Pirates of Silicon VATICAN steal the MOON and TIME (the Holy Grail)

What I found interesting is the history of this graph.


The hypotenuse diagram in the Zhou bi suan jing
The rule for computing the hypotenuse of a right triangle was well known in ancient China. It is used in the Zhou bi suan jing, a work on astronomy and mathematics compiled during the Han period, and in the later important mathematical work Jiu zhang suan shu [Nine Chapters] to solve right triangles.The Zhou bi includes a very interesting diagram known as the “hypotenuse diagram.” xian tu This diagram may not have been in the original text but added by its primary commentator Zhao Shuang sometime in the third century C.E. A particular case of this proposition is illustrated by this diagram, namely, the 3-4-5 right triangle.Place four 3 by 4 rectangles around a 1 by 1 square. A 7 by 7 square results. The four diagonals of the rectangles bound a tilted square as illustrated. The area of tilted square is 49 minus 4 times 6 (the 6 is the area of one right triangle with legs 3 and 4), which is 25. Therefore the tilted square is 5 by 5, and the diagonal of the original 3 by 4 rectangles is 5.Zhao Shuang referred to the hypotenuse figure in a general way. He described all the ways the sides, the hypotenuse, and their squares can be found in terms of each other.The Zhou bi has recently been translated into English with an excellent commentary. See Astronomy and mathematics in ancient China: the Zhou bi suan jing, by Christopher Cullin, Cambridge University Press, 1996.

What I am suggesting is similar to the accrued western knowledge of the Precession of the Equinoxes (which BTW is built into the Great Pyramid’s geometry) is lagging behind Pagan and Eastern Astronomy and Astrology practices … so perhaps was the math in a very very big way.

History without a doubt is written by the victorious.
It now resembles only HIStory.
Buried under the ruse is something called HERstory.

And all the discoveries we give our western ancestors and scholars credit for was perhaps plagiarized.
Today we would call this copying an infringement of intellectual property rights.
Can I suggest Lawyers and this concept of protecting those who steal knowledge belonging to ALL represent in analogy … the mythical fall of mankind?
Yes my next dive buddy as we descend back into the primordial pond, found lurking in the darkest depths of the abyss, found happily loitering about the scum, will be a lawyer.

Borrowed or stolen knowledge and then taking the credit is a crime against ALL humanity.

Just ask Bill Gates and Steve Jobs how the system works.
These are the modern day Pirates of the Pacific Coast OR The Pirates of Silicon Valley. (Watch the film)
Much of the foundations of their empire was based on stolen info.
Stolen from Xerox and other companies … these thefts occurred of course before Microsoft came out with their lengthy ironclad agreements…(that nobody ever reads).

Also ask the Vatican what treasures are contained within their catacombs?
Treasures stolen.
Actually the biggest theft in history in my eyes was the apprehending of TIME itself by the Vatican.
This theft has been cleverly disguised, not unlike the switch that takes place at the beginning of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones swaps a sack of sand for a priceless artifact sitting on an altar that is sensitive to weight … like the swap by Jones … the swapping of calendars by the Church was either a hasty estimation or a conspiracy to alter TIME.

The Holy Grail is TIME itself.
Want more proof?
Need further proof?
I am working on it.
The conspiracy simply put was to eliminate the Moon’s influence in people’s lives, because the Moon long used by Astrologers to FORETELL the future…was a threat, especially after arriving in the New World and encountering the SUPERIOR culture of the Maya that still used the Moon to tell TIME and FORETELL the future, similar to their long time nemesis from Genesis … the Hebrews, the Jews.

Yes it is that simple.
And getting to the Moon is a metaphor for the Christian consciousness, its way of having a peek into the dark side of the moon, a peek into the unconsciousness…and at the same time reconciling with the Lunar Goddess long deposed by the Patriarchal Temple Priests.
Yikes Shocked

Intellectual property rights enshrines and makes wealthy a few, those first out of the Gates, (those who get a head start, often themselves using theft, and then these ego manics throw tacks and tacky agreements in their wake to befuddle those who attempt to follow the Greek God found within …) , so to speak it is those with a stomach for business as usual …and in my eyes, these Greek Gods tenuously clinging to a concept called ‘intellectual property rights’ is a sham. Who can possibly possess and profit from universal knowledge that belongs to everybody?

The false Prophets are easy to recognize in the 21st century.  They seek primarily the profits, indemnifying themselves first and enslaving others as a result.

I read something recently that had been written about 800 years ago, written by the mystic and abbess Hildegard of Bingen.
She equated God with compassion, even before love.
She suggested making compassion the first condition of your work.

And combined with the wisdom of Confucius, he suggested you find a job that you love and it will be the last day you ever work in your life.

Thus find your purpose and do it with compassion.

If you make compassion a priority in all you do, if it becomes part of your purpose, in a hellish world you are then well equipped to help bring about a balance, you contribute to manifesting a heaven here on earth.

And if the ethereal Akashic records are the source of all knowledge … what is stored there should be really, truth be known, because such a long time has passed, all ancient knowledge should be considered public domain.

And that my friend is why I post my epiphany online, on forums for free.
Rolling Eyes
Sometimes people fail to recognize a true gift.

The next epoch will dismantle these false empires built by the false Prophets who only seek profits.

Compassion emanating from a higher source eventually wipes the slate clean anyway.
Rolling Eyes




2 thoughts on “Pirates of Silicon VATICAN steal the MOON and TIME (the Holy Grail)

  1. Great article! What I often wonder is, how do we not know what is ahead of us? I am sure there are some cultures that have an understanding of our universe and precession to accurately predict certain astronomical events. I am sure some bright young astronomer has tracked precession accurately with his computer, why hasn’t he/she come to any startling conclusions? 99.9% of us are stuck in a linear time frame, however, there is always that one black sheep (.1%) that steps back and proclaims, “time is not linear”, it can’t be unless we travel in a straight path, or a circular/elliptical path that never changes it’s radius.

  2. GW what I ‘see’ when a line and a circle cross paths is a spiral.

    Does the radius change in a spiral?

    Seeking balance I realized neither western linear theosophy nor eastern mysticism seen as ‘purely’ cyclical was correct.

    A spiral can be seen as ascending or descending,and the flow inward or outward would be determined by whether it rotates clockwise or counter clockwise.

    And these two movements of direction were at one time referred to as the KEY to Universal Movement.

    But that was back in 1920, before the swastika was misused by the Nazis.


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