How SOUND affects EGOs and EMOTIONs

Del wrote:
Now that’s the first post of yours that has really grabbed my attention Raphael! All you had to do was talk about LOTR’s… Surprised

Lets see if I can maintain some interest without talking about LOTR, how about if I use humor and satire?

Yes the idyllic life of a hobbit.
No need for shoes or pedicures.
The soles of their feet are in constant contact with the soul that helps nourish them. The elemental and resource-full earth.
We have about 8,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet…and it feels great to walk along a beach barefoot or have mud ooze between the toes. And once my feet have been firmly planted in the Garden of Eden, all I need is a little maintenance, to be fertilized about every 2 weeks, with margueritas.

This connection to the elemental earth the hobbits enjoy presents itself as also one of the reasons snakes/serpents are associated with material form. Slithering about the earth, the snake’s heart is in constant contact with the earth. (no feet remember), unlike the birds we often see symbolically in tandem with snakes on a totem, birds are ascending toward the heavens above. Snakes are forever ‘earthbound’. But in fact some snakes have managed to climb trees, however they climb Trees of Life … not Trees of Knowledge. Hahaha

How does a snake hear? The snake is well versed in the Oral Traditions as you know.
It does everything with its mouth. Has great manners, never eats with its hands or talks with its mouth full.
And it hears by the jawbone picking up and transmitting vibrations.
It has also been conclusively proved they can hear the vibrations caused by music.
Their hearing range is between about 200 and 600 hertz.
They both feel and hear VIBRATIONs.
They pick up vibrations through the air and the earth.
Which brings us to Tesla.
He thought transmitting vibrations/frequencies through the earth was preferable and more efficient than through the air and around the earth.
But Tesla it turns out was not a snake oil salesman.

So communications/vibrations can be transmitted and received in primarily one of two ways.
We the advanced creatures (?) we are, use primarily one method. Our ears pick up the air borne messages.
And we use our highly developed brains (not so sure anymore) to build sensitive equipment to detect the sounds/vibrations emanating from the earth, frequencies we could probably once hear using our intuition, which was tuned to the earth.
But it all makes sense and the facts fall into place if you believe we are the fallen man, who fell from grace, and was evicted from the Garden of Eden.
That’s what happens when you don’t pay your ‘bar tab’ in Marguarita-ville.

We use technology to build machines to replace what we have lost.
Fire was the first piece of technology we uncovered available to us.
Fire is a rapid oxidation process with the release of heat, light and sound.
Every piece of technology we design actually represents a further descent toward the abyss.
The Internet, the world wide web is one of man’s final desperate attempts to unify, to put back together again, what once was.
It is time we took 2 steps backward and discarded all useless technologies accumulated to this point. It is time to repack our baggage before moving forward to a new destination. Acknowledging the ‘denial of our role’ in the whole mess is paramount. Denial is not a river in Egypt. It is the common thread that connects us all.

We are scrambling in these chaotic times, maybe these are the ‘end of days’, or the ‘end of the daze’ as I like to call it.
What if the www is a last ditch effort at trying to achieve a collective unity, a merged consciousness?

But my point is … we can merge without the need to build more machines.
Ultimately it will be through the process of resonance, it can only be through vibration that we merge back into one, as the quantum mystic Max Planck suggested in his conversation with Albert Einstein, who coincidently made his career by suggesting …

…E = mc2
or Energy = Matter x (speed of light x speed of light)

(I have an idea; would it help to peek at other’s ideas…by working in a Patent (idea) Office?
But that’s okay, because Einstein was a true ARTist, he was tuned in, and artists steal and build on other’s ideas all the time….)

You must understand why Einstein was an ARTist. An ARTist like Einstein, Newton or Michelangelo connects intrinsically with “Our Father who ART in heaven”…
It really is important to think of the Creator as an artist too. Wouldn’t ya think?

Max as he walked the Planck into the eternal chaotic churning waters of the quantum realm, changed the course of physics forever when he said to Einstein … “Al it don’t matter about Matter, but what does matter is that it is ALL about Vibration baby, it is not all Relative, it does not matter, let it go like the Buddhists suggest…”

The Beach Boys later wrote a song about this meeting called ‘Good Vibrations’.

Now the reason ‘Max the mystic’ mentioned the Buddhists is because of a ‘volunteer vacation’ he once took. A volunteer vacation is when you commit your time and resources to clean up after the generations that preceded you. So he enlisted the aid of a Sherpa and off he went picking up the garbage left behind by those who had already been there traveling these trails, the backpackers and explorers who had come before him.
Men like Sir Edmund Hillary who garnered worldwide fame, literally and figuratively by catching a ride on the back of a Sherpa all the way up the mountain…how high could he have gone if he carried his own backpack and supplies, the bulk of which were carried by the many nameless ‘human mules’ called Sherpas who are nothing but footnotes in the listed accomplishments of the western ego.

But in the west we need heros, we manufacture heros and thus we feed the ego and Sir Edmund …is well, Edmund with a Sir attached, and in the western mind this must mean something.
Let us ask Sir Elton, Sir Paul, or the ‘sacrificial virgin record holder’ Sir Richard Branson who is a real ‘high’ flyer about the EGO.
EGO is simply the Energy you need to make the ewe (sheep) GO in pursuit of greener pastures … way over yonder … over that mountaintop …
But I do ponder how many Tibetans could scale those mountains with ease?
You see this is the one of the main differences between western and eastern consciousness.
Western consciousness under the influence of ‘white light theology’ (Judaism) has wanderlust and wonderlust. The need to scale high mountains and sail the high seas.
Is it any wonder we like to get ‘high’ in the west?
In the west we compete and try to be number ONE.

