The MOON and the Seeds of Life

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
Took awhile to get this image to post right.This is an image of a list of observed comets and recorded by Chinese Astronomers and dated at 400 B.C.E.

This is a great image worth exploring further.
However the swastika is much older than 400 BCE.

Let me share with you a little more of how I arrive at my insights.
This is a simple technique really, and I believe I must be the first to employ this method.
I suspect others will.

Take any two cultures colliding or perhaps even just two people meeting on a path, each entitled to their own journey.
You ask me where I am ‘from’?

I draw a circle in the sand…place the 4 directions on the perimeter of this circle and relative to the rising Sun … I can perhaps show you from whence I came.
Every culture that has attempted to communicate has a mandala of some sort.
A mandala, among many things, can be a circular representation of a culture’s history.
And on this mandala or ‘wheel’ we place the 4 cardinal directions, gods, colors, animals, mountains and even rivers, as an example were the 4 Rivers emanating from the center of the Garden of Eden.
The Indian Medicine Wheel is a prime example where the 4 colors used, black, white, red and yellow are said to represent the 4 races of humanity, and on this wheel each color represents also a direction, east, north, west and south. And each medicine wheel or cultural mandala would be fine tuned using the local fauna and flora.
We would not expect to see mythological ‘Puma Power’ used by the Inca appearing on an Tibetan Mandala?

Nor would we expect to see scorpions in a northern climate.
This is why it has been suggested, that as ‘Christianity’ forged outward in all directions from Rome, leaving the Mediterranean basin it became necessary to change the scorpion used to represent the astrological sign of Scorpio to an eagle.
We see this swap most profoundly on Card X (10) of the Tarot.

Then to compare two different cultures you simply place these mandalas over each other like overhead transparencies and here is where the lessons begin for the initiate.
Many, many questions arise to understand the similarities and many, many insights arrive in noticing the ‘differences’.

Apparently cultures collide in one of two ways…

1/ By migration or voluntarily moving from point A to point B.
2/ By cataclysm as in a global deluge, being ‘blended’ together through an involuntarily process.

But both processes are necessary for the Earth to evolve.
I feel the Earth, and our bodies (which are temples), and by analogy also the Solar System and the Universe are ALL ‘alchemic vessels’, and these vessels hold the matter entities that are transmuting or evolving.
The vessels shaped like a perfect circle or even a cosmic egg (ellipse) are the forges, where the transmutations take place. And forges use fire.
And this is a process involving heating and cooling.
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics suggests the Pie baked by the Creator is now ‘cooling’ off.
What kind of Pi / Pie did the Creator bake?
Humble Pi.

My research shows that past cataclysms have actually caused the earths crust to rotate around it’s core or mantle.

The thin outer layer of the Earth’s surface, averaging about 10 kilometers thick under the oceans and up to about 50 kilometers thick on the continents. This is the only layer of the Earth that humans have actually seen.

The crust is the very, very thin membrane of the earth 6 billion people precariously float about on. As the quote above suggests we have ‘seen’ more of deep space using our telescopes than what is actually below our feet … our roots.
We are a titanic ship of fools floating on a sea of molten lava with no apparent destination.
The crust was long ago broken up, the evidence are the tectonic plates.
And ‘every now and then’, a massive geological shift occurs, the crust slips / slides / and or rotates around the core / mantle, with the result that East becomes South and West becomes North.

By the way this HAS happened in the PAST.
And it will happen again.
The WESTern coast of Canada was at one time the SOUTHern coast of Canada.
There exists an ice free corridor between the Canadian Cordilleran Ice Sheet and the Laurentide Ice Sheet. This ice free corridor suggests the sun’s daily travel was oriented differently relative to the earth.

Either the earth’s crust was positioned differently relative to the Sun …or at one time in our geological past the Sun rose in the southeast and set in the northwest …
So which is it?

If we are to know the FUTURE we cannot ignore PAST events.
Can we?

