Ognamus wrote:
Raph, if you’re going to quote somebody else’s post, you’re basically required to reply to SOME PART of that quote.

After my latest edits I found the need to rename this blog.


Ogni are you concerned with the MESSAGE, the MESSENGER or neither?
You seem concerned with CREDIT, giving credit due to those who came before … as it should be, an acknowledgment of those who came before us BUT not being held hostage by their thoughts, just because they were the first out of the Gates

Intellectual Property Rights is a Sham

Here is a thought … Before we WROTE things down we simply spoke … but once we wrote down our thoughts we thus invented the need for lawyers to protect people’s ‘thoughts’, as though their thoughts were sacred investments
Yes knowledge is power and truth is obscured with intent.

But here comes more further proof that too many lawyers in a society, an over abundance of these self-serving vermin (i.e. financial indemnification and ego-stroking are two of the confirmed behaviors of these serpents who speak with a forked tongue, and that WAS a big deal in an Oral Society, but the vermin like to write things down and create a playing field called Law that the vermin control)

Here is an apt analogy … The Lawyers or Vermin and those who support the forever fluctuating inconsistent, contradictory interpretations of the Laws are similar to those Vermin in Charge of the Vatican lead by the head vermin called appropriately RATzinger and they too support, the fluctuating inconsistent, contradictory interpretations of a self serving Bible.

What is really scary about the DarNOwin evolutionary process that we have bought into is that lawyers evolve into politicians.

Survival of the fittest.
Where do they hold an advantage these predators?
In the ‘pope’ Urban jungle is the environment where they thrive best.
Put them among the indigenous and these leeches will be eating slugs.

Yuk … THEY rather eat esCARgo in their fancy Hummers…
Which turns out to be a bummer for the rest of humanity.

Yes it is the Lawyers / Vermin who are the best evidence that our culture will leave behind, that we are indeed a ‘sinful ‘ , fallen society.
We started with 10 basic Commandments or Rules.
Then the Torah diluted / expanded these 10 to a whopping 631.

But please note, as PI-thagoras would that 631 = 6 + 3 + 1 >>> still adds up to 10

And then after the deluge, after the flood, after the dove delivered the olive branch to Moses, after the flood waters subsided, there in the sludge, in the muck, at the bottom of all the Walden Ponds, were life forms known as lawyers, standing on the shoulders of others, so THEY could breathe. And those lawyers were perched on the shoulders of the life forms that would evolve after them, the sheeple and the seagullibles …

And the original 10 rules to live by, became 631 divine rules and then the leeches who do not like to eat slugs put a revolving door on the truth and now for every law on the books there exists residuals for each of their righteous ‘law is an ass’ actions.
THEY do not only record your conversations … but THEY charge for every fucking second THEY latch on to the ewe, these fucking leeches who thrive on humanities pain and suffering, have us by our throats…I once needed to sell my car to pay a leech, but it was my fault, it was I, who invited this ‘devil’ into my domain…

At one TIME there was SOUND and wide open spaces, SOUND that traveled in all directions … (and note at that time there were no courtrooms to capture those sounds, and not yet evolved were the lawyers who had the egos that would appoint or evolve into Judges who appoint the Juries to investigate if the sounds were good or evil).

All sound is vibration.
Don’t believe me?

Ask Max Planck or Buddhist monks who try to walk through masonry walls.
(can the Mason with his compass and square do that, walk through walls?)

And the VIBRATIONS or VIBES, were at ONE time, all FREE dude.
But F R E E is a 4 letter word that THEY hate the SOUND of.

THEY now control how you get ALL your VIBES.
FOOD is a vibe
LOVE is a vibe
Plain and simple…

Put a gag order on those thoughts…

Yes the %$#@ gag is on us…(in an upside down world…as symbolized by St. Peter’s Cross)

The world is upside down … in terms of polarity … and here comes that polarity shift …

And it is no coincidence that the cycle of Popes is coming to an end also.
The cycle of Popes is an epoch, marked by the first mythical Pope called St. Peter, and marching onward through a scripted (scripture) HIStory, the St. Malachi Prophecies records how many Popes there are to be.
The last Pope is said to be Peter the Roman, and it becomes apparent that this Patriarchal Pope cycle is Petering out and coming to an End … just in time for the 2012 Party.

Here Comes The Sun … da da da … and the sun I am suggesting is our invisible Binary Companion … and I am guessing it is an invisible Neutron Star.

As I typed those words … Neutron Star … I got one of my confirming ‘Truth Chills’ and this simply confirms for me that I am on the right track … (truth chills work kinda like a lie detector, I imagine) … but maybe the chills that came in waves were just a coincidence, maybe self induced?
Goosebumps coming in waves … over my whole body … maybe I should just ignore it?

