MYTH of the GOD Particle and the SWASTIKA

When you realize the profound significance of the color structure used in myth and scripture is consistent between many cultures and you then trace color back to its profound relationships to light > electro-magnetic radiation and vibration, we are eventually lead to the source of most these forces and myths and it is our Sun.

How does the structure of color we find in myth, scriptures and symbols (mandalas), match the Sun’s life journey?
Why do I ask?
Because the Sun we call Sol (soul) has a beginning and an end…a birth and a death…and remember it also was ‘created’ and is part of the never ending story….

I found my answer to the 4 colors that have plagued me. That have haunted me like a shadow these past 2+ years.
I found my answer to a question, and the question was based on the fact that many different cultures were sharing common archetypes, BUT it can be easily shown using the many anomalies HIStory provides that this exchange of information could not be explained by migrations alone.

The answer was found in a science book called The God Particle written by Leon Ledermen, a nuclear physicist who was a director of one of the ‘Quantum Particle Colliders’ called FERMI, it was a structure that was 4 miles long.
Lederman is also the architect of the SS Collider, the Mother of all Inventions, truly is…
It is the culmination of 2000 years of science and it is all invested in a 54 mile shaped torus…

There are those numbers again … 54 = 5 + 4 = 9
The scientists also know the patterns…THEY follow the patterns because THEY figure that odds of success will go up IF THEY keep to the divine patterns suggested by numbers…and UP is the direction THEY want to go…these E-GO ’tists.
(Where E = is the Energy that helps us get up and GO…)

Beam me up GOD.

One more thought before moving on… as mentioned above, L L (Leon Ledermen) is the pioneer of the Superconducting Super Collider. By no coincidence, (Leon, and you and me are part of the GRAND design, right?) and the initials of his name, 2 Ls, or 2 gammas (Greek letter when rotated), when placed together form the runic sowilo.

4 Greek gammas = 2 runic sowilos = 1 swastika

Funny, ironic, paradoxical or prophecy that the culmination of 2000 years of science results in the SS Collider.
And in ancient times, even today, if two of more saints gather together, like St. Peter and St. Paul, in antiquity this pair were referred to as SS.

So any time 2 Saints conspire, it should be considered an SS conspiracy…
But the sublime, subtle, interconnected Creation is just like that.
After all, math, numbers are colors on the Creator’s palette.

The colors and numbers that keep showing up, are usually related to this specific order or sequence, the 4 primary colors similar to the Indian Medicine Wheel representing the 4 Races of Humanity are BLACK (or dark BLUE like violet), WHITE (sometimes referred to as Silver), RED and YELLOW (or often referred to as Gold).

The 5th color that sometimes appears along side these 4 is GREEN.
Green was the color used in the Middle Ages to represent the Holy Spirit.
In those cultures that use 5 colors, Green is sometimes placed in the Center of the Wheel, between the 4 directions, between the 4 other colors.

Briefly here are how those 5 colors match the 5 phases of the Sun, marking its births and deaths and resurrections … thank you Leon.
Thank you L L .
Rolling Eyes

In Astrophysics there are 5 main stellar processes.

Here is the sequence or phases of colors.

BLACK Holes >>> WHITE Dwarfs >>> RED Giants >>> YELLOW Sun >>> NEUTRON stars (which are invisible and could represent a Green-ing Influence or a HOLY SPIRIT?)

Is it a coincidence that the stellar processes resemble the 4 stages of the Philosopher’s Stone?
Black >>> White >>> Red >>> Yellow

Why do we find these same 4 colors in many of the sacred temples, i.e. Solomons’ in the West (Judaism) and Mt. Meru in the East (Buddhism)?
And as I mentioned earlier we find these same 4 colors on the Medicine Wheel representing the 4 Races.
And then Plato mentions these same 4 colors, black, white, red and gold, in his description of Atlantis*…

And if we use only the 3 primary colors/frequencies of light, BLUE, RED and YELLOW in equal amounts, there is NO color, you are rendered INVISIBLE. And then if you upset this balance, you get a 4th color, you get GREEN, to represent Eden, the illusion that manifests from light.

Question is how much color to add to Eden.
What if we add too much RED?
How much should we turn up the HEAT?
Without leading to the many unsustainable behaviors we see today, leading eventually to an environmental collapse assisted by the rascal who reminds us there is indeed a penalty to pay, and it is called Entropy…

i.e. Empire building was accomplished using the language that brings men together, and that language is MATHEMATICS
Math is what men use to build Empires, and it is the same language everywhere.
The archetype of a fail-safe mechanism built into the system, show cycles, very well represented by the Tower of Babel, a tower which comes tumbling down…

King Jack and Queen Jill also broke their crowns when they and the tower came tumbling down …
The reign of terror, of the Kings and Queens will soon end …
Rolling Eyes

Long Live Nature …
In the END it becomes clear as the smoke disperses along with the illusion, an elemental forceFULL Nature brought us into this world and the same 4 forces can conspire to take us out.
Nature always wins the battles of man vs. nature.
Any wonder these mythical battles became the myths, folklore and scripture, that have stood since the recording of time itself?



* Atlantis … without going into too much detail.

The Emperor Penguin located in the Antartic is clue to where Atlantis is or was.

It shares it’s basic colors with those of alchemy, of the sacred temples.
A blend of a black back, mostly white belly with the colors of the golden sun radiating about its neck…with reddish beaks and red eyes…RED representing the Oral Traditions of the indigenous, aboriginal tribes…BLACK represents the path behind us and WHITE is the light before us…you must understand how the Creator connects the dots on his tapestry…

And please note the Emperor Penguin has also ‘swapped roles’, the males nurture the cosmic eggs that keep their species alive from one generation to the next. And the females are out hunting and gathering and getting fat…to be in a position to provide for the new hatchlings…
The penguins represent the impending ‘polarity flip’, leading to a kind of madness caused by a reversal of the electro-magnetic fields, a changing of the guard of gender and societal responsibilities.

I have a feeling that the Antarctic and the discovery of a megalithic structure is connected to the prophecy, “all will be revealed….”

Might find one or two megalithic ruins in Greenland too…
My prediction would further suggest anything built in the south is built using lines, resulting in pyramids and cubes and anything found in the north would be built primarily using arcs and circles resulting in domes.

The stars overhead suggest this.

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


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