An I-manual for Humanity by VELIKOVSKY and Raphael

greenworm wrote:
I feel shame for I don’t have a quote. SadBut I do have an interesting fact 33.3 repeating.

He was reading worlds in collision by Immanuel Velikovsky on his death bed.

re: Einstein

Imanual Velikovsky

god damit it …

now I gotta git me another book gw….


Here is what I think our future holds … taking a cue from the microcosmic realm…based on a theory that our Sun has a binary companion…most stars have either binary or multiple partners..
Some stars are whores?
Would that surprise you?

Imagine the EARTH or our Sun is an electron or proton …we are either getting ready to jump a shell, (if we are the electron) or we (Sol or us) will provide the force necessary like a proton would, imparting a force to our binary companion to jump a shell.
VERY VERY similar to how electrons, seem to jump instantaneously from shell to shell to change the composition of the element….

That would coincide with Max Planck and Buddhist philosophy that the next stage or level of mankind’s evolution involves VIBRATION, and it also fulfills the Black and White symbolism we see in The Shrine of the Book and St. Peter’s square…
And I know I can prove this using symbols … TIME is on my side.

2 symbols that BOTH the Christians and Jews revere, 2 symbols that are the foundation of their theology, hidden, coded in parable…

Betcha I do it within a year…
Cocky eh?
Yup…my Chinese sign is a Rooster and combined with the moody Cancer…watch out….

I have only been at this game of hermetic analogy for 3 years.
Landed on my head back in September 2004…things changed forever after that date for me…there is no going back.
Rolling Eyes
I also love the number 4 … so did PI-thagoras and the Jewish scribes and the pagan shamans….

By next year, Sept. 11, 2008, it will be the 7th year anniversary of 911 and it will also mark my 4th year of a ‘man knowing thyself’ …

(And for those of you into numerology, you should know the significance of 7 and 4.)

And the concept is quite simple.
Einstein knew it would be.
I have a feeling Immanuel and I will resonate…
(because the mainstream, supporting a preferred illusion, opposed him, as I have been)

ps? Electrons jumping from shell to shell? And the Earth and Sun may do the same thing?

This is what is known as a quantum leap.
Happens in science and also to sheeple and seagullibles….

Anybody seen the sheppard?
Raphael appears lost…or is he?


Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?

‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


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