Or maybe, what if indeed … “all has been written“, not unlike DNA where indeed, all has been written.

So I am simply suggesting (as the Russian Dolls within Dolls analogy does), that at this level of illusion, up a few steps from a cell and down a few from the heavens, why is it so difficult to believe that maybe “all has been written”

A cell comes with a script, even told when to die.
The earth came with a script too.
So did our sun and the solar system, and the galaxy

And the Macrocosmic script suggests our Sun has a Sol-mate.
And our Sol-mate is Andromeda. We have a kissy kissy bang bang thank you mam date in about 4 billion years, we are going to collide, cumming together, a galactic intersection of sorts.

But until that time … the Microcosmic Man is seeking his soul-mate … and sadly it could take some of humanity another 4 billion years to find theirs …

‘All the universes are stages and all has been written’



p.s. I am still vibrating as I type this.
This can only mean to me that our Binary Star Companion is connected to an invisible Neutron Star …

The imploded core of a massive star produced by a supernova explosion. (typical mass of 1.4 times the mass of the sun, radius of about 5 miles, density of a neutron.) According to astronomer and author Frank Shu, “A sugarcube of neutron-star stuff on Earth would weigh as much as all of humanity! This illustrates again how much of humanity is empty space.” Neutron stars can be observed as pulsars.
-from wikipedia

…wow frankly Shu …what that means is that our Sun’s binary mate (Sol’s mate, or Soulmate?), is very difficult to find because it only has a diameter of about 5-10 miles.

It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
Space is filled with Neutron Stars…remnants of stars dying…
Which one is our companion, awaiting his resurrection?

And of course our chiral binary stellar companion would be invisible, a shadow, just like Judas, or a messiah like Jesus?

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


14 thoughts on “NEUTRON STARS and TRUTH Chills v$ POWER and GLORY

  1. your writings are interesting but id have wanted it to make more sense to the newbies..

    could you elaborate a bit about 2012.?

  2. Pallav you can go to this site, you may find the info there useful.

    I see 2012 as perhaps an opportunity for humanity…a moment called referred to as zero gravity.

    A brief moment of rest … like a pendulum about to change direction … the earth vulnerable to perhaps a little ‘nudge’…

    My blogs found in these pages called the ‘FIBs That Tell No Lies’ and ‘Sound and The KEY To Universal Movement’ may answer some of your questions regarding the Maya and 2012.



  3. thanks for the link. i read your other posts as well. I believe 0 was the find of Aryabhatta of the Indian civilisation? Kindly confirm this fact!

    opportunity for humanity to nudge the earth in some other direction. but how does it matter if we nudge it?

  4. swastika was there in the indian civilisation as well. so why is Maya being given so much importance in your writings?

  5. Pallav I will allow you to confirm the Aryabhatta for yourself, confirm what you must to confirm what you feel.

    But here is something I confirmed for myself and it answers your question … why the MAYA.

    I was lead to the Maya by that hidden hand.
    I started out in Judeao / Christian Old World.
    And it was an investigation into the archetypes presented in the Major Arcana of the Tarot that lead my to the MAYA…

    You see another anomaly that the self-serving Judeao / Christians who conspired to re-write the HIStory can’t explain is this …

    Why can I prove …
    1/ …supported by a book called from “The Winged Prophet from Hermes to Quetzalcoatl” …
    2/ …supported by the ‘Codices’ remaining from Mesoamerica
    3/ …supported by the archetypes represented by the ‘Sacred Twenty Count’ of the Indian Medicine Wheel.
    (please note there are actually 21 archetypes, ZERO in the center + 20 numbers on the circumference of the wheel…

    …thus what I can prove is that the two Meso / middle cultures were connected prior to Columbus sailing across the Big Pond called the Atlantic Ocean.
    HIStory must be exposed.
    Truth is a noble quest.
    Allow me my quest.

    Once I found myself in Mesoamerica making those profound connections to Egypt and Mesopotamia through the Tarot = Kabbalah = Torah, along with other anomalies the HIStorians cannot explain … this all suggested to me, that the ‘New World Holocaust’ that took place in the Americas at the hands of the Vatican covered up a very profound TRUTH. The common source of humanity and it ain’t Babylon or Sumeria or Mesopotamia …

    The origins of the Tarot are unknown too … some say Egypt, some say India, and fewer still say Italy, but the fact is, the origins are inconclusive…and the controversy begins around 1500 … after the discovery of the NEW WORLD. And the first heathen culture the Conquistadors came upon were the Aztec.

