CHeery CHiral Monkey in PERU called CHiram

Del wrote:
I’m angry at my self for missing the red mooned eclipse. I would usually like this stuff but sometimes you just aren’t in the right mood to want to try.

I am also a little pissed about missing the red moon.
All this astro- thinking is very new to me.
I have had my head to the ground most of my 50 years, taking my cues from a wrist watch.
But now it is time to soar with the eagles, hawks and doves.

I took you for an eye opening tour of fertility symbols, a sacred Dead Sea Scroll Shrine, St. Peter’s Square, and two scientific observatories, one was located in Puerto Rico, it was a WHITE round / elliptical dish (concave) used for measuring the biggest invisible waves (microwaves and radio waves) and the other observatory I pointed out as we flew over Los Alamos, new Mexico.
This was the BLACK rectangular DOOR we all pass through when we die. And this door is specific in its purpose.
It is used to measure the smallest waves (or particles?) that exist.
i.e. x-rays and gamma rays and neutrinos.
And these are the two boundaries apparently…ALL exists between the biggest Macrocosmic Wave and the smallest Microcosmic Wave.

How does my post connect with Cetus?
Cetus is a whale.

And to help shake your foundations I need to take you flying over the desert in search of a whale.
Jowanah go?

So here we have a glyph of a whale in a desert, a desert that has been a desert for thousands of years.
Here is a lovely quote from a web site that suggests the Nazca Lines are representations of constellations.


That, of course, refers only to the archaeologists who are prepared to concede that the ancient Nazca people had developed a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy – most do not.


Yes maintaining the status quo is also a symptom of a prophecy to be fulfilled.
Ego and pride cannot let go of a paradigm, even Max Planck conceded that old ideas held onto by old feeble minds give way to a new generation that embraces a new paradigm.

Now Eric von Daniken has built his empire on false claims about the Nazca Lines, expansive glyphs located in a desert in western Peru. Eric claims these were used as alien landing strips, and a certain glyph he identified, as a spaceman or alien.
The only thing alien about this Eric’s theory … is the fact he is himself in fact a lizard, a distant cousin of the snake oil salesman. I am calling BS on Eric von and his poorly researched claims.

The above site though, I recommend is full on about the true intent, purpose and source of inspiration for the Nazca glyphs.

Who has heard of the work of Maria Reiche and the Nazca plain?
Few have.
I had not, until I myself visited Nazca last year.
Maria Reiche (1903-1998) was a German-born mathematician and archaeologist who is famous for her research in the Nazca lines in Peru.
She was THE authority; she represents best the passion trying to uncover the true meaning of the plains.

Not not not Eric von, he that is just another of the false Prophets who only seek the profits.
The obfuscation of truth by Eric (who added the von to give himself legitimacy) is part of the necessary deception.

Here are more pics of the Nazca Lines and their MUMMIES.
Mummies that point toward a truth that Dummies like Eric like to keep buried so he can profit.

Yes the profound reality is here we have another culture in the desert practicing mummification.
I need to work on a post about Nazca and the pictures I took last year.

Nazca Plains Indian Tomb Peru, Nazca Museum

For now though here is a picture of a Nazca tomb (a re-creation of, in a museum in Nazca) that also looks very much like a Hindu Shiva Linga, and it also bears a striking resemblance to that same sacred shape that appears in many sacred temples, found in ALL cultures, a shape that is common to all ancient societies.

Shiva Linga, a fertility symbol found in India

The Sanskrit term लिङ्गं liṅgaṃ, transliterated as linga, has diverse meanings and uses, ranging from mark, sign or characteristic to gender. Vaman Shivram Apte’s Sanskrit[10] dictionary provides the many definitions:

  1. The Siva Linga is a symbol of Lord Siva
  2. Mysterious power or indescribable Sakti in the Linga
  3. Linga is symbolical of the generative power of the Lord Siva
  4. All forms are pervaded by Lord Siva. Every form is the form or Linga of Lord Siva
  5. Linga is primary and is devoid of smell, colour, taste, hearing, touch, etc.[11]
  6. A mark, sign, token, an emblem, a badge, symbol, distinguishing mark, characteristic
  7. A false or unreal mark, a guise, disguise, a deceptive badge
  8. A symptom, mark of disease
  9. A means of proof, a proof, evidence
  10. (In logic) The hetu or middle term in a syllogism
  11. The sign of gender or sex
  12. The male organ of generation
  13. The genital organ of Śiva
  14. The image of a god, an idol
  15. One of the relations or indications…which serve to fix the meaning of a word in any particular passage
  16. (In Vedānta philosophy) The subtle frame or body, the indestructible original of the gross or visible body
  17. A spot, stain
  18. The nominal base, the crude form of a noun
  19. (In Sāṅ. phil.) Pradhāna or Prakṛiti
  20. The effect or product (that which is evolved out of a primary cause and itself becomes a producer).
  21. Inference, conclusion


Linga-base at the Cát Tiên sanctuary, Lâm Đồng Province,Vietnam

1008 Lingas carved on a rock surface at the shore of the Tungabhadra River, Hampi, India

Nazca Plains Indian Tomb Peru, Nazca Museum

St. Peter’s Square reoriented to gain a new perspective.

