911 Sir RUDY and the AshkeNAZI Zionists

Shinobi wrote:
I bet Rudy will win… he’s just as mad as Bush!

Hahaha nice pun.

Read this:

Yes Rudy is SIR Rudy.
And why will SIR Rudy win the next presidency?
BEEcause SIR Rudy did his part in the biggest illusion perpetrated by these BLACK MAGIcians.

He served up the TWIN TOWERS.

Yes SIR Rudy JEWliani reveals himself as part of the plot … with the Rothschilds and the Silversteins of the World …

It was also a ruse to steal the GOLD hidden under building 4.
Look at your keyboard. 4 and $ share the same KEY.
Building 4 is where the banks hid their money.

The Zionists can be traced back to the Jewish AshkenNAZIS who served up their own people in WWII.
Giving the NAZIS the money and perhaps even the symbol they used to persecute the Jews.
Here is a real obvious CLUE, the THEY left for those who awaken to the Rudy Ruse … can anyone please find the source of the word NAZI … because I know the word AshkeNAZI means German in Hebrew … did ya know … so were the NAZIs associated with the German JEWS?

And the AshkeNAZIs pride themselves on the fact, THEY are sooooo smart…evidently the smartest ‘group’ tested in the whole wide woolly world.
I fear the EGO.
The EGO is unpredictable when cornered, this wild untamed beast…

Why would THEY do such a thing?
Yes … in order to establish the state of Israel THEY would…
So the prophecy can be fulfilled.
THEY follow the script contained in the scriptures THEY believe in?

Script, sure you say.
Yes this has more than a thread of truth.
Very easy to show how the swirling ‘NAZI swastika’ spells YHVH, the supreme Jewish God.

I pick Sir Rudy the Puppet to be next Master of the Sheeple and Seagullibles….

ra ra ra
go Rudy go

We are essentially in their eyes just a bunch of … ‘goyim schleps’
Right Wolfie?



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


2 thoughts on “911 Sir RUDY and the AshkeNAZI Zionists

  1. why combine nazi and swastika in the same phrase… swastika word is purely of sanskrit origin. lets keep nazis confined to the word cross. NAZI CROSS is a better phrase. lets not associate rubbish with the word swastika. 🙂



  2. Because the intent is to push a button.
    A very uncomfortable button … here in the West Pallav.
    You are Indian, and in India this symbol carries a much different message.

    In the West the programming has been obviously slanted toward a Jewish sympathy since the WWII, and obviously assisted by the various forms of the Media, of course.
    (How anybody can argue against such an obvious truth, is beyond me, obviously)

    Pallav in the West for the past 60 years, since the Holocaust, the SWASTIKA has been flashed in unison with the images of the skeletal bodies and the other reported heinous crimes that the NAZIs perpetrated.

    Now as I have suggested … the $ and the CRUCIFIX can be BOTH shown to be far more heinous than the 20,000+ year old swastika…

    True and NO amount of Papal Bullshit can do an end run around the facts as reported by HIStory or history, as the Church flexed its muscle throughout the ‘Dominion’, that their self-serving scripture suggested THEY control…Dominion became Domination eventually.
    Only the pure heart of a Hobbit can resist the lure of the RING of Power.
    And these Popes and Poops who wear the frock of the Goddess THEY deposed … are NOT pure or innocent.

    THEY are about to be sacked for a big loss, these men who collect the urine of young innocent boys ….


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