SOUND and the KEY to UNIVERSAL Movement

UPDATE August 20, 2013

I said years ago that ‘science’ would begin to catch up to what the ‘swastika’ really means on so many levels.

This video I came across today is more finely tuned evidence that I have been hovering over the AHA! for quite some time now.


The information being presented might seem controversial but 21st century empirical science is pushing the metaphysical boundaries helping to ‘recover’ something vital lost….due to red shifts and blue shifts….physics is the science of movement.

What does movement sound like?
Is it a coincidence or evidence that the ‘swastika’ tetraskele is used as a sign for repeat in music?

To answer that question we need to investigate the relationship between the ‘swastika’ and the Mandelbrot/Julia Set.


What if Genesis, I like to spell it gENEsis, is a gENE-thesis as my thesis suggests?

To understand where I AM today in my quest what I find myself hovering over is in fact a Time Capsule yet not fully deciphered.

Biomimicry – the Attractive and Repulsive Magnetic Spiral Swastika – the Great Pyramid and phi

**** end of update ****

Watch the video below … it explains how a change of ‘frequency’ leads to a reversal of spin…counter clockwise vs. clockwise…these two directions of rotation, of universal movements are in fact …

The TWO KEYs of Saint Peter – the KEYS to UNIVERSAL Movement CCW and CW

Can I link thru analogy, the Chladni patterns and resonance and swirling swastikas and vibration and HAARP and zero gravity and the Maya and 2012?


Watch for the two swirling ‘weather cocks’ later in the video resembling the international hurricane symbol.
Counter clockwise rotations becoming clockwise rotations, simply by changing frequency.
Just like my beloved swastika.

UPDATE April 1, 2012

(feel free to interpret it as a joke if you wish)

NAZI BELL – Viktor Schauberger – Hans Jenny – Roger Penrose – Jay Harman ‘resonate’ on Twistor Theory

What is HAARP to be used for again?

The Mitchells believe the patterns on the cubes are Chladni patterns — created by vibrations of musical pitches.The patterns are named for Ernest Chladni (1756-1827), a German musician who is also remembered as the inventor of the glass harmonica.

Chladni spread fine sand on metal or glass plates, then used a violin bow … (hahaha, or maybe it was a HAARP and not a Violin?) … to make the plate vibrate. (hahaha or maybe to make the tectonic plates vibrate using HAARP?)

-italics are my comments.

Sand gathered in parts of the plate which were not vibrating, creating patterns unique to each pitch.Although the patterns are associated with Chladni, the effect had been noted a few decades earlier, by the English scientist Robert Hooke in 1665.The Mitchells assert the effect was also known by Gilbert Haye, one of the chapel’s builders, who died in 1513.“The Cymatics/Chladni patterns were inspired and found in the art of the ancient Chinese gong making which Sir Gilbert Haye would have discovered during his time in the Far East,” said Stuart Mitchell.

YouTube about the Chladni patterns…go here

Interesting thing about Robert Hooke, is that he claimed to be the author of many of Sir Isaac Newtons discoveries.

The plot thickens … please take note of my comments in italics in the above quote.

What if HARRP was designed to help, to assist in the change of rotation of the earth?
What if HARRP represents a painful and ominous reality looming on the horizon?

And when would you apply such a low frequency resonance to help reset the thermodynamic clock that is winding the earth down suggesting a reversal of accumulated entropy by those ancestors that came before us…?
I would apply this low frequency at precisely the moment the earth was experiencing a zero gravity moment.
My belief is that on Dec.21, 2012 such an opportunity will present itself, a porthole…that is accessible if we alter our collective vibrations, because the date itself has been getting much propaganda and attention directed to this particular date/time/place in space.

That is clearly part of the game. Getting everybody to focus on the same ‘E’vent.
911 and the first 1969 Moon Landing were such ‘E’vents.
(why is 1961 such an interesting year?)

In fact this zero gravity moment is predicted by those whose invented the concept of zero.
The ancient Maya.