    And by no coincidence it is the Aztec and their PRE-COLUMBIAN story of telling time in archetype, called the “Book of Days”, and the Aztec are the focus of that book I mentioned ‘From Hermes to Quetzalcoatl’.

    Those authors match up the archetypes of the SACRED Aztec “Book of Days” with the archetypes found in the Tarot quite nicely.

    How can that be?

    So I stayed in Mesoamerica and started studying TIME.
    Maya Time.

    And what I found out is that the Vatican stole proper TIME keeping from the Maya, and HIStory is indeed a MESO of Vatican Lies…

    The Maya were wiped out for a very very good reason.
    The Maya prove that the Christian marketing genius of creating a one-size-fits-all theology using the ‘mutt of metaphor’ … an innocent fella called Jesus Christ, further proves our ancestry is not what THEY have been selling for 1600+ years.

    HIStory is indeed written by those who write the books and circulate them … like newspapers and TV.

    Were you told about the small-pox laced blankets we traded with the heathen Indians…?
    Come now, this is the 21st Century … why do we cling to the HIStory as dispensed by this gang of Vatican Mobsters who actually wear the frocks of the Goddesses they deposed … true …
    But you will NOT find that in your HIStory books … along with the fact that the amulet / cross known as the swastika today, was the most common cross carried by the Christians up to the 3-4th century … until Constantine had his ‘Chi-Rho’ vision.
    True again.

    First understand we have been sold a HIStory.
    But before HIStory there was a HERstory.
    And to get a bigger, more accurate interpretation of history we need to look at both HIS and HER stories.
    It really is important to know your past … so you can learn from the history … to learn from the past events that preceded the present moment … so you can plot a future course …

    Personally having the Judeao / Christians in charge of our earthly directions … taking on their Semite Muslim brothers in a Hatfield and McCoy showdown … all 3 Abrahamic Religions gathering in the Middle East, flexing muscle, all claiming their script is the divine script, each script proclaiming “We are the chosen”.
    And all 3 have nuclear weapons.

    And did you notice the absence of the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Chinese, the Kogi, the Aborigine, the Desana, the Hopi, … need I go on?

    No it is only the Jews, Christians and Muslims who are willing to blow up the Creation in order to claim the Creation as theirs.
    Oy Vey … I vanna get out of Miami … and Disneyland too!!!

    Both are ‘white light’ illusions and distortions of grandeur …



  6. my understanding from what you have said is that

    1. you are upset with misinformation spread by vatican
    2. this misinformation is leading to clash of the civilisations
    3. you wish to bring the right information in front of all and reset the future course.

    why such lofty aims. why dont we mind our business and let the idiots believe what they want to or what they are being fed.

    does this crusade bring you peace? or does it make you feel more in touch with your self?

    Small pox example is old even today America is trying to sell pests and insects infested wheat to india. once earlier it had done in 1960 under Government Order PL640 and till today those pests from America introduced in India are causing losses upwards of $10 billion per annum in india agriculture!

    yes sir i have confirmed 0 came from Aryabhatta of Indian civilisation

    Mayan time may have been quite accurate but more than Atomic time? can i have the source of your information on this. it is hard to digest.

    HERstory is available in popular culture thanks to Dan Brown. i suppose you have read his books.

    Man who cannot predict the next minute how can you predict 2012 so easily.

    Didnt the world beat loud drums with Nostradamus’ prediction of the End of World in 2000? did it happen? nope

    now Maya? will it happen? yes because mayan calendar says so? its quite naive.

    who cares whose creation it was? you are here right now. enjoy have fun! 🙂

    btw im an indian

    Namaste 🙂


  7. Being Indian, then you may be aware of the Buddhist concept of the Maya Illusion?

    4 stages or ages.

    1/ Atomic
    2/ Space
    3/ Time
    4/ Vibration

    Note #2 and #3 coincide with our present SpaceTime.
    And #4 coincides with Max Planck’s comment that everything is VIBRATION.

    So you have the Eastern ‘Indians’ talking about the 4 Stages of Illusion and you have the Western Indians mapping out the TIME for those Illusions.

    This is more than a coincidence…but yeah the Eastern Indians invented zero if that makes you happy…the scholars however say both…and I see the sublime truth offered by both inventing the concept of Zero OR maybe even having a common ancestry?



