Kachina2012’s RATTLE and it’s PORPOISE

ilsan wrote:
sorry, lost it after the first few lines Shocked .

Del wrote:
I lost it about half way through… Rolling Eyes

Obviously not on the same page the three of us are we?
3 = a trinity … see how my mind automatically ‘defaults’ to myth and math.
By the way, the way I ‘think’ was the way many processed thoughts in the time of Plato and Pythagoras.
But I do eat beans.
Hahaha … before I ‘lose’ the two of you again in another of my flatulent rants, please can I have just 1 more minute of your earthly time?

Here is a video on YouTube, very well done, the music is quite relaxing, it shows how our ‘brains’ can be used to trick* us quite simply.

You only need to get to the 46 second mark of the video.
This ‘test’ shows how the adult mind has become ‘corrupted’. Our hard drives (brain) could use a defragging.
As adults we have accumulated too much detail and crappola, children the video proves, arrive with a different perspective.

This test is further proof that children should be taught myth before math.
Many of the older indigenous cultures have a ceremony around the 7th year, as a rite of initiation. The Hopi Indians, whose ancestors inhabited the 4 Corners region give their children in this ceremony a Kachina rattle.

Thus I have come to the conclusion after thousands of posts; that I believe in schools, we should lay a foundation of archetypes called myth bee4 we layer on the illusion called math.
And one of my favorite blogs shows why the structure of a BEEhive is divine and is perhaps an example of societal architecture we should try to emulate….


9 dolphins eh?
Why did they develop a test that used the archetype of 9?
Perhaps I should redirect you to one of my posts that deals with the number 9?


Did you take note of the name I use on that site?
Kachina 2012…

The inner child in me is just here to rattle you about in your self-imposed cages…
Rolling Eyes



p.s. *the Prestige of the ‘trick’ explained…
tricks are all about the Prestige.
As the movie called The Prestige clearly shows…and 911 has so far proved…tricking the majority with it illusions…
My blog above 9 Cosmological Eggs in a Basket with a Handle discusses the Myth of 911. From a myth/archetype structure reflecting the consistency of divine design. I do not discuss conspiracy theories as others do, going into great detail as many others do, the conspiracy appears complex, because it is.

Why and how is it possible?
Simply because WE are co-conspirators because we live without awareness.
That essentially is my message and maybe it is a cold slap in the face, and that cold slap is just a reminder that an echo exists of that first slap or Big Bang, and the slap/bang is still echoing, still cooling down, and that slap is not unlike the truth the Cosmic Background Radiation presents for us to hear.
The message, the echo I hear from antiquity, and its getting colder all the time, because of time, the message I hear fading, faintly still heard, still resonating in the hearts of humanity is …

“Man Know Thyself”
Isn’t it?

You think you are in control eh?
What would the advertisers say about that?
Do THEY know how to push your Judeao/Christian buttons?

Need more proof?
It is only the Judeao / Christians arriving in the middle east to kick some ‘rag’ head Muslim butt (as advertised), but wait did you notice, yes it is only the descendants of the Patriarch Abraham showing up in the middle east for the scheduled, scripted Armageddon Party. All 3 of them, the prophetic and pathetic THEY. The Trinity of Terror. These 3 tribes cause the most grief with their self-serving theologies that are intertwined with the State. State and Religion never really separated. Please point me toward the turning point when the Vatican cut its puppet strings on Western Consciousness. THEY with the permission of THEY = the Eyes Wide Shut WE, currently dominate worldly current events.
Didn’t GWBush once say “…you are either with US or against us.”
WTF did that mean eh? Hmm … and then not long after or before, I can’t remember, “GW the village idiot”, mentioned something about a Crusade.
Twisted Evil

As it appears to me, the collective WE, it turns out are the mythical THEY, that WE should fear.

Have you profoundly noticed the descendants of the Matriarchs have not arrived yet? The Matriarchal cultures worship more than ONE MONO G_D and have a different relationship with the EARTH?
Note the consistency of my argument.
It is the expansive Patriarchal Western Cultures that are the best at exploiting the elemental Matriarchal Earth…at exploiting her resources and resisting KYOTO Protocols.

What does that say about assumptions about ‘belief’ systems?

The Matriarchal cultures are the indigenous cultures, the Aborigine, the Kogi, the Desana, the Dogon, and the many other countless tribes that continue to be swallowed up by Western led consumerism, at the heart of which are the descendants of the Patriarch ABE, it is this dominant consciousness directing the collective that can be proved to be doing the most harm, to the collective…a self-serving mis-interpretation that the Judeao/Christians are ready to exploit. In other words they are willing to blow up the world proving we are ONE.
Twisted Evil

One of the reasons I no longer waste my time reading the newspaper is because it is filled with bullshit stories, self-serving Judaeo/Christian propaganda. Stories that quite often are made up. I have first hand proof, having been a firefighter for 24 years. Do I need to mention WMD?

W eapons of
M edia
D istraction

But the main purpose of these contrived illusions being peddled in these self-serving rags designed for the riches, is this…
The stories are merely designed to take up the space left by the advertisements.
This truth was once illuminated for me … by someone in the media game.
What is the game Del?
Have you figured out what THEY want from you, the EWE?

Why would I BUY or READ a marketing tool, a rag designed to sell me shit and control my E-motions.
Where I spend my E.
Where E = energy = money
Twisted Evil

Oy vey…

I am checking out.
Tuning out of this bullshit frequency and finding a new one.
Changing stations.
Rolling Eyes



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


One thought on “Kachina2012’s RATTLE and it’s PORPOISE

  1. Raph.. do you think maybe those rattles had the centre string attached once..(you’ve seen the ‘toys’ I refer to) right smack bang in the middle of the ‘beloved’ swastiKA…. thereby swinging those rattles signify the ‘left n right’ handedness..

    very nice…

    Love N Peace

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