UNIVERSAL Fertility Symbols

These images help show how Mesoamerica is more connected to Mesopotamia than THEY who write the HIStory are letting on…
Images from Peru are last.

HINDU symbol.




And this symbol I found in a Catholic Monastery in Peru last year, and it hints at the same basic underlying structure.

Also while in Peru I read about a place called Moray.
At Moray there are a series of 4 circular terraced holes marked by concentric circles. At the time I took note of this ruin because the ‘experts’ are not quite sure what the purpose was, though they speculate it was a ‘laboratory’.
And because I love the number 4 … I thought I would lend the experts a cheery chiral hand in solving yet another puzzle…

Damn right it was a laboratory Exclamation

Do you see a resemblance to the above pictures which all seem to be referencing ‘fertility’?

I do.
But call me crazy.
Rolling Eyes

All the above symbols can be traced back to this symbol…

This next image slows the process down and you can see the relationships between squares and rectangles literally and figuratively unfolding … using numbers that equate to shape.

This is all sacred stuff.
It is the stuff the SS Collider is looking for…
Yes the SS Collider is the culmination of 2000 years of science.
The Superconducting Super Collider is a 54 mile track shaped like a Torus built in TexaSS, designed to recreate a microcoSmic version of the MacrocoSmic Big Bang, all in a laboratory setting.

Ja oder Jah.
Yes way … YaHVeH



gee I am still in awe

54 mile track or TORUS = 5 + 4 = 9
There are those numbers again!
Rolling Eyes

The following was found in ancient Babylon.

4 is the length and 5 the diagonal. What is the breadth ?
Its size is not known.
4 times 4 is 16.
5 times 5 is 25.
You take 16 from 25 and there remains 9.
What times what shall I take in order to get 9 ?
3 times 3 is 9.
3 is the breadth.

Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?

‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


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