“ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” in Black and White part I

In response to this solid posting by the rocc, I decided to start a new thread.

roccman wrote:
Two tribes exist…One tribe runs short on food and decides to attack the other tribe.The tribe being attacked has only three choices:1) they run2) they fight

3) they do nothing and become slaves

Any choice they make reinforces and spreads the paradigm of the attacking tribe’s action.

Today there are many tribes – each one having accepted violence by their action or inactions.

Now ask yourself which tribe America and all those who seek to emulate her represent.

Borrowing a page from the parable of teaching a man how to fish…

…here is a simple solution for what ails obese America and other western countries who are fattening up for the upcoming slaughter…

Instead of sending your sons and daughters into the various armed forces to learn how to kill people overseas, people from cultures that the average tank operator knows nil about, nil about who they kill…

Make it compulsory to spend 2 years on an ORGANIC farm…or give personal organic gardens TAX BREAKS.

So at the very least after these two years learning about PATTERNS, CYCLES and the subtle and sublime connections between man and nature … we will all be a little more self sufficient.
We will also realize serving your fellow man does NOT mean through a drive through window nourishing them with genetically modified crappola.

Of course I am only suggesting we remove ALL of the middle men, the Prophets who seek the profits, those bastards who have positioned themselves between us and the Sun and the Moon.

You can only turn back the hands of TIME if you acknowledge the role the Sun and the Moon have in determining fate.

The Mayans method of Time keeping, surpassed only by ‘atomic clocks’, used the Sun and the Moon in their calculations.
They used these two spheres to fortell future events.

It is important to note that the ancient Jewish scribes also had access to accurate Moon Time. Their entire theology is based on the birth of the first New Moon. That is their starting point.

So it becomes evident that the Vatican, which has established a currency of Time based only on Solar movements has been suppressing those that follow both the Sun and Moon in calculating their calendars.

Which helps to explain the 2000+ year Vatican vs. Judea.

The entire charade folks, the dispute that has never been resolved, the fill’yer Hatfields vs. the Mc Oy Veys has been about controlling TIME and calendars.

This Abrahamic family feud that has been going on since the beginning of recorded HIStory has been about Easter.

The Vatican did not want Passover and Easter to fall on the same day.
Oy vey…

So can you believe much of the blood shed through HIStory was so one dogma could have your kids hunting for eggs hidden by rabbits?

Thus the Vatican wants control of the TIME clock in the last 2 minutes of the game.
The Pope is much like a coach and the game is winding down according to the St. Malachi prophecy, the Mayan 2012 prophecy, the Book of Revelations and the current tensions in the Mideast regarding Iran and Syria.

And what about those melting ice caps, drowning Polar bears, global warming and Global Dimming?

Why do THEY, yes THEY, THEY who control ALL the Media, NEVER print front page stories about Global Dimming?

Because the truth is too fucking scary for the herd and THEY do not want a stampede.
Please google the following, and taken together and seen as a bigger picture …

…Global Warming + Global Dimming + Atmospheric Opacity + the Electro-magnetic Light Spectrum, together they scream loudly ….

“All has been written”

Yes it has.

Have you heard the one about the ‘Sons of Darkness vs. the Sons of Light’?
rocc can I suggest here we have the Two Tribes?
Rolling Eyes

The EM Spectrum has 2 DOORS apparently. One is symbolized as WHITE and the other is BLACK.

It happens also to be the ‘playing field’ of the Pope and his aSsistants, the physicists.
They both employ the same boundaries as this picture shows and the links that follow prove.

Both Religion and Science acknowledge this.
Yes, the POWER and the GLORY have been reconciled behind closed doors.
You must go here for proof.

WHITE is found in PUERTO RICO and BLACK is found in LOS ALAMOS
More proof in BLACK and WHITE found in the VATICAN and in ISRAEL


In shock and awed by the Creation
and how the story is unfolding… Rolling Eyes

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and the Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?
‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


One thought on ““ALL HAS BEEN WRITTEN” in Black and White part I

  1. What made them decide to attack the other tribe?
    What happened to their food source?
    The whole scenario could probably be avoided

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