2012, YOGA, the Sun and the MOON, JUDAISM, and how to tell TIME

dracoaestas wrote:
Dracoaestas is pronounced dray-co ay-stace, and literally translated means “dragon summer” in Latin. I made it up to be like an animal’s scientific name, like homo sapiens, because I love dragons and my middle name also happens to be Summer.

Dracoaestas you may find this interesting.
Is it possible that the Druid / Celtic Arthurian legends represent the movement of the stars?
Are these myths constructed to represent the conversion of energy into matter and then back into a pure energy again in a never ending cycle of creation and destruction?
Are these myths recording this loop or wheel of time?
Did these primarily northern beliefs get structured based on the fact that these myths are indeed connected to the celestial movements?

Please note: the constellation Draco once contained the Pole Star Thuban, prior to Polaris assuming this stature.

Looking toward the North Star Polaris appears to be situated in the center of the night sky and rotating around this eternal central star that never appeared to move were the other circumpolar constellations.
These constellations were also eternal in that they rotated around Thuban (at one time) in a counter-clockwise rotation.
Time lapse photography actually shows these trails of light forming circles, rotating around the Pole Star of the Day.
This never changes, the dance of the various Pole Stars (which we come to realize is part of another cycle that apparently repeats itself), and this exchanging of position of Pole Stars is connected to the Precession of the Equinoxes.

The Precession of the Equinoxes known as the GREAT YEAR  is really a map of time. Imagine that the Sun’s orbit is like a cog or wheel with invisible teeth that are interlaced with the teeth of another cog or wheel or gear.
And these invisible wheels / cogs / gears are part of a much larger Timepiece working in unison, as one.

Think of a Swiss watch or the ancient Antikythera Device, an ancient timepiece found embedded in coral/stone in the Mediterrean.
Another historical anomaly, this timepiece and its workmanship predates the knowledge apparent for that era.
Yet because it also can be used to calculate equinoxes and solstices we know also, that the culture associated with this device was measuring the ecliptic.

The ecliptic is another name for the Journey of a True Star.
The ecliptic is simply our Sun’s orbital path as it appears to travel through the 12 houses of the horoscope. (the sun is not standing still).

And this orbit which defines our Sun’s path, using time, takes about 26,000 years to complete or measure.

So now armed with this knowledge about our Sun’s influences’, let us discuss dragons again.

The constellation Draco the Dragon once contained the Pole Star.
But today the Pole Star Polaris, in the constellation known as Ursa Minor or the more common name, the Little Dipper. And Polaris is the last star on the handle of the Little Dipper. So Polaris is in fact doing the ‘wagging’.
The six other stars apparently revolve around Polaris in a counter-clockwise rotation.

And we find also in a reversed configuration in the night sky another 7 star constellation called Ursa Major known more as the Big Dipper.
Please note I contend that the reversal of star structure is symbolic of the chiral asymmetry that exists within all the building blocks essential to life.
DNA, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Crystals are but 4 of the processes of life that display chiral asymmetry.

Now remember Hamlet’s Mill suggests the messages of the past, the present and the future can be found in the stars, the heavens above.
The structure of life has been encoded in myth, in scripture, in symbols, and within each of us.
For a moment allow me to use the analogy where I compare the ‘macro-earth’ to a ‘micro-cell’.
We know without a doubt that the ‘micro-cell’ comes equipped with DNA, a blueprint, a set of instructions with which to construct or create life.
What if the ‘macro-earth’ also came equipped with a blueprint, a specific set of instructions with which to construct or manifest a Creation of some kind?

What if this blueprint of the Creation can be found in myth, scripture, folklore, symbols and science?

Looking into the night sky around 4000 BC we would have found the Pole Star Thuban which is situated in Draco between the Big and the Little.

Both the Big and the Little rotated around this Pole Star.

And IMHO, I believe The Big and the Little Dippers are referring to the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.
Together these Three Constellations formed a Trinity measuring Time.
And in the Tarot, on Cards 14 and 17 we see a reference to these two northern cups / chalices / cauldrons / grail, and all are containers capable of holding the ‘waters’, the two cups or dippers pouring forth into each other as they rotate around Thuban.
The Big Dipper into the Little Dipper and then back into the Big Dipper completing a cycle, depending on whether the Wheel or Great Cycle of Time is ascending or descending…starting to sound like astrology.

Now it is not a coincidence that we find the Dragon Draco with its fourteen main stars situated in the middle between the Big Dipper with 7 stars and the Little Dipper which also has 7 stars.
Draco has been called the Guardian of the Apples of the Hespirades … the apples which grow on the axial tree.

So the Dragon is situated between the Big and Small on an axis?

