but the lands shift relative to south if the ‘great circle / equator’ shifts…the earth does not physically flip as some people have proposed … what happens though is that the very very thin crust broken up into tectonic plates floats around on the mantle … on an ocean of very very hot stuff, and at some point it rotates…not much fun for 6 billion people and not the kind of news … THEY want people buying into.

Here is one persons’ prediction of where the new equator may be … post-2012 … just one opinion of 6 billion … as valid as any other.

Now I am not suggesting this is at all an accurate rendition of the shape of things to come …I am just trying to pry the lid open, off your self-imposed box…

But back to your question about a MONO God rising from the SOUTH.
Would he be a FIRE God?
Like the MASCULINE generative power, the POSITIVE power of the RED SOUTH?
So is the SOUTHern Continent of Antarctic far South enough ajm?
You know that SLIVER of land, the THEY rarely talk about?
There is much going on you know…?
Google ‘Lake Vostok’ or would ewe rather be given the sports scores?

That Green SLIVER of land we ignore is bigger than Europe, the USA or Australia.
As this photo clearly shows.

And when you look at Antarctica with the same perspective we normally see the North Pole (i.e. looking down) something is revealed.

It sits in the middle of the WORLD OCEAN as described by Plato.

As the above maps show if the ARK called Atlantis was going down, and the rats who were indeed our ancestors were jumping ship … do you see how easy it is to get to South America (the closest) and New Zealand and Australia and of course the Southern Tip of Africa…and the Indian sub-continent could be reached quite easily too I imagine.

And who would suggest in the 4+ billion year history of terra firma (?), our home we call the Earth, that this remote barren place will not yield any megalithic structures or evidence of any past civilizations in the future, after the ice really really starts melting?

Here is a photo of Antarctic without any ice.

And then compare Atlantis / Antarctic with the ancient city of Tenochtitlan, located in the Valley of Mexico…
The ancients liked to ‘mirror’ the creation, or divine patterns in their structures and how their cities were oriented.

So essentially the trail out of the SOUTH can be summarized as follows.

Plato taught Aristotle who taught Alexander who built an Empire.
But before Plato taught Ari he spoke with Solon who had been to Egypt.
And Solon had spoken with ancient Egyptian Priests and scribes.
And Egypt along with Mesoamerica, India, China and Mesopotamia (Sumer) were the ORIGINAL 5 GREAT civilizations. The much spoken of EXODUS that Judaism speaks of marked a departure from these 5 which were ALL POLY religions.

Can I suggest the EXODUS did not take place at the RED Sea or the REED Sea, I believe it took place mostly in our minds…we stopped using the Right Hemisphere (associated with the Tree of Life) and started eating off the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Or what has been identified as the Patriarchal Left Hemisphere associated with logic and reason and numbers and language.

And those 5 POLY religions could have jumped ship from the SOUTHern Antarctic OR pehaps INDIAs influences came from the NORTH?
Underneath and antipodal to Antarctic are the Greenland Ice Sheets.
Greenland is again more than one island, like the ice-less photo of Antarctic showed.
It is two main islands and many other smaller ones…
What IF when the ice melts ajm, ‘all will be revealed’.

The EWE will see.
Finally the wool will be out of their eyes.

Standing at Atension?
But wait I forgot to add another piece to the puzzling puzzle.
What I have explained still does not really explain how things get all mixed up…I see the earth as a forge and blender (alchemy) … mixing up the 4 races of humanity, throwing us together, forcing us to get along, and of course learning valuable lessons along the way…through compassion and love and social interest…by being your ‘brother’s keeper’.

The following photo is known as the ‘Secret of Life’ and it supports my blender / forge / ROTATION / Crust slippage theory.
It also helps explain why sometimes RED and FIRE appeared in the NORTH…among a group of Buddhists. (I forget the sect)
Or … now this is interesting … get a globe rotate it 90 degrees … if the crust slipped a total of 90 degrees the equator would pass right through the middle of the Antarctic … and essentially bisecting its area in half.

Much of the language in the image below is difficult to make out … except the 4 directions and the 4 elements.

And you will notice that the orientations of the 4 directions are INCORRECT…

To orient THE SECRET correctly you need to turn the symbol 135 degrees ‘counterclockwise’…or in the same direction as the Nazi adopted Swastika.
135 degrees = 45 X 3

And when you do … you get a fixed cross like this.

And it is no coincidence that the NAZI salute was having your arm positioned at 135 degrees.

And THE SECRET then can be placed over this symbol.

OR this one …

OR this one …

Here is the Chinese version of this representation of a certain ‘galactic alignment’ marked by what the Persians referred to as The Four Royal Stars…
The Chinese called them The 4 Supernatural Creatures.

But what is important to realize is that these 4 Royal Stars show up wearing many disguises…pointing toward a Galactic Alignment … ALL the Cradle Civilizations … and the siblings of ABRAHAM had profound symbolism for this particular TIME marked by the placement of these 4 stars in the 4 corners.
I explain more on this thread…where the Tarot >>> and the Torah are reconciled too!!!

Here is something else you may want to explain.
Why do these swastikas look similar?
# 3 in this photo was found as part of a Roman Pavement.
Note it has Solomon’s Knot at the center…

And compare symbol #3 to the symbol that was found in the Valley of Mexico (Aztec or earlier).
This symbol was only one of 10,000 tablets known as the ‘Niven Tablets’, (which went missing in transit).
And this symbol was being referred to as The KEY to Universal Movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

And then it was GIVEN to Hitler to adopt for his movement.
It was a setup.
The rest as THEY say is HIStory.
I suspect Pope RATzinger and the Vatican is going down in 2012…along with the earthly Kings and Queens running this self-serving illusion.

I do have a few questions for the Pope.
Where does that BLACK DOOR on the pavement of St. Peter’s square go?
And the obelisk in the center of the elliptic where did you get it?

I will then ask the Pope for the KEYS I know he possesses.
The two keys St. Peter left in his care.
One key is gold and the other is silver …

…and this court of inquiry will continue on another thread.

I smell a rat.
Did the ewe know that the vatican is filled with rat poop?


Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


2 thoughts on “NOT a Bedtime Story for Judeao Christians

  1. Did we already go through so many ages -to reach that summit called ‘Godhead/Spirit/Souls/..’, and then get so bored with it that we decided to create all sorts of beasts and then make ourselves to be God[s] for them, and writing all these codes as a way of talking to eachother-saying ‘remember this is suppose to be fun!’ -to play out this script and do unjust harm to all their pet projects?

    Anyway, I am going through your site and from what I’ve read so far, I don’t think I can grasp the numbers part of this, but in a more intuitive way- let’s say, this is what I see as a site meant to be read all over. I feel what you are saying is very much a Truth -if not containing ALL of it].

    Goodluck to you,


    • What if eh, it was meant to be more fun…people love to laugh…and it is the best medicine…and old testy testament jews feel you can backdoor heaven/gain entry with a sense of humour?

      is that why there are so many jewish comedians?

      but there is definite poetree in the garden…to be admired.


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