AA = Ancient Astrology = 12 STEP Program

Del wrote:
If you believe in astrology, have you ever tried to explain it to someone who is a non-believer? I find it very frustrating and difficult Rolling Eyes

I find a good place to start talking about Astrology, is by starting with the Sun, by explaining the ecliptic and Precession.

Explain to the people / non-believers that the Sun spends some time in each house of the Horoscope, and the constellations serve as backdrops to the main event which is the Sun, on its orbit (probably in a dance with a binary companion) traveling through Space, and it too has a story, a life cycle, that begins and ends with the colors black and white. (These colors are the subject of another thread … which color represents which … is black the beginning or the end?)
And the Shrine of the Book located in Israel, containing the Dead Sea Scrolls suggests we ask that pertinent mind blowing question.

Imagine a stage and you are Sol the Sun, the star of the stage play, (“all the world/universe is stage”) and the story/stage play follows you as you travel through the heavens, and there is always one of the 12 constellations serving as a backdrop to the main Star of this passion play, a real tempest, but the scenes are continually changing…but it is like watching paint dry, or watching a game of golf for 26,000 years…

And eventually after 2000+ years spent in one astrological constellation it becomes necessary to change the scenery because the vernal equinox is now associated with another constellation. And the current stage play is about Sol and his adventures in Pisces.

And is it a coincidence that the other main player in this stage play, this epoch marked by the vernal equinox in Pisces, is Sol’s son called Jesus Christ?
How many analogies must I make between JC and fish?
Should I waste my time?
Let us aSSume that I am correct.
This stage play takes about 26,000 years and you can read all about it in the Bible…

I have found The Book of Revelations (last chapter in the Bible discussing prophecy) to be more of a story about this cycle called Precession than about prophecy. And I believe the ancient Jewish scribes knew about cyclical ‘earthly cataclysms’, and what is presented as prophecy is predictions based on cycles.
What I claim is NOT a claim.
The Maya did just that.
And both the Maya and the ancient Jewish beliefs REVOLVE around the MOON.
The entire text of Judaism is based on the birth of the NEW MOON…the beginning of TIME.

But if prophecy is simply knowing the cycles, then I guess I too am a prophet…as thousands are today.
But back then … after the deluge and the losing of the knowledge regarding Precession, prophets would have been very scarce.
Today, can I suggest, if you know about Precession and you tune into the cycles … you too can be a prophet, just like Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

But stage plays always need lighting to enhance the mood.
Yes, this is where we bring in the MOON, that affects moods and it also provides the necessary illumination for some scenes…

Del, if we learn more about the Sun and the Moon …

I forgot to mention … before they did a remake of the ‘Never Ending Story’ staring Sol and Jesus Christ with Pisces providing the scenery of supporting stars, the same story was told using Sol and Mithras acting with the constellation of Taurus and her troupe of stars, as a backdrop.

Yes I am convinced that the Torah/Bible/Quran is actually more of an Astrology/Astronomy/Astrophysics manual discussing stellar and scaler events too, than just the story of ONE Jesus Christ SuperStar …
Rolling Eyes

Can you begin to understand why THEY (Vatican) would have wanted to tie me to a stake and burn me, and cleanse me?

THEY then took all that knowledge about the Sun, Moon and Stars, and their movements, and how their movements intertwined, affect the passage of TIME and THEY replaced it with a watch.
To help them watch over you and control your movements.

It is called 9 – 5
And 9 – 5 = 4

And 5 + 4 = 9
And the above represents your left hand (associated with the number 5 and a circle and symmetry and spirit) and your right hand which is associated with the number 4, the square, asymmetry and matter.

Can I suggest the following simple formula apply?

5 = symmetry (perfection / original / GOD)
4 = asymmetry (mirror image / copy of original / flawed MAN*)
do not despair, we must be flawed in order to become perfect, suggesting the journey is more important than the destination, in this realm, on the other side, can I suggest you get to rest and enjoy the destination you worked so hard to get too, but this also suggests we will not all end up basking in the blue light, sadly many of you will return to the illusion of the white light, and you will get to chose a different color of the rainbow this time to experience…

If we add symmetry + asymmetry

9 = Creation

…can I suggest you learn as much about the Sun as you can, and the Moon because in Astrology everything is relative primarily to the earth and the moon, and not the Sun.
The Fire/Sun worshiper has put a little twist of fate on our collective reality.
He is such a devil.