The above photo I took in a monastery in Peru.

I have rotated it 180 degrees and added the NAZI swastika to show a profound connection exists to the above fertility symbols, and I can also prove this symbol is a symbol of the Precession of the Equinoxes.
Known also as the Platonic or Great Year.

Now this Mandela is a Chinese Buddhist Bronze Mirror used to illustrate the 4 spirits and geometric patterns, the center point is referred to as a ‘knob’.
Bronze mirrors were often buried with the Emperors.

It is also at this time I want to suggest the many references we find in myth and symbols to mirrors, looking glasses, twins, brothers or sisters, reflections in ponds, graven images, etc… are perhaps referring to chirality, which is a preference to movement, instrumental how an asymmetric illusion or universe evolves toward a perfect symmetry, symbolized by the circle or sphere.
And the many glyphs were attempts to mirror the heavens.

Chirality is a fact of life in an illusion where parity violation exists.

Asymmetry and parity violation are connected.
From neutrinos to neutron stars, on each layer of the illusion, from the Macrocosm to the microcosm, chirality can be found.

Now it is time for us to take another flight over the Nazca Plains … minus the chatter of Eric von ‘show me the money’, his mutterings only there to distract us all from an underlying truth exhibited on the Nazca Plains.

Here is the image that Eric P.T. Barnum suggested is an alien.

I returned from Peru and asked my two daughters (at the time 12 and 10) what they saw in this image. Both agreed, in unison, responding within seconds … an OWL!!!
What a hoot.
They were right and my intuition at that very moment knew it.
Of course they were right.
Kids are still tuned in, I have come to realize, and through my children I now realize how far we have all strayed from a unifying truth.
In northwestern Peru there is a tribe that worshipped owls.
All ancient societies also can be shown to have birds of prey heads on primarily male bodies.
i.e. Horus from Egypt, Garuda from India, Quezetcoatl and Kulkulcan from Mesoamerica.
Which is in contrast to the next photo.

But this image of Ianna, from Sumer suggests a ‘polarity flip’ between the different hemispheres , east vs west or north vs south.
Sumer is north and east of Nazca.

But please note that the symbol of the female head on the body of an owl, is the opposite of a bird’s head on a male body, which would indicate to me, there existed a different set of rules that a culture would be directed or lived by.
Suggesting to me also that certain ‘wisdom’ was known about our ‘lower natures’, and also at the same time making a statement connecting the feminine spirit to the earth and nature, and a different ‘polarity’, than a bird’s head on a male, which was the predominant totem used.

Back to the heavens and the glyphs and the message.

Imagine this is all the many generations in succession watched.

Everyone was tuned into the same channel, the same frequency, the same light show each and every evening with slight alterations by the stars and planets. And though it is not a 500 hundred channel universe you can surf using a remote … modern quantum physics, due to the way light behaves, suggests the experience or observation is altered by the observer.

This monkey playing the guitar is actually suggesting a real truth about chirality. Between the left and right hands exists again a chiral relationship that is at the heart of all creation.
And again we must go back to Nazca for a dose of ancient wisdom being strummed and picked by the chimp.

There are two glyphs at Nazca making a direct reference to our hands being different.
Here is the first photo, which suggests the difference.
4 vs 5 fingers
Both photos suggest the Nazca had a deep and profound sense of how the Universe on all levels functioned.

And this photo of the ‘Hands’ together with a ‘Tree’ suggests more profound connections exist between the Nazca, Judaism and Hinduism. It also gives you a better idea of the scale.
And connecting Judaism and Mesoamerica through the Tarot has already been done by certain scholars.

Remember your left and right hands share the same asymmetry with DNA, amino acids, sugars, crystals, optics (bending of light), neutrinos and neutron stars. The answer to why the myths speak of being molded by God out of clay start to become more apparent.

terra cotta warriors photo: terra cotta warriors terracottawarriors_3313.jpg

In the tomb, buried alongside the first Chinese Emperor there exist 8099 life-size clay warriors, all contained in an expansive masoleum.

8 + 0 + 9 + 9 = 26 = 8 = an infinite cycle

But if we add the Emperor to the equation we get a different result.
He ascends.
26 + 1 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9

Evidently you, ewe and magnetic U cannot go higher than the 9 levels without just repeating the process, according to Pythagoras.
Just one reason why the Pythagorean cave dwellers reduced all numbers to 1-9, to assist in revealing their true nature.


And when you overlay a little Christian symbolism, as above, (besides the pic I took in that monastery in Peru), the underlying message is the same I believe.

Above the two Ys symbolize man coming to two paths, but both lead to the godhead.
And what is the message?
It is a message I believe I can illustrate by introducing an ancient builder central to Judaism and the building of King Solomon’s Temple.

His name sounds a lot like chiral actually.

His name is CHiram of Tyre, the master architect.

Yes I am suggesting that chiral was in fact mythologized and then later found its way into the scriptures.
It appears the ancients left us coded Astro-physics manuals.

But that is another thread.


Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


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