AUM, Crop or Cropped Circles, Carbon 12 and the SWASTIKA

Another of life’s mysteries.

The origin of the crop circles.

I figure the list can be reduced to 3 suspects.

1/ Aliens not yet seen, but suspected
2/ Nature / ‘Godlike’ unseen forces, always a suspect
3/ People never seen, always blamed or taking credit

And the arenas or areas of influence can also be reduced to 3 potential Command Centers.

1/ commands coming from ABOVE the surface of the Earth
2/ commands coming from ON the Surface of the Earth
3/ commands coming from BELOW the surface of the Earth

Now place the usual suspects into the various arenas of influence giving commands.

My feelings, though I did see a very ‘short fuzzy UFO video’, of a UFO hovering over a field, implying a role in the making of a crop circle’, I feel the crops are taking their ‘commands’, primarily via the ‘connective roots’ and the medium of travel is the earth, and the Command Center lay deep within the unseen, from a place our probes have not penetrated.

Remember Tesla also believed that transmitting information carrying waves through the earth was preferable to how we have structured our communications systems today.

Fact is, we have seen more of Deep Space, than we have the interior of the Earth or the bottoms of our Oceans.

Another fact is, as Shu mentioned is that the stalks are never broken (in authentic crop circles) and the plants’ stalks later resume their ‘erectness’, never having suffered any trauma. (unless the pilgrims, the tourists, the people walk on them, or do they recover too?)

Sounds like they (the crops), may be taking their commands from a higher source, but in an upside down world (as I see it, the world is a chiral mirror reflection of a greater reality of the Heavens above), therefore my intuition suggests I should be following NOT the branches reaching upward into the sky, BUT I should be following my ROOTS, downward to another common source of their nourishment.

Too much reaching for the SUN and not enough WATER, and you can get plants to bend or droop …
Same effect on people too.

I once saw an a-maise-ing display of crops, strains of gold, red, white and black corn, in unison, doing the goose-step, forming a malteaser cross.


Seriously though, in conclusion, only more questions:

I have pondered and wondered, if Mother Nature is using Crop Circles AND weather disturbances to communicate with us?

An attempt to illuminate us?
From within of course.
How else could SHE?
She, the EARTH (a ‘living evolving entity) is attempting to stir the pot of collective imaginations…that lie dormant deep within our unconsciousness…an apt metaphor for the interior of the earth unseen, the dark side of the moon unseen and Universal Dark Matter itself, something we know nothing about, but it in fact comprises 75% of our Universe…

What if that initial command or wave or feeling or vibration is generated from deep within the earth?

What if the crops / plants having the ability to make geometric designs is part of their DNA makeup?
(…remember MOST crop circles can be shown to be 2D representations of more complex 3D designs)

What if people therefore, as part of our DNA makeup also, default to structuring our cultures and building architecturally, those same ‘sacred geometric’ shapes that the plants are suggesting?

And what is the significance of Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz insights into dreams?
She was a long time associate of Carl Jung.
She discovered that many people prior to death have ‘vegetative dreams’.
She found many associations to the obvious ‘cyclical’ regenerative plant world / consciousness.

Our DNA comes from both the plant and animal kingdoms.
Which is more highly evolved?
The plant or the animal?

Animals must move and consume elemental plants or they DIE.
(if the sick, aged and dependent are tended to they can remain relatively stationary)
Plants do NOT need to move to stay alive.
They have been able to domestic the human being into becoming the human doing.
Once established in the proper environment, plants can flourish simply by having their nourishment delivered to them, via the 2 invisible forces Air and Fire (the suns rays), thus the plant is able to utilize and extract the unseen, the invisible.
Plants are able to utilize through invisible exchanges, in a balance, taking place ABOVE and BELOW terra firma, the surface of the earth, to survive and thrive.

In stark contrast we are more like a Bull in a China shop … creating a path of destruction through Nature, through the Garden of Eden.

When the Human DOING stops and pauses and rests from his chaotic movements through Space and Time, how does he / she attempt to become a Human BEING again?
Yup we meditate. We attempt to find a balance by remaining still, like plants. And we sit in the highly suggestive tetrahedron, pyramidal lotus position. The same shape as the electron cloud of Carbon 12.
All life needs Carbon 12 to live, all plants and animals.
Carbon 12 is comprised of 666 structure.

6 protons
6 electrons
6 neutrons

Simply a coincidence?

If you are among those that believe so … DO NOT go to these websites.
They will shake your rather illusionary foundations….

First read this one page of highly illuminating piece of coincidental science/religion and then watch the youtube video that follows.

video …

The analogy suggests we must find a balance in our tinkerings as Earthly Alchemists or MATTER Magicians, the invisible masculine elements AIR (wind technologies) and FIRE (solar technologies), thus are to be combined with the visible feminine elements WATER and EARTH, in such a manner that mirrors or compliments in cheery, chiral structure a puzzling fit to the question of our purpose here as a collective.

So would our behaviors here on EARTH have an effect on the CARBON cycle?

We also have yet to strike that other balance that everything in the Universe seeks.

A thermodynamic balance that defaults to a unity, to a specific vibration.
A vibration found if the words “Know thyself” are heeded.
Words echoed by the Oracle of Delphi who sat atop a tetrahedron.
Just another coincidence.

Do any crop circles exhibit tetrahedrons?

More coincidences eh Shu?

wink wink
nudge nudge



p.s. Is it a coincidence that the elements FIRE and AIR are interpretated as being masculine and also invisible?

Is that why most of the influential secret societies that have evolved are considered exclusive to males alone?
Is a coincidence a reflection, reduced to a holographic vibration, reduced to a feeling, we slough it off, simply dismiss this divine intersection and call it a deja vu?
Rolling Eyes

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


4 thoughts on “AUM, Crop or Cropped Circles, Carbon 12 and the SWASTIKA

  1. Slowly going through all your posts and getting more excited with each one, studying every word and following up with readings. If this post is not a good argument for vegetarianism, I don’t know what is.

    • hello spiral,
      glad what I write resonates with you

      some advice on how to sift through my thoughts.
      two ways to approach my blog.
      1/ *click* on the HOME link and scroll down the blog, approach it like a diary being read last page back to the first, when reaching the end of each page continue to follow the Older Entries links back to the FIRST blog posted back in March 2007.


      2/ you can scroll down the right hand margin to March 2007 and work your way to the present.
      what becomes apparent if you start at the beginning, is I make some wild claims….

      But then I go out and find the information/evidence to support these wild claims, or better yet, it soon becomes apparent that a study of archetype gives you an advantage over hi-tech.
      i.e. when CERN follows in your footsteps, making announcements in 2010, confirming a wild claim of mine made in 2008 it suggests my journey of late has been focused strongly on the principle issues.

      (btw CERN uses ‘strong focusing principle technology’)


      p.s. take what you feel to be true for you, pass it on.
      tell two people

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