Right now, we are living the PRESENT with Eyes Wide Shut.
We also quickly poo-poo, dismiss and ridicule those that suggest the Judeao / Christian HIStory as we know it is in fact a sham.
As it sooooooo obviously is.
Trying to place mythical Moses as a King or Pharaoh in Egypt.
Twisting and manipulating history to match their version of HIStory.

Of course a fallen man would ignore something his science cannot explain, anomalies his blind faith openly accepts and will not allow him the time to explore other truths that lie right before him, in plain view.

The square and the circle.
These flat 2 dimensional shapes represent the 3D cube and the sphere.

Squaring the Circle seems to be a big deal since antiquity.

The number 4 is said to represent the square.
The number 5 is said to represent the circle.
The Nazca Monkey geogylph in Peru which predates Judeao Christian iconography and ‘Bible’ story telling, has 5 fingers on its left hand and 4 fingers on its right hand.
4 + 5 = 9
Many, many indigenous cultures saw the Creation as having 9 levels, and in fact if you investigate ‘unity’ closely through comparative and analogy, you will find symbolism regarding 9 in many ‘western’ beliefs also.

But what I find most interesting is this…and again I suggest I am the only one going in this direction.
I am alone at this time, all alone out in left field it seems.
But I suggest I am alone not because my ideas lack merit but in fact because I am the leader forging this new path or understanding.

The path I see ahead is a new awareness, a cheery chiral path of molecular quantum awareness.
Leading to a more profound understanding of the macrocosmic and microcosmic interrelationships.

My research shows that ‘Circular or Round’ structures appear in mostly Northern geographical locations.
An extreme northern example would be the domed igloo (a domed and rounded structure but made from square or rectangular blocks or cubes of ice) and we also note that the Crop Circles are appearing predominately in an area close to ‘circular’ shaped Stonehenge and Woodhenge.

And I also concluded the square foundations for many structures, as in pyramids, arose in the southern geographical locations.

A theology or a belief system that has found a balance between the southern cultures that lay the square foundations and the northern cultures that capped these structures with domed or circular orbs similar Muslim and Greek Architecture can be found in Africa and we need not look further than the ancient Dogon Tribes of Mali.
Living much as they have for thousands of years, are these the people that pose a threat to the Earth’s ecosystem?
It is the energy consumptive western consciousness that has at the core of its belief system a fellow called YHWH, GOD or ALLAH.
Yes it is the descendants of Abraham who became the Judeao / Christian / Islamic colonialists who spread their seeds to the 4 corners of the Creation and have brought the collective to the brink of environmental collapse.
And the ‘savage’ long ago saved by the Christian indeed will have the last laugh.

Crop circles are also giving us clues without a doubt to a Universal Structure.
We must pay attention. Classroom called the earth is in session. These fields where the crops circles appear are the fields we are to use to help build our dreams.
The fields themselves replace the slate blackboard representing Public misEducation.
And the skeptics continue to make jest of these precise geometric shapes appearing magically, and in turn we ignore the lessons these crops are subtly providing.
It does seem as a collective, we are only interested in the crops as a cash crop and not as messengers.
Who listens to plants?
Shamans do.

What can we the animals learn from a plant, eh?
Monsanto knows the value of the seed.
Seeds represent the seeds of life.
Who among the THEY know the value of a seed?

In Iraq one of the first terms of occupation was a law imposed by the US government, a law the THEY felt necessary to leave in their wake before leaving control to a puppet government…why do I say the government installed is a puppet government?

Because of the law the US imposed and that Iraq accepted, and this law speaks volumes of the direction of the world, and ultimately of those who seek ultimate control of the Creation.

Here is the draconian law imposed by Big Brother.

The Iraqi farmer must now buy their seeds for their crops from the THEY.
I ponder must Canadians and Americans also succumb to this Bullshit?
Eventually yes.
Most canola oil we buy today is genetically modified.

What is another way of looking at GM foods?
God and Man working together?

What is Big Brother?
It is where a self-serving Church and self-serving State merge and thus morph into an unaccountable force to be reckoned with known as The Power and the Glory.
The capitalist conclusion I have arrived at is that the Iraqi farmer can no longer use the seeds handed down to him through the generations…because the Prophets seek the profits.