Imagine someone sitting in the tetrahedron shaped lotus position.
And imagine this axis between big and small runs through our axial spine or axis.
Thus a simple analogy would be that the Dragon represents and is positioned at the 4th Chakra.
And this 4th chakra is situated between the Macrocosmic Relative Visible Reality (the lower impulses) and the Microcosmic Quantum invisible truth that we never see, guiding our higher ideals.

In Peru this analogy is seen in the totem displaying the ‘lower’ natured serpent (with its belly to the ground, its heart in contact with the earth) coming into conflict with the ‘high’ flying condor and meeting in the middle at the 4th chakra they combine to become the power of the Puma.

But the bird of prey intersecting with the serpent or snake becomes even more profound when you realize these two highly ritualized and symbolized creatures appearing in all cultures (maybe not the Inuit) become a powerful flying serpent or DRAGON when colliding in the middle, at the 4th chakra.

Snake + Bird = Flying Serpent = Dragon

Finally my comparative studies have me believing that the bird of prey and the snake / serpent represent the two ways we have observed the way light travels, the bird is the particle* and the snake is of course the wave.

* …however the particle is now also seen as a ‘wave’.

This NEW (since the 90’s) 2 wave theory is now being referred to as WSM.
You can google it.

On both the Macrocosmic / Big level and the Microcosmic / Small level, exists both visible and invisible wave intersections that define reality.

And the most accurate keepers of TIME throughout mankind’s history have used the orbits of both the Macrocosmic Big SUN (a 26000 year orbit,. who lives that long to observe such a cycle?), in conjunction with the much smaller MOON which has a much, much shorter cycle (about 29 days), that each and every Microcosmic Man can follow.

Quite simply that is why the ancients built many megalithic structures out of stone, to calculate the much longer cycle of the SUN>
The ancient temples were built with the intent to withstand the ravages of TIME. TIME is a process of matter decay, the eventual releasing of all bonds, a proverbial ‘letting go’, death being the final spokesperson, courtesy of the abomination, our Earthly Mother Nature.

So the ancient structures were often constructed to assist in the calculation of the equinoxes and solstices.
And once you have gathered this information, both ancient or modern man can now calculate the SUN’s journey through the Galaxy called the ecliptic.
And finally you realize that the EARTH is attached by a 93 million mile leash to the SUN, a leash that is getter shorter, each and every moment as the earth’s orbit is collapsing and being drawn inward toward the Sun that one day is scheduled to consume us… and it would serve us well, spiritually, as we take that walk through the park to acknowledge that we have indeed visited that park before.

Is not how the stars, the heaven above that embraces us, is not how it relates to our terrestrial world not the poetry and art and architecture of a Creator, a Creator whose goal is to awaken a higher compassion within each and every person, woman, man or child?

Wow from what I can now perceive in my altered state, of the new world order on the horizon, the VISTA I now enjoy, I am in AWE in how the Creator has woven the creation together. The integrity and interconnectedness of design. Every detail attended to.
But please understand I am not referring to Bill Gates as Creator and his VISTA as a world view or operating system we should embrace, though the man is trying to get us ALL to believe in him and his VISTA.

Humbled yet inspired I have become.
Bill Gates is inspired yes…(his inspirations are lusts for money and power and ego and greed), he shares not the humble aspirations of a Gandhi.
Here we have two men, both capable of uniting the world through their ‘beliefs’.
The eastern Gandhi suggesting you go inward. Gandhi sought little material wealth.
The western Gates reveals himself as a modern day Prophet with a vision. Profits.
But his view of the world, perched atop all other mortals, courtesy of the WINDOWS he built into his Empire of the Sun, is flawed. Bill Gates, if you observe him closely, his actions speak louder than his words.
I believe him to be a modern snake oil salesman. His two bit routine is a byte worse than his bark, all actions only meant to help him build his Ark.
The only pair necessary for this ship of fools … destined to sink … are the couple known as binary code. Bill Gates ARK is comprised of a 1 (one) and a 0 (zero).
An ARK he constructed to give HIM the best VISTA.
Bill Gates’ actions, his ‘bits and bytes’ virtual reality have resonated much louder in the western material world, than Gandhi’s eastern inspired words, which correctly encouraged us to go inward to find balance in a chaotic world, a chaotic world that Bill Gates only contributes to and profits from…

And what does the G stand for on the Masonic symbol we often see placed between the Compass and the Square?
Gandhi, Gates, God or Geometry?
They ALL represent the same underlying structure of the Creation.
The Compass refers to the ‘perfect circle’ and movement.
The Square is essential in helping build empires.
Both would assist in calculating the ecliptic.