  8. i’m aware of the concept of Maya/illusion but there are no 4 stages of maya. there are 4 yugas as per puranas – sat yuga, dwapar yuga, treta yuga and kal yuga (currently going on). buddhism is an offshoot of hinduism.

    before max planck, buddha in east india(1st century AD) and before buddha, the puranas and vedas of vedic culture in north and north west india (2000 BC) said it is all vibration.

    it neither makes me happy nor sad who invented zero. the modern gregorian calendar is much superior to mayan calendar leave aside atomic clock.

    if you believe in the theory of evolution then we all have common ancestry of course 🙂




    Pallav I do appreciate the discourse, you cause me to go seeking again and I like that.
    The above link is ‘I guess’ where I got my info about the 4 Maya Illusions.
    What is interesting about that link is that it also focuses on one other thing primarily. In one word.


    And this blog I wrote ties many of the loose ends together.

    And my next blog…watch for it…does just that figuratively and literally…ties up the ‘4 loose ends’.

    It asks and answers in a most profound way…

    What is it, tzitzit?

    I took this from Wikipedia:
    Tzitzit or tzitzis (Ashkenazi) (Hebrew: Biblical ציצת Modern ציצית) are “fringes” or “tassels” worn by observant Jews on the corners of four-cornered garments, including the tallit (prayer shawl). In Orthodox Judaism, they are worn only by men.

    My blog will be sure to be the cause of many a epiphany for the sheeple who have had their eyes wired shut by those who use truth woven with strands of illusion.

    Yes the color BLUE, Biblical Blue, and if we agree everything does default to VIBRATION, we only need to investigate the color, which has a frequency or vibration. I have investigated the colors RED and BLUE, I just have not gotten around to finishing the draft.

    This web site I came across today, thanks to you, has given me the motivation to share another mind blowing connection between these 2 colors that represent the two boundaries or pillars that we ‘exist’ between.

    Infra RED and Ultra-Violet BLUE

    The BIG BANG was a SOUND and LIGHT show Pallav.

    So let’s us investigate how science today and ancient myth, folklore, scriptures and symbols match up.
    Thats what I do…read my posts…seems, I am not alone however.
    You can either join me and others in a quest to unify…or you can remain stuck in your ‘Indian’ Maya Illusion…
    i.e. you see and understand only ONE interpretation…with awareness, remember whatever you say in words can be put into numbers which can be translated into waveform and through resonance, MATTER can be manipulated…

    Then once you can appreciate that truth…the quantum leap is to understand your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS can also be transmitted, both your BRAIN and HEART are emitting ‘waves’. The HEART is easy to illustrate.
    Put your hand over your mouth and speak.
    Feel the ‘waves’ you are CREATING?
    Every WORD is the beginning, of a waveform created in the SPACE that envelops you. Each WORD cast forth out of your mouth is like in analogy, throwing a pebble into the water and watching the waves emanate from the center >>> outward >>> and though the waves appear to end, what you do not see are the subtle movements of the water molecules still pushing on each other…for quite some distance…thus what was visible >>> invisible and it also demonstrates hidden ‘action at a distance’.
    But hidden can only be defined as to the ‘naked eye’.

    Now put your hand over your HEART.
    Feel the ‘waves’ you are unknowingly (or maybe if lucky with awareness), CREATING and sending forth?

    Now put your head between your hands.
    Feel the ‘waves’?
    You see that is the problem. That is where people tune out.
    I have no idea.
    But evidently they cannot make the necessary ‘quantum leap’, and that is what it takes, to simply ‘step over’ the abyss, because the abyss is also an illusion.

    It does help clarify why ‘nasty thoughts’ contribute to the collective cesspool of reality in a sublime manner, altering the field of INVISIBLE intersecting waveforms…with our ‘nasty deeds’ done ‘dirt cheap’.

    Eyes Wide Shut driven Capitalism.



  10. very well put. it will take a long time for me to reach your level. joining you or maybe interning with you first!! 🙂

    im more concerned with uniting religion and science for the purposes of energy called god. that goes into quantum metaphysics and parapsychology.

    your approach is different and so is your goal it seems. 🙂



  11. That would interest me too Pallav, discussing quantum metaphysics and parapsychology and uniting them with aspects of religion.

    Not quite sure what the end goal is yet…



  12. Thank you for the links Pallav.
    The article written by Victor Stenger is interesting because the author ‘dumbs down’ some of the scientific language.
    I am a simple layman (jack of all trades and a master of none) trying to put things back together again in my own simple childish way.

    But that is the clue to a breakthrough.
    ‘SEE’ like a child but apply the wisdom of an adult.



  13. yes im trying to have a nified theory of a universal religion which is in harmony with latest progress in science and which actually incorporates true peace and is not based on misinformation or a large scale controlling device.

    thats how i see unifying religion and science for the better in the future.

    since u have given that there is a conspiracy going on now and in the past it seems more difficult to have anything like this implemented in real life.



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