What beautiful subtle poetry of an earth in motion…all brought to you by the ‘Creator’.
Don’t YA get it?
Do I need to show you how sacred geometry (i.e. the Fibonacci numbers, the golden RAtio, the golden MEan, the golden spiral…etc) is connected to sound and more importantly the MAYA and the Egyptians?

Maybe I need to show how the FIBonacci numbers and the Golden mean are connected to the Maya concept of zero and chirality?

Chirality, asymmetry and the spiral motif, together a force that could be called or referred to as the architect of life. CHiram Abiff was such an architect.

I tell no FIBs using numbers, and here is the one place where I can promise you, that the FIBS you are about to see written down, tell NO lies …

What if zero gravity is the mechanism we employ to reset the earth’s rotation to assist in the game of perpetual motion?

All of the above comes with a ***DISCLAIMER***
My Big TOE or Theory of Everything is an evolving theory continually being sin-thesized by an awakening consciousness. Pardon ME if I do not get it right the first time.
(…the update as of August 2013 clearly suggests that)

PART 2 of Resonance



The Art of Sound



UPDATE continued April 1, 2012

(feel free to interpret it as a joke if you wish)

I adopted the name Rafael in the mid 80’s.
Changed it to Raphael in 2004.
Became entranced by the swastika in 2005.
Took a picture of a ‘magnetic mandala’ in a Peruvian monastery in 2006
I was forced to take an early retirement in 2007 because I had become SS poSSeSSed by the mandala and THOTH thoughts…
It is April 1, 2012 and on April fool’s day is a good time to announce I am indeed playing a fool’s game using the Tarot to help guide me.

There are many reasons I AM still under the guidance of the Jaina Cross.

This ranks as one of the best as to why I should continue to take the bait and clues left me.

In 2010 I came across this tidbit of information, which helped me make sense of my SS SwaSti-KA paSSionS these past 7 years …


So clearly what happened was this.

I recognized that the position of ArchangEL RaphaEL was vacant and I merely auditioned for it. Nobody else wanted the pART. So I stepped up to the plate and decided to play the pART because the pARTs that had been written into the script were in fact starting to line up with my OWN life being revealed to me.

Thus I should take ownership of my OWN LIfE as it unfolds due to the SEEDS planted some time ago…

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.’s_a_stage

The most interesting thing about Shakespeare that I found out was the following association to the bigger picture.

How many plays did ‘the Bard’ write and how does this number associate itself with the number some researchers today are claiming represents the collective unconscious?

37 and the Collective Unconscious

The 37 plays of WS:

Something to sleep on:
And how do we connect 37 to the letters WS or is it MN and this plate from 5000 BCE?

How do you get an S or 5 to look more like a 2 or N?

You travel through the looking glass Alice along za z-axis.

E=Mc^2 … merged with MNEME ‘the MEMorE’ plate!

Forum discussion:

The Eternal Story of the W and Z

2B continued….



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says …
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.

4 thoughts on “SOUND and the KEY to UNIVERSAL Movement

  1. You have the quote: “Ernest Chladni (1756-1827), a German musician who is also remembered as the inventor of the glass harmonica”. Although Chladni did important pioneering work in acoustics, it’s actually BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790) who invented the glass [h]armonica. (Franklin originally named it the ‘armonica’ when he invented it in 1761; it was by far most popular in Germany where they Germanized the name as ‘glasharmonika’, so ‘glass harmonica’ is actually a corruption of Franklin’s original name that also increases confusion with the ‘mouth organ’ (invented around 1825–over 60 years after Franklin invented the ‘glasharmonika’)). Franklin not only invented the armonica, but he built and played one himself, and it was a constant companion for the remaining 30 years of his life.

  2. Most good artists have stolen inspiration from others.
    Even Ben Franklin.
    Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse present themselves first and foremost as nothing more than patent savvy businessmen, claiming their employees inventions as their own…

    Knowledge is power. All those men were in positions of accruing knowledge.
    All those men I mentioned stole some of their ideas from others.

    Western HIStory or accomplishments is often a rap sheet exposing the thieves who took credit for ideas they stole from others…

    But I do appreciate the clarification William.

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