And there you also have been presented a clue, to why WE are kept from the secrets of the MOON and her effects on the Earth, and how the battle for our minds would ensue…the Exodus from Egypt marked at the same time, a departure in how we viewed the world.
Gone were the plethora of Goddesses and Gods, all replaced with a MonoMan that every man, woman and child would be taught to respect, love and most importantly, follow.

That was then, and this is now, and today some people even claim; we never ever made it to the Moon.
They claim we can’t get past the Van Allen Belts.
We are collectively strapped in.
Escape is a pipe dream, called the Tower of Babel.

Any thoughts on that?

I think 2012 will help clear up many of the anomalies, illusions that were created using smoke (residue of fire and technologies) and mirrors (graven images courtesy of an asymmetrical chiral reality).

The collective consciousness thus reveals itself as some kind of wacky funhouse, filled with mirrors causing distortion in God’s island park called Centerville.

In magic parlance the word or expression Prestige means a delusion or magician’s trick, adapted from the Latin word praestigum.

But in today’s society, which I continually mock as fulfilling the scripted prophecy (in real time) of the ‘man who fell from grace’ … the word prestige has come to mean having a good reputation or of high esteem.
But in an upside down world represented by Card 12 of the Tarot, the Hanged Man, you would expect that kind of distortion …

In 2012 the veils of the delusion created by those who use the Black Magic will be lifted.
The Prestigeous Black Magicians (coincidently the authors of 911) will be exposed and “the meek shall inherit the theatre”.



ps nice avatar (you had / nice new one / less square) … 8 folk on the world.

If you place a diamond (or a square rotated 45 degrees) within a square and place both within a circle…there you have your 8 people, the 8 people are where the 2 overlapping squares are touching the circle.

Very common motif in symbolism…crosses all man made theological borders…and that is what I seem to do best Del … I point out the similarities using symbols, I try to mend the damage that literal interpretations have wrought over the centuries.

45 degrees?

4 + 5 = Shocked

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


5 thoughts on “AA = Ancient Astrology = 12 STEP Program

  1. Raphael, you had me here at the beginning transfixed. As someone who knows nothing about astrology it was as though you were gently leading me and I was becomming more and more emmersed in what you are saying and how you were saying it. You had me I was right there with you. I wonder why it is that you are rooted in empirical thruth about the laws of the universe and yet at the same time reference the bible as though that were solid truth. An eg. of this is that you refer to revelation as though it has some meaning at all. My understanding that it is widely recognized that the Book of Revelation was added to convert the “infidels and non believers” through fear. This book reads as though it was written by some one on acid. So for me, on the one hand I’m “grokking” completely where you are taking me and loving it and then I feel as though I can’t hang on any more when you reference the bible. I share the opinion that most of the bible is bunk (for many reasons) primarily because it attributes human characteristics and behaviors to God. No way just can’t buy it. So on the one hand I’m wanting you to keep going and take me on the journey of micro/macro and to the stars and math and symbols (while applauding and thanking and delighting at your skill. Then on the other, I don’t want to ride any more because I simply can’t look to the bible for corroboration. Things splay and fall apart for me there and try as I may I’m not “grokking” any more. More later … Linda

    • truth is truth is truth is what I believe.

      there must be some real truths embedded inside the archetypal language of all narratives, that were composed to guide us.
      I only try to find the archetypes that seem to match up between the belief systems.

      I never ever take the cultural narratives ‘literally’.
      TRUE ‘the biblical revelations chapter’ could be an attempt to ‘steer the herd’ in a certain ‘direction’.

      But toward where?
      Business as usual?


  2. Linda I find that kinda funny and inconsistent.
    My theory as it is unfolding tries to remain consistent.
    My theory is slowly being reduced to a black and white simplicity.
    As the blog I wrote called the ‘Shrine of the Book and the Shiva Linga’ is suggesting.

    I can’t help laugh at how things unfold.
    Here we have the hypnotist and the ‘mystic’ not seeing eye to eye.
    Funny eh?

