Who’s on 1st? EINSTEIN the BEATLES or JESUS?

Einstein wrote:
I don’t pretend to understand the universe – it’s much bigger than I am.

I can think of at least one person who would be doing himself a service if he took this quote to heart.

Would that be me?

Here is how I see the hierarchy of the Universe…

1 Macro God the KEY to Universal Movements

2 Universe
3 Einstein
4 Raphael
5 Beatles
6 Jesus / Mithra / Dionysus / Krishna / Buddha etc.
8 KEY Master who holds the Key to Universal Movement
9 Peak Oil representing cross-section of humanity
10 golems, lawyers, politicians and other scum found at bottom of pond

11 Microcosmic Vatican … we have the Pope, he stands up in St. Peter’s square, raises both arms …. and thus begins the Microcosmic Wave.

All the other sheeple in attendance at the game, stand up and raise their arms and cheer a cheery chiral cheer, “Jesus Jesus Jesus” … followed by SisBOOM! and a whimperish baa , ALL in attendance follow suit, as rehearsed.
Those cheering may I remind those in attendance at this game are following the devil wearing the frock he stole from the Goddess, after the rape of humanity began.
This mystic smells a ratZinger, and I fear his presence has signaled an event, HE has now entered the game. We are in the dying moments of the game.
HE … would be the devil of course.

It is consistent with a Universal Structure I have uncovered.
I call it 9 1 1
Nine surrounded by 1 microcosmic circle of influence (Vatican) surrounded by or opposed by the Big Guy, a Macrocosmic influence that encapsulates ALL.

It is no coincidence that this Universal Structure I have uncovered appearing on many levels of the creation is the same structure as a cell…

From the microcosm to the Macrocosm the pattern must be maintained. I would think.
Rolling Eyes

Read the blog I submitted below … I do continually update it.
I ended the blog with the Enneagram, connecting this mystical symbol with that same universal structure I call ‘the myth of 911’ … and just a couple of days ago … I made a profound discovery … the enneagram can be linked conclusively to the Periodic Table of Elements … these two symbols in conjunction with the other ‘coincidences’ … allows us to explore the science / mystical connection much closer… that is where I come in.
Rolling Eyes

…soon many of you will realize that I have indeed been getting ‘fed’ much of this esoteric info … question is by whom?
That’s what I ponder.

Go here to be fed what I have been receiving, if you dare wander from the ‘have ewe herd?’

What I enjoy about delving into the metaphysical word of the esoteric is that you know when you are ready to move on … when you have graduated and are ready to accept new information.

Information that I can only suggest … you do not need to learn.
No the short cut is … to activate the mind through symbolism to help you REMEMBER.

When you move from thinking about what I said … to feeling my words … you are ready to move on …


gee and awe

** NEO we have the two main players boxed in…. Wink
4 and 7 are associated with divinity…

And if the earth is indeed like a cell, remember that cells have built into them, a process that begins cell death …


5 thoughts on “Who’s on 1st? EINSTEIN the BEATLES or JESUS?

  1. My alter ego did not do so well, I will have you know.

    ‘golem’ is another name I write under. He actually penned that thread on a forum where Raphael had been banned…

    Please note: it is the Hebrew golem made of clay, not the LOTR gollum.
    And he finished in 10th spot.

    I think Raphael may be on the way down…

  2. lol updating required then!!

    i just remembered! Krishna is mentioned to be the Macro God in Bhagvadgita – he shows his real self with many universes inside him on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

    The good part is hinduism doesnt deny its roots in pagan culture – vedic culture of ancient india. in fact takes pride in its achievements.

  3. btw today is the birthday of krishna!

    here are the no.6 gods behind him http://photos1.blogger.com/img/9/5420/1024/Slide27.jpg

    this is the battle of kurukshetra

    this is the mother of krishna

    this is krishna showing his real self

    if you see this video you can find out more about him

    2:27 and 3:13 seconds – gods bowing to baby krishna

    3:51 sec – krishna dancing on the serpants head

    6:04 – Radha , krishna’s girlfriend

    6:56 – krishna indulging in some fist fights

    8:16 – krishna polygamous

    8:20 – krishna saving grace of draupadi, who was lost in gambling by her husbands by deceit.

    8:30 – battle of kurukshetra begins

    8:42 – the viraat roop or the big form, or the real krishna with many universes inside him is shown

    well hope you enjoy it!

    Wish you a happy janamashtami!
    birth of the Macro God on Earth 5000 years ago!


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