CRUCIFIX, the $ and the SWASTIKA

As you read this blog keep in mind the following.

This illusion of reality, this epoch we currently reside in is NOT the Discovery Channel, we are not evolving as we think, we discover nothing new, we are simply turning over rocks that were heaved and tossed long ago by godly forces.
My belief is the ship of humanity sank long ago and this gathering of empirical evidence of an Empire long lost and consumed by the earthly waters above and below the firmament, suggests this current culture represents the Recovery Network.

We are all participating in a collective salvage operation called Salvation.
(In another blog I will present some of the anomalies that our best minds cannot explain, however these anomalies once gathered together and seen as part of a bigger picture, suggest another greater profound TRUTH exists waiting for the unveiling.)

Here I present 3 symbols that are apparently etched into primarily the consciousness of Western Humanity.

The Crucifix, the $ and the Swastika.

I ask the flock of ewe, which symbol has left the most blood in it’s wake?

With laughable ease it is very easy to show that in the pursuit of The Power and The Glory, respectively symbolized by the Dollar Sign $, and the Crucifix t, both these symbols have committed much greater crimes against humanity, than the disgraced swastika has. *

*Unless you consider what the swastika really symbolizes…this is NOT a ‘Jew hating’ symbol…but as a symbol pointing toward cyclical ‘earth shifts’ causing catastrophic deluges and such.
Then yes I must agree with the flock of sheeple (sheeple = people domesticated by faith alone) that the swastika which represents both creation and destruction is by far a more threatening symbol to humanity.
This is further confirmed by the fact the older ‘pagan’ cultures worshipping many gods usually employed 2 forms of the swastika, rotating in opposite directions, often symbolizing the powers of creation and destruction.

But the swastika represents “All that has been written” by the hand of the Creator. Whereas the $ and the Crucifix are 2 symbols employed by those who seek The Power and The Glory, here on terrestrial earth. An earth that was Created using 4 forces, forces swirling into clockwise and counter clockwise vortexs, helical structures, left and right handedness represented by the divine Swastika.

And the battle rages between the religious funny-and-mentalists (fundamentalist) in one corner, the OBVIOUS flaw of this belief system is that they will ignore what they can see, what is visible, and actually substitute faith for what cannot be explained.

And in the other corner we have the scientists using the MACRO-tele-scopes to view deep into Space and the MICRO-scope to view deep into Man and all endeavors prove themselves to be in a pursuit to put into numerical formula what cannot be expressed with words.  Yes essentially the physicist uses numbers to explore and describe the visible and invisible realms. The theologian uses metaphor and parable.
(Using up the money in Research and Development Grants that the brother or sister in dire need, standing in plain view beside them, no ‘scopes’ needed to illustrate this reality….so how many science careers have been funded on BAD science…consuming resources the dire need, eh?)

So the fatal flaw the scientist makes is his belief system consumes resources others could use examining ‘the obvious’, picking apart, dissecting the Creation, and thus the scientist reveals himself as foolishly spending huge sums of R&D money to prove we are all ONE, and the knowledge curve in science examining all the detail, is very steep and is very limited by what he can see or be explained using empirical evidence only…

and what does it mean when the observer can alter the observation?

Thus I have concluded the average scientist is lagging behind the average theologian in the quest to retrieve what had been lost in the last deluge.
Therefore it is quite easy to understand the saying…

“as the scientist reaches the summit of knowledge, he meets the theologian perched atop.”

However it has become apparent it is time we add an addendum to this saying

‘And then finally the cloud of illusion lifts and dissipates and it is then both the Scientist and Theologian see perched across the abyss, the Shaman resting on a plateau, no higher or lower than the peak the scientist and theologian share, BUT the plateau had enough room for ALL humanity’.

So both these symbols, the Crucifix ‘t’ and the Dollar Sign ‘$’ can indeed be shown to have more blood on their hands than the 20,000+ years old swastika.

And it is fact, the victors write the HIStory, thus history as recorded, reveals itself merely as one perspective.
And further to a truth, the victors who wrote the HIStory, kiss and adore the Crucifix and many also worship a Monotheistic (moneytheistic) God, and this is his symbol … $.

In G_d We Trust … all others pay cash … $.

I suggest the swastika be resurrected and acknowledged as part of the innate human architecture that helps profoundly in animating us, bringing us to life, as the scientists have actually proved.

i.e. Swastika = Chiral* = DNA

* What is Chiral and how are the Swastika and DNA connected?
Read the blog called … ‘To BEE or not to BEE?’

This is the question that identifies itself as the question we as a collective should be asking ourselves.

May I add, long ago, if the ship of fools was going down…there is only one symbol I would etch into stone, as a marker for those to follow…


The swastika was in fact being called this … back in the 1920’s. And then the KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT was adopted by a movement called Fascism.

And then it was buried because it is in fact The KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT.

The rest is just more HIStory represented by the Mutt of Metaphor.
We all know his name … Jesus Christ*

The Conspiracy is FULL ON … back on.



* please note: I am not saying he is a hoax … Jesus Christ just happened to be the lucky recipient of the best marketing stolen treasures could buy.


2 thoughts on “CRUCIFIX, the $ and the SWASTIKA

  1. i was listening to Requiem for a Dream when i read this:

    ‘And then finally the cloud of illusion lifts and dissipates and it is then both the Scientist and Theologian see perched across the abyss, the Shaman resting on a plateau, no higher or lower than the peak the scientist and theologian share, BUT the plateau had enough room for ALL humanity’.

    Music indeed carry things deeper

  2. Please allow us to introduce:

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    You won’t ever look at a swastika or Christian cross the same way again. Nor will you want to avoid the topic of Autism.

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    Contact Information:
    Daniel Forant

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