And how is TIME measured best?
The best timekeepers used both orbits, of the SUN and the MOON.
And the ancient ART of YOGA confirms this.
There are many different Yoga methods.
Hatha Yoga is the original from of yoga.

The main purpose of Hatha Yoga is that it attempts to help you align your body properly, through proper breathing and pose, to help the energy flow through the chakras.
Is it a coincidence this ancient ART of aligning mind, body and soul is connected to the movement of the Sun and the Moon?
Pronounced HAT-ha YOH-gah.

Ha means ‘SUN’ and tha means ‘MOON’.

Yes the ancients were implying a combination of these two forces be balanced in our bodies, can I suggest by analogy, that our solar system also relies on this balance to be maintained.
So on a microcosmic level the ancient Hindu scribes were suggesting our TIME on earth, is best managed by acknowledging this relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

And the Creator also gave us the sounds, which are the essential vibrations, which was the basis for the Oral Traditions.
It is vital to understand that it has been proved that harmonic distortion and shape are connected.
Oral traditions were based on sounds we would utter and mutter to help us tune into the grand artistry of the grand architect who is revealed rather profoundly in scripture.
My father who ART in heaven …
hahaha … have a sense of humor, ancient Jewish scribes suggested comedy is divine (true)…this helps explain why so many Jews attempt stand-up comedy … to observe your glass as half full and not half empty is the goal here.
Yes through the ARTS we can connect to the transcendent.
It is no coincidence that the ancient Sanskrit scriptures spoke of the 64 Healing Arts. 64 codons representing the 64 healing arts? … the 4 principal building blocks of our dna, A, C, G, and T combine to make only 64 principal codons used in our dna.
These 64 combinations form the code for our dna.
There are only a maximum of 64 different combinations to choose from?
Yup another coincidence.

Can I suggest as the work of Hamlet’s Mill suggests, that we embrace myth in a balance with math (thus duly representing the left brain and right brain respectively) and the barrier between the two hemispheres at conflict with each other then comes tumbling down.
And then you begin to vibrate when the two hemispheres, the masculine principle merging with the feminine principle come together.
Of course you would ‘vibrate’.
The vibration is a byproduct of fusing, blending the 2 back into 1.
2012 is the event, it is a porthole (where we ALL experience zero gravity) where the 2 frequencies become 1.

What 2 frequencies.
The 2 frequencies we find at the extremes of the electro-magnetic spectrum.
Black and White light.

The mystic Itzhak Bentov saw the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as intersections of wave patterns representing the white light…

The black light and its accompying waves are simply the ‘shapes’ of the wave interference patterns we would find in the 52 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.

Uncommon sense plus a little logic suggests a pattern.
Languages written down >>>>>> came long after languages spoken.
Letters reflect the sound.
Letters are the shape of the sound.

Words are formed using vowels and consonants.

White light interference patterns stress consonants, as in the Hebrew language. And by no coincidence we find black light language hidden in the use of vowels, as in the root languages, like Sanskrit.
And which came first?

What if this means, as we head toward that particular moment in TIME (specifically Dec. 21, 2012), we have a date with destiny, and these two different frequencies / beliefs dividing east and west, the two dominant ORAL traditions, one based on vowels and the other on consonants have a date.

The WORD long ago divided into ‘eastern’ vowels and ‘western’ consonants’ will be merged and heard by ALL…I can even suggest what it may sound like.

If AUM is said to represent the expansion process, the ‘birthing’ sound of coming into being, then the contraction process would be the reverse sound. AUM is read left to right, but read right to left however and it would sound something like MUA or Mu’a.
And Mu’a is associated with a lost city in the Pacific…predating Judaism and Christianity and Islam.

Remember when two waveforms meet, when one is cresting / peaking / at its high point and one is in the trough / in the dumps / at its lowest point, they cancel each other out…

What if there are two methods of achieving this canceling out?
The first is obvious.
Nuclear War.

Could love and compassion between east and west, meeting in the middle be the other choice we have?

But in the noise and the haste of the western mind … will the message be lost?
Will the OPPORTUNITY that 2012 presents be drowned out, or will the hills come alive with the sound of a music that allows a collective humanity to move mountains?



Del would you like me to show you how everything I just wrote in the post above is connected to the swastika?
Pardon me, I meant to say how everything is connected to The KEY to Universal Movement?

Very easily done, so easily in fact the revelation would make your head spin.
Which way though?
Counter clockwise or Clockwise?

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


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  1. thanks for the info on space ;sounds-spiritual things I like to read about-mayans + hatha yoga’would love to know more info of your insight in all these areas.great reading .thanks allen mount-kentucky

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