Size count?
For sure that’s what I tell the women.

The battle of the sexes and the bulges …

Women look for them….below the belt…below the horizon
Men look for them….above the belt…above the horizon

Problem I have is … my eyesight is in decline.
So I don’t see that far any more nor do I need to.

And can you tell me how big their brains and hearts actually are?
What’s actually inside those obvious bulges?

There is no visible bulge … only mystery.



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


5 thoughts on “SIZE COUNTS!

  1. I have found sexual symbols are some of the oldest.

    The ‘Shiva Linga’ is a great example as is the ‘Shrine of the Book’.

    So I thought I would address the ‘Myth of Size’, making a difference…


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