KEY 528…Is the Great Pyramid 70,000 years old?

Let us stay on the topic of the CUBE at this TIME.

So we are told (in the west) that the discovery of the precession of the equinoxes is generally attributed to the ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus (ca. 150 B.C.), though the difference between the sidereal and tropical years was known to Aristarchus of Samos much earlier (ca. 280 B.C.).

Both appear to be hysterical and HIStorical anomalies in light of the following info I found recently.
And I do ponder sometimes how many other self-serving WMD, Words of Mass Deception, the ‘THEY’ have employed through the ages, these secret men’s societies? Shocked

Knowledge of the Precession of the Equinoxes is as least as old as the Great Pyramid itself as the following info seems to prove.

Now the greater mystery is … how old is the Great Pyramid?
I have seen estimates from about 5000 to 70,000 years old.

I will give you the mathematical PROOF
the Height and Base measurement of the GREAT
PYRAMID does equal 720 Royal Cubits, or 1/36 or Precession,
See IES Edwards for these measurements. Penguin 1993 revised paperback edition.Page 246 Royal Cubit = 20.62 inches
Page 99 Base of GP = avg 755.8 feet
Page 100 height of GP = 481.4 feet


Base = 755.8 x 12 = 9069.6 / 20.62 = 439.84 Royal Cubits BASE
Height = 481.4 x 12 = 5776.8 / 20.62 280.16 Royal Cubits HEIGHT

439.84 + 280.16 = 720.00 ROYAL CUBITS

Precession = 25,920 see Hancock’s Message of the sphinx Page 204.

25920 / 720 = 36

using one of the oldest and most respected books on pyramidology, 720 ROYAL CUBITS is the PERFECT BASE AND HEIGHT measurement of the GREAT PYRAMID and that it is EXACTLY 1 Dekan or 1/36th of Precession to the EXACT measurement!

Oh, ancient HINDU myth says the age of BRAHAM the GOD of CREATION used his throne the EARTH or CUBE and his AGE of 100 years to measure the earth and heavens.

Hermes had 36,525 books of GODS WISDOM to measure the EARTH or CUBE that the pythagoreans WORSHIPED.

100 years equals 36,525 rotations of the EARTH. Cube is 6 sides, 8 corners 12 lines of dimension. or 6812. and 36525 x .6812 = 24881 the PERFECT AVG circumference of the EARTH!!!

24860 Poles
24902 Equator

These myths were SCIENCE of ancient cultures that understood TIME and THE BATTLE between LIGHT AND DARK or the CUBE and OCTAHEDRON.

And if the Pyramid is a marker of TIME that we call the Precession of the Equinoxes, what other symbols would the creative genius of mankind manifest to express this most profound galactic alignment taking place in the heavens that reign down upon us with their starry influences?

Yes marking a particular moment in TIME, a starting point on the wheel of life were the 4 pillars marking the boundaries of a foundation of creation.
All cultures had 4 something positioned in the corners, as pillars that held up the heavens, and they were referred to as the 4 Royal Stars by Arabic Astrologers/Astronomers.
This was but one manifestation of this ‘particular’ galactic alignment that took place about 70,000 years ago.

Here is a site that suggests such an alignment took place.

In our day, it seems hardly possible to regard these four stars as the cardinal ones, which are supposed to hold the four corners of the heaven. Because, neither the true angular distances nor the separations on the ecliptic plane are verifying this assumption. Especially, the position of Regulus is quite astray than the expected point. The next one, which does not fit to the combination is Fomalhaut. Here we have a shifted Regulus-Fomalhaut axis, preventing us to believe in the cardinality of these stars. It seems that there is a trace of dispersion with the present fringe of the combination.But, before jumping into conclusions, it may be wise to consider the wanted configuration some time out of our era. Because, during long intervals of time, the positions of the stars are changing, due to secular movements. And the components of the shifted axis are the most fast moving objects among these four.

If we just take a glance at the total proper motions of these stars, the sequence may give some idea to us: Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ in one thousand years. When we compare the angular distances with the directions of these motions, a rough estimation gives a clue about the possibility of a more fitting configuration, not today but some 70,000 years ago!

And to quote Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Mason and the author of one of the greatest books on the esoteric “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”

…In the light of the secret philosophy of the Egyptian intitates, W. W. Harmon, by a series of extremely complicated yet exact mathematical calculations, determines that the first ceremonial of the Pyramid was performed 68,890 years ago on the occassion when the star Vega for the first time sent its ray down the descending passage into the pit. The actual building of the pyramid was accomplished in the period from ten to fifteen years immediately preceding this date.

Yes please note that Vega at one time was the northern pole star and will be again in the future.
Right now it is Polaris and previous to Polaris it was Thuban which is in the constellation Draco.
(Draco the Dragon … has everything to do with northern Celt/Druid Arthurian legends that sprang up at this time…no coincidences here)

I am getting very very close to the buried treasure that lay beneath the Pyramid …or is it a Cube?
Hmm, is half the Pyramid buried beneath the sands of time…

No coincidence that sand is rock ‘made round’ … through time.
No coincidence God is referred to as the Rock.
Not a coincidence that the hardest substance known to man is a diamond … but as it works it way to the surface it becomes one of the softest known to man … graphite.

