golem suggests the people buy Monsanto Stock….

you would be investing in your own future.
you are the stock and herd.

Do the people of the USA realize one of the first things the invading imperial troops did upon leaving Iraq, in giving these newly liberated folk, the opportunity to govern themselves, Laughing

…Calling BS on that, because the USA imposed a regressive law, impinging on very very old customs….

Iraqis MUST now buy ALL their SeedS from MONSANTO.
It is a crime to use SeedS handed down through the generations….

The conspiracy becomes a little clearer each day as we approach the time of reckoning, I reckon.

Does’t it?

To control the sale and distribution of ALL Seeds that give rise to life.

If I was the devil, that is what I would do…

Who has not heard of the very sacred SEED of LIFE?
This most sacred geometry DEFINES the ASYMMETRICAL world we inhabit. That is why the EWE should start paying attention, to the subtleties of their behaviors.

What speaks louder?
Stop playing dumb and insulting yourself.
Wake up.

Shocked How much is a fertilized seed worth to a barren earth or a barren Judaeo / Christian woman, how much would we pay the THEY to create life where before there was none?

So unless we start gitten’ it (living with more awareness), we will all be wearing orange robes in Gitmo, and they will try to break whatever spirit you have left…git it, before it is to late.
Crying or Very sad


Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?

‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


3 thoughts on “MONSANTO is ONE of the ‘THEY’

  1. Sorry I should have said “symbolically” handed over the reins of power…

    I know the bastards are still there…
    I was being satirical … always been against the war/s.
    The first Gulf War too.

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