Arecibo Observatory Puerto Rico

So that’s where they build the full scale model replica of the USS Enterprise D….

Del we all have a ‘perspective’.

Ancient parable is structured without a doubt around a cube.
The earth is NOT seen necessarily as a sphere, it is a cube evolving to a sphere.
The mystical  Kabbalists structure their entire beliefs into the Tree of Life, and the structure of the Tree is based on a cube.

Hence you have 6 viewpoints represented by the faces of a cube.
All sharing a center 7th spot.
The 7th viewpoint that takes all 6 viewpoints into consideration.

The fact you see the USS Enterprise is very cool.
I do now too.

But now I ask myself a question, these apparent coincidences, The Shrine of the Book, 2001 Space Odyssey, Arecibo, Milagro, the Black DOOR at St. Peter Square, the USS Enterprise, the ancient Shiva Linga , the Rings in Moray Peru, or the picture I took in that Catholic Monastery …
…a picture that started my journey, a journey predicted by a ‘fortune teller’.

…are these ALL coincidences?

Or is it part of the ‘plan’?
Subtle reinforcement of symbols in our daily lives.


Every stop sign you come to in life…is meant to alter the wiring of humanity.

We went from flowing roundabouts to STOP signs…a language subtly imposed using RGB light…from a very young age.

The show ‘Teletubies’ was designed for infants.
Ever seen it?
Watch it and the symbolism is more than just subtle my friend.
Frightening and evil.
Evil or Very Mad

The light we receive alters our internal ‘wiring’.
People sit inside their ‘artificial environments’ created using energy taken from the earth.
Avoiding the sun and vitamin D, and UV rays which they proven now are helpful in COMBATING some skin cancers.
Then we put cancerous causing sunscreen full of BS chemicals on the largest organ of absorbtion we have, you must understand this is a symptom of prophecy.
And that is just ONE stupid thing we do as a humanity.

Lots of BS knowledge getting grants and such, but…
Why do I suggest many degrees attained are BS?
Take an issue.
Put the experts on both sides of an issue, maybe even 3 sides, form a triangle, put the sheeple and seagullibles in the middle and start shooting your egos at each other…at we, at the center of the issue are told we know nothing…and to trust the experts.Evil or Very Mad

Just more rhetoric from the masters.
We live without wisdom, simply because very few people still follow their INTUITIONS…we have been duped, we have traded in our intuitions for a hierarchy of INSTITUTIONS.

Intuition is a level playing field…Institutions are a hierarchy.

And there is ALWAYS a price to pay in the end.
Wisdom can only be deferred for so long, and then a correction must take place.


Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


5 thoughts on “INTUITION or INSTITUTION?

  1. Each woman, man and child should put some time aside each day to “know thyself”.

    And once you do … you find your combination.

    A series of numbers you were meant to remember.

    A series of numbers that allows you to open a door and find your path, a journey of what you were truly meant to be.

    Your ‘pattern’, your behaviors, you can be written down in a book using numbers or letters.

    Mozart lives on because his numbers do. They have been etched into the consciousness…they came from the unconsciousness.

    we each must go it alone from here…

  2. Study the numbers 1-9 esoterically in conjunction with math, as the Pythagoreans did hiding in their caves…
    Not long before you realize that math can be used to ‘formulate’ or ‘digitize’ our environment.

    Turn off the lights in your cave.
    Think about shape (platonic solids) color and sound.
    Everything can be expressed using numbers.

    Reduce the noise and distractions, that we have surrounded ourselves with.
    Say NO to media … especially mass media, TV and newspapers.

    Read more.
    Ever seen brash bold and offensive advertisements in a library?

    The entire purpose of going within is to find your intuition and learn to trust it again.

    You must find the courage sometimes to tell the experts to fuck off.
    You must find the courage sometimes to tell family to fuck off…even if you don’t use those words, you must learn to let go … as they and many others, have self interests motivating their actions …

    911 for me also symbolized a new paradigm in my life.
    I ffound a new use for my ‘boxcutters’, it became time to cut these tenuous threads that conspire to bind me, loose.

    And your entire conspiracy can be one of silence by just detaching and letting go.
    It is not necessary to make a lot of noise.


  3. I forget to say one important thing in the above post …

    If your goal is to find a unity in all that surrounds you … if your goal is to find the common denominators that exist between religion, myth, science and symbols, if this is truly your goal, you will find it.

    Never allow yourself to be drawn into any particular dogma…

    As I once suggested to my then 13 year old daughter, as it had become apparent to me she had been exposed to some Wiccan theology (yup, just another religion), I encouraged her to learn about these things, but I gave her a stern but insightful forewarning…

    I told her to be aware that ALL religions can be shown to be yakking about the same thing and NOT to allow yourself to be manipulated by the religion.

    This I didn’t tell her, and now I can prove this.

    Religion should serve man.
    Governments should serve man.

    The Power and the Glory have conspired behind closed doors … behind BLACK RECTANGULAR DOORS, as my recent posts have shown.

    WTF is going on behind those doors.

    2012 is 5 years away.

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