Life is like that.
We are ALL chips off the ole’ block…
FRACTALS actually.

And the symbol that represents that FRACTAL of TIME best is IMHO … the swastika …

“These myths were SCIENCE of ancient cultures that understood TIME and THE BATTLE between LIGHT AND DARK or the CUBE and OCTAHEDRON.”

ONE swastiKA = 4 pointed star or square OR a 2Dimensional CUBE drawn on flat surface.
Then twist or rotate another swastika till the square looks like a diamond and place on top of square.
TWO swastiKA = 8 pointed star or octahedron OR 2D OCTAHEDRON drawn on flat surface.


So we are square heads…diamonds in the rough.
Needing to work our way to the surface…but we must pass through the bowels of the earth to evolve.
On each level of the ‘creation’ it is about alchemy.
Eh Carl?
Alchemy holds the secrets…to helping the individual find their inner gold….

Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ = Christian 4 Gospels

Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ = Persian 4 Royal Stars

Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ = Judaism Tetragrammaton

Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ = Tarot Card X

Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ = Solfeggio Frequency 528

Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ = Music of the Spheres

Fomalhaut 371″, Regulus 249″, Aldebaran 198″, and Antares 24″ = Epoch altering event ‘2012’



And these 4 Royal Stars positions can also be found on this piece of antiquity…which can be placed over the symbols below…and thus a truth extracted …

Take a look at the 4 pairs of people on the Dendera Zodiac.
They match up quite nicely with the 4 pairs of SS, that we can find on the Peruvian Mandala, which I found in a Catholic Monastery.

And before and during the Dark Age, SS had two distinct meanings…

SS = Sanctus Spiritus or the Holy Spirit which in antiquity was associated with the Holy Spirit…note the green in the Peruvian mandala.

Ss = Big / Macrocosmic S called St. Peter and small microcosmic s known as St. Paul.
true true true…

Here ya go Adolf tell the brown shirts to put this bandanna on their left arms and TALLIT like it is to those Jews…
Understand your roaming Roman NAZI Imperial Army will have the divine aSSistance of St. Peter and St. Paul aSSisting them in their sworn duties to rid the Earth of our nemeSiS from GeneSIS.





And we all know that 4 points (square) + 4 (diamond) = 8 pointed Star of Venus




SwastiKA = Bab-Ilu = Gate of God = Fractal representing ‘Reversals’

But how would such reversals occur, in an Electro-magnetic Field of dreams and nightmares called Earth?
Maybe the NazCA Lines in Peru provide a clue to saving all of YOU?

NazCA Mandala
On the left is the MOST revered Buddhist Mandala called the Sri Yantra containing 43 triangles.
Beside it is the Lorentz Attractor.
Never herd of it?
The consuming ‘symbol illiterate herd of sheeple people‘ know it by a more common name…the Butterfly Effect.

It can be represented by the 2 wings or 2 waves that are necessary for Electro-magnetism.
One wave is called Transverse and the other is called Longitudinal.
This also helps clear up the confusion as to why Aquarius the Water Bearer is considered an AIR sign.
Electro-magnetic waves travel and behave very much like waves in water…only they are invisible.



The Age of Aquarius represents two most important things.
It is in fact the Age we are entering (leaving the Age of Pisces) and … in connection to the 4 Royal Stars = 4 Evangelists (we see above reading the Gospel attributed to them), it thus represents the 4th number not appearing as part of the Solfeggio healing code 528.
KEY 528 is the frequency called Mi.
Understand THEY are in the process of scripting a new myth with which to exploit the sheeple people…
Aquarius is the 11th house that we see on Card X, which no surprise to me/mi helps us solve the eternal game of trying to find the buried treasure.
We all have a map inside folks.


Now the question begs … what do Reversals of Fortune, Butterflies and 8-pointed Stars of Venus have in common?
Greek Butterfly is called the Goddess Pysche connected to the Soul
Egyptian Butterfly is connected to OSiriS and is connected to his resurrection…(resurerection?)
Maya Butterfly is called the Galactic Buttterfly and is connected to resurrection…
Finns believed vegetables had butterfly souls…
Kwakiutl of Northwest N. America depicted the soul as a butterfly…
Slavs suggested the soul could leave the body in many winged creatures, including the butterfly…

BUGS in the system…


Ask the fella who built the Coral CAstle … a 20th Century shrine built using Ancient Chinese secrets that the Egyptians were aware of too.

The way to overcome the force of gravity, to move mountains, or bring down the walls of Jericho, is by somehow manipulating the Electro-magnetism that surrounds and embraces the earth 24/7/365.24

I wonder what else the Solfeggio frequencies are capable of?
DNA = KEY 528 = Swastika = LuX Precession of Equinoxes = Platonic Year =Mi frequency which heals DNA = ?

2bee continewed
info arrives daily…



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.

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