And Monsanto presents itself as one of the representatives of the mythical THEY that we always hear about who are only concerned about whether they write their profit statements using black not red ink.
Who created THEY?
WE did.
But it is Time to take the THEY apart.
After all it is we that put and keep them there.

It has become at the Microcosmic level a battle for SEEDS.
The smallest particle of structure that man has taken possession of.
The smallest particle where we can control it’s direction and actually create matter out of potential energy.
Out of an acorn the massive oak tree manifests.

Seeds represent the fundamental structure we know as the ‘seed of life’.

The Seed of Life is a PERFECT STRUCTURE known as 6 spheres fitting around a 7th sphere at the center, all spheres are the same size and all fit perfectly into another sphere larger 8th sphere.

Kabbalists refer to this intrinsically as the Merkaba or the Magen David or the Star of David.
The Hindu have used this shape, the hexagram, long before Judaism adopted it in the middle ages.
The Hindu scriptures and the use of this geometric crystalline shape predates the adoption of this symbol by modern Judaism by thousands of years.

This theft of a symbol by Judaism is similar to the birth of the New Moon, a HUGE event used by the ancient Jewish scribes to estimate accurate TIME.
Yes it is true the ancient Jewish scribes were in possession of this vital information to calculate accurate time but history shows the Jews themselves were not known to study the heavens with the same zeal as the Mayans and Sumerians who also had a very accurate method of tracking time using the MOON.

Can I suggest the Jews stole this info from the Pagans, who it has been shown built megalithic structures in order to calculate solstices and equinoxes.
This info was then used to calculate eclipses.
This info was then used to calculate the ecliptic or the Sun’s orbit. (an unknown quantity called X)

This info was then used to calculate X which helps in calculating future events as in calculating a Biblical Prophecy.
I.e. Prophecy is simply the calculation of a future event based on pattern recognition over a long term cycle.

It takes nearly 26,000 years to complete the Sun’s journey through the 12 houses of the horoscope and it is an invisible path.
And the Lunar cycle…or the orbit of the Moon is quite visible and easily calculated in one’s own lifetime. It takes about 29 days.
So it became necessary to build the ‘Stonehenges’ to measure the Sun’s orbit and at the same time, leave a marker pointing to a FUTURE event.
Like good parents would…pointing us in the right direction…

Why did the Jews steal this info of measuring the orbit of the Sun from the Pagans?
It was necessary, it was info to be used for their best seller … called the Torah.
And eventually this info became the same archetypes we find in the Tarot.

The Tarot has long been connected to the Torah.
That is why in the Kabbalah you study both the Tarot and the Torah.

Then the Christians stole TIME itself by dismissing the influence of the lunar or moon cycles (feminine or negative principle) and going strictly with the solar or sun cycle (masculine or positive principle).

HIStory essentially documents Space, Time and Movement or Motion.
And when all the ice eventually melts … All will be revealed.

In the polar regions the ice continues to melt.  It is happening much faster now than anticipated.
In the Antarctic symbolizing the south pole (exit point of electro-magnetic field) and antipodal to her, in Greenland, the representive of the north pole (re-entry point for EM field) much will be revealed.

It is time for a little HERstory to be revealed.
I can hardly wait.
My soul in fact cries out for the TRUTH to be revealed.
Such lunacy and all about the birth of a New Moon.


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


One thought on “The MOON and the Seeds of Life

  1. [The crust was long ago broken up, the evidence are the tectonic plates.
    And ‘every now and then’, a massive geological shift occurs, the crust slips / slides / and or rotates around the core / mantle, with the result that East becomes South and West becomes North.

    By the way this HAS happened in the PAST.
    And it will happen again. The WESTern coast of Canada was at one time the SOUTHern coast of Canada. There exists an ice free corridor between the Canadian Cordilleran Ice Sheet and the Laurentide Ice Sheet. This ice free corridor suggests the sun’s daily travel was oriented differently relative to the earth.]

    This may just be a typo here…

    If the Western coast of Canada was at one time South, wouldn’t that imply that the EAST used to be the North? Instead of the other way around you have mention from the first paragraph?

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