And Eastern consciousness is under the influence of ‘black light theology’ (Sanskrit), a belief that is more concerned about connecting with ones environment, looks at that mountain and has respect for it and does not really feel the need to climb mountains, because you see and feel that everything is ONE.

Del still with me?

What is white and black light theology?
Interference patterns in the light caused or recording sound that form shapes that became the shapes of letters.

The two main pillars of thought / belief are well represented by the Hebrew and Sanskrit languages.
Two different languages and two different sources of sound.

In the beginning was the WORD and it can be divided into consonants and vowels.

This is not a coincidence, it is obvious design, what I am suggesting is consistent with the development of the written language, preceded by the ORAL TRADITIONS.

One language representing the WESTERN belief system is structured and based on HEBREW focusing on consonants. Using vowels to assist in writing the language is relegated to using not letters…but merely dots.

And the Sanskrit language representing the EASTERN belief system is called a ROOT language and it is structured using vowels first and foremost.

All coincidences eh?

It has been shown that organic structure and vibration/sound are harmonically related.

Starting to understand why the ‘heathens’ chant?
Sounds evidently can alter your shape….

Maybe there exists a frequency to make fat people thin?
I know the frequency that makes thin people fat…it is called RGB and it emanates from that little box in the corner…no wait that little noisy box has also altered its shape by altering its frequency, it is now the graven mirror, mirror on the wall…aka the flat panel TV…see how technology assists in the fall from grace?

Still with me Del?

Want me show you how the two hemispheres of the brain in analogy are related to eastern vs western beliefs?
How language and numbers defaults to the patriarchal, logical, mathematical left brain?
How seeing the world as a unity tends to default to the right brain?
How the battle between the genders (positive and negative polarities) within the brain, within the individual is a metaphor for what ails the world?

More coincidences or design?

All I see is design.
Not because I went to church. (never did)
Not because I became smart and got a college edumacation. (nope actually the dope finished only high school…but continued getting high and his education while smoking dope…and this road I chose leads to ‘Hey U University’.
So I followed the road and enrolled in a course called “Man Know Thyself”.

No I see design and unity … because I went looking for it.
And those two disciplines, Science and Religion, that I noted above, are like road blocks placed on a unfinished bridge.
And between them exists a no-mans land because they are both fighting over control of that sacred turf that exists between them. Instead of joining forces and completing the bridge called TRUTH they fight over control of the bridge…even before its completion.

In conclusion Max Planck the mystic agreed with the Tibetans.

The Tibetans have a belief called the Maya Illusion, we are essentially in a stage of that illusion. There are 4 illusions, just like the 4 Western Greek Ages or the 4 Eastern Hindu Yugas.

1/ Atomic
2/ Space
3/ Time
4/ Vibration

please note: Stages 2 & 3 coincide nicely with our present reality called SpaceTime, (Newton the Alchemist and Einstein who didn’t gamble but liked women), soon to be replaced by Vibration (Planck the mystic).

What if Dec 21, 2012, the earthly serpent sheds her skin called SpaceTime and is reborn as Vibration…
The Vatican has always seen the earth and her cyclical cataclysms as an abomination…and it can be shown these cycles were ‘written’ as prophecy.

Why does the Vatican fear the earth?
Because in the never ending battle of man vs. nature, she always wins.
No wonder we default to ego…the energy that makes us go.
We are running around rather chaotically, and deep, deep within us resonates a feeling, filling us with a fear, and we have no where to go, there is no where to hide.
Maybe it is time we converted EGO to EMOTION.
Maybe it is important to be aware of your E Motions.
Your Energy in Motion.
There is only one survival course I know of that may help in these ‘end of the daze’, to help you convert your E-GO to the currency called E-MOTION.
It is a course you can complete in your own home.

“Man Know Thyself”



p.s. I was going to talk about the shapes of structure and architecture and how it relates to number.
Will need to wait till the next post.

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


6 thoughts on “How SOUND affects EGOs and EMOTIONs

  1. Do you like Mozart?
    His music… its very good vibrations…
    Our brain rests in right that frequency as his music. There are different styles, waves and so on, but only his combination of sounds can do really very nice influance. May be it can be seen through the “lense” of Fibonacci, or as vibration by going in cycles as swastika shows. I think it could be interesting idea. how do you think? may be you’ve already think of that?
    What can one man can the other…
    And one more thing. Have you ever been in Egypt? I want to go there. What can you personally suggest to see there?
    (sorry for my English one more time)


  2. I discovered your “sight” yesterday and haven’t been able to sleep. I wrote and spoke your dialect from ’95 until 2002. Some Schlep-herded me back into the frayed where no one baad understood.
    Of course, having a Fort Defiant teen hasn’t helped me emotionally.
    Believe me, I lost years of grooming and went all the way back to pre-HIS-terical (er ah ny Roots) days picking up bits and pieces of info that was new (2012) and somewhat keeping up on

    Sew and reap I told the shleep. Was like talking to my 14 yr. old!
    One topic has led me to another since you decided to dis Cern years of research on transporting bozons through the Alps and become a Fire Fly on my wall.

    One site your Blog took me to was I watched a 4 part series about an Irish 6 yr old that began telling his mom, when he was 36 months old, of his previous life in another village . He took a US psychiatrist and his mum to the house he lived in; said God gave him a “ticket” to come to this life and dropped him into a hole here. He didn’t die in the other life, per his living “sister”, a Robertson, too.
    In a separate story, another child told his father during a diaper change,
    “I used to change your diapers when you were a baby!” The child was his own grandfather. The details were astounding!
    So, how much was the ticket you used to reach me? hehehehe

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