    And you suggest we disconnect when I start speaking or making reference to the Bible / Torah.
    Not being raised on a theology, I find it interesting that The Book of Revelations was added as stick with which to beat the heathens and infidels.
    I find that interesting.
    But because I have really investigated symbols and archetype … guess what?
    The ploy doesn’t work … I understand the symbolism, so threats of hell and damnation do not work on this dude.
    As I have always suggested … it is a fact you must be a Judeao / Christian / Muslim to believe in the Devil or Satan as portrayed, to have the fear, which you speak of instilled. If I was raised a Hopi Indian and we did not have a ‘Christian Devil’ as part of our myth, does that make me a devil worshiper?
    In other words Linda, to be a ‘devil worshiper’ you must believe in that particular brand of theology. Do you think the Hopi void of Judeao/Christian influence are by default ‘Devil Worshipers’?
    I know you don’t, but HIStory suggests otherwise.
    These 3 Western religions all do a real good job turning into demons, witches and terrorists, those that do NOT share in their beliefs … using tactics that are sublime and stealth.
    Adopting sacred symbols and twisting their meaning would be one method.
    I disagree about the content of the Bible.
    Many of the same archetypes that are expressed in the Bible can be found in myth, folklore, symbols, the tarot and the sciences, etc, etc,. As you know, my dispute with the theologians is with the self-serving literal interpretations.

    Linda, I feel the nefarious forces called EGO have conspired to Prophet from the simple info to be shared, unification through symbols that are worth thousands of words … shhhh … look at this symbol.
    You take two people and have them stare at an image or symbol long enough … and often they will start to see or feel the same thing … as you know Rabbis meditate on symbols. (for a reason)

    These nefarious forces have also penetrated your sanctity too Linda. Remember I suggested they operate often using stealth tactics.

    You suggest the Bible is a BJ. The priests are jerking us off, blowin’ humanity away …
    Just Bunk and Junk?

    Evidently you exchanged one Bible (Torah) for another Bible (A Course in Miracles), and you claim the second Bible is helping you.
    Very Good.
    All paths lead to the truth.

    Here is a truth I am not sure that you are aware of.
    Here is how the Course in Miracles got its start.

    …In 1965 a Jewish atheistic psychologist from Columbia University began to channel messages from a spirit she believed to be Jesus. She ultimately produced, or she says Jesus revealed to her, well over a thousand pages of revelation during the next seven years.

    And the following I found on Wikipedia:

    A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or “the Course”), is a book considered by its students to be their “spiritual path”.[1] According to Helen Schucman and the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP), Helen Schucman and William Thetford “scribed” the book by means of a process coming from a divine source through a form of channeling which Schucman referred to as “inner dictation”.[2][3][4][5] Schucman described the divine source of her channeling as none other than the person of Jesus Christ.[6]

    The teachings of the Course have been compared to the fundamental premises of Eastern religion, it utilizes, however, a traditional Christian terminology.[5] J. Gordon Melton notes that it has been most popular among those who have been disillusioned by organized Christianity.[5]. Melton and Wouter Hanegraaff have called it the most obvious choice for the single text that is “sacred scripture” in the New Age movement.[5][6] Since it first became available for sale in 1976, over 1.5 million copies have sold worldwide in sixteen different languages.[7][8]

    So Linda it appears that ACIM is a channeled BJ.
    It is just more Judeao / Christian Bunk and Junk repackaged.

    Linda it is entirely up to you sweetie, what you want to believe and buy into, I am staying on my path, with my channeler, err, I mean on the channel I find myself presently on.
    I like the vibrations I find on that station.
    And on my station I learn things apparently ACIM has yet to learn about.
    Judaeo Christians know to reinvent the wheel, another snake oil salesman is born every time the truth is shed.
    The Mayans knew the truth and thus they never invented the wheel…

    2 more things Linda.

    1/ you know I vibrate
    2/ and you know where to reach me in the morning.

    compassion seeking love,


  3. Thanks for your reply. Help me here, K? That’s all I’m asking for. My brain is not processing as well as it should perhaps. I need to re-re-read everything. So more later when I do. So when you refer to the Bible are you looking at the bible as solely a testimony and reflection of archetypal thinking? I am confused. I know how the Course got its’ start. Thank you. I like where you’re vibrating and am not in any way attempting to shake you off course. What I am trying to do is convey to you my thinking as I follow your thinking. Linda

  4. Yes essentially I am reducing everything to Universal ‘ARKEtypes’ as my latest blogs attempt to convey.

    The Enneagram does that too I have noticed.
    IT basically reduces ALL humanity into 9 specific archetypes or Ark E types.
    You probably have studied this symbol being a hypnotist.

    Ark E type
    Where E = emotion and energy
    Same thing … you spend both all the time.

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