SYMBOLISM is the BRAILLE for a the Fallen Man

Camella wrote:
andymonk wrote:
Sacred geometry predates any known religion by thousands of years. I believe,all religions were created by world secret societies,to hide how sacred geometry links the whole of humanity together. Does anyone know which religious figure was supposed to have used this symbol,as an emblem for him and his followers? Wink

Jesus’s followers used this symbol after Jesus survived the cross.

Ah yes the vesica pisces…

I see the orbits of two binary stars … the dot is off center representing the fact one of the masses of the stars is greater than its binary companion.

As I was typing this and listening to Ave Maria, I was vibrating again.
This means either one of two things, (and I have learned to respect these ‘truth chills’), SO either I was tuned into what I was listening too … or I was tuning into what I was typing … or maybe both.

Anyway as I explore this symbol of Christ … the vesica pisces, what if that dot represents the center of gravity we share with an invisible Neutron Star?
A point of balance?

The ‘messiah’ may actually deliver a cleansing light spectrum … represented by the ‘ultra violet blue light’ spectrum … here is a judgement day I suggest.

Yes that is what I believe the ARKetype of Christ represents.
He is the Apocalypse … a cycle that is interwoven with Precession … AND a Binary Star Companion.

Wouldn’t that blow the lid off humanities illusions?
This is the best explanation for so much of what symbolism reveals…

That’s what I see when I let myself feel the scriptures ….

Symbolism can be defined as the braille to be used by the man who fell from grace…to help him see.
(feel free to use that quote)

We have harnessed the power of the sun and moon thus (in our minds), defeating the cycles of Time, called day and night, because we have used our technology to put a meter on the thermodynamic clock that is continually running down….symbolism reveals that we cannot defeat the hands of Time that are intertwined with the movements of the sun and the moon that we replaced with hydrocarbons…and helped accelerate the process of Entropy.



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


2 thoughts on “SYMBOLISM is the BRAILLE for a the Fallen Man

  1. Hey Raph, long time. I wasn’t even aware you had been taken off of Wow they even deleted all of your posts.

    That sucks dude, hell I have been banned 15 – 20 times, I have gone through more usernames than I can even keep track of.

    Take care CH, AM, TCM, J11, CF

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