Del wrote:
Ah so it stands for nothing!

Fellas … you must have realized it was all a set up …

Google … ‘Niven tablet 1231’ and then read the top 3 hits that google returns, and do all this with an open western ‘Judeao/Christian/Islamic’ mind… (it is difficult to ‘let go’ of cult programming isn’t it?) …

The following is a pic of Tablet 1231 found in the Valley of Mexico.


… found among thousands of other tablets, in 1921, BEFORE all of the COMMERCIALIZED SELF SERVING hype destroyed this eternal symbol BY associating the SWASTIKA INTENTIONALLY with a heinous crime. (i.e the Holocaust)

Do we associate and flash images of the Crucifix when discussing the CRIMES OF THE VATICAN?
Actually it is those that kiss the crucifix that FEAR the PAGAN swastika and the message of UNITY that accompanies this divine symbol.
That is why THEY used it to divide.
An alchemical reality…everything in our world can be reduced to two actions, Solve et coagulo, “dissolve and coagulate”, is about division and putting back together again …

The sacred thus reveals itself as a process whereby if it divides, it must also be able to unite, BUT it can only unite if it has previously been divided.
(remember what I wrote about chiral asymmetry and the swastika in another post?)

the following was taken from Wikipedia…

The Continent of Mu

….This continent was called ‘Lamar’ but is better known to you as the continent of Mu. It emerged virtually in one piece, to be shattered 2000 years later, by seismic shock, into three principal continents.”

In “The lost continent of Mu” [1] page 58, Colonel James Churchward described the continent of Mu as: “From various records it would seem that this continent consisted of three separate lands, but where or how these divisions were made by nature there is nothing to show, except, possibly, an Egyptian hieroglyphic which represents three long, narrow lands running east to west”.

In [1], page 129, James Churchward believes that the civilisation of Mu dates back to more than 50 000 years old. His arguments are based on the discoveries of three civilisations by William Niven, buried one beneath the other, with strata of sand, gravel and boulders between them.

On the sinking of Mu, which James Churchward [1, page 51] believes had happenned 15 000 years ago based on acient records (Troano Manuscript,Greek Record,Lhasa Record), Thao took Michel into a psychosphere, so that Michel can witness himself the destruction of Mu about 14 500 years ago.

Here again I offer more proof that perhaps the SWASTIKA … which is referred to as The KEY to Universal Movement in that book The Lost Continent of Mu, was INTENTIONALLY marginalized by the THEY, to confiscate, vEIL a TRUTH about what actually lay at the core of our inherent architecture … as I have suggested in my other posts … the swastika is indeed a Universal symbol representing the forces at both the Macrocosmic and the Microcosmic levels.

A symbol that can unite the collective consciousness.
And we can’t have it.

But we can kiss the Crucifix and desire $.

And how easy is it to show that either of these Roman symbols represent heinous crimes that far outweigh the 20 year maligned legacy associated with the Nazi adoption of the 12,000+ year old, very, very ancient swastika?

THEY have known about chiral asymmetry since the time of Pasteur.

Current ASSumptions about our HIStory has been placed under the microscope and macroscope …

Using ‘scopes’ to help penetrate a truth, the existence of MU suggests there was a HER-story loooong before the MYTH which was WRITTEN down (based on oral traditions and sounds), and then collated into a best seller called the Bible.

Myth and Math are connected.
Science is merely modern man’s attempts to formalize a language that explains our existence.
The ancients gave us a language called myth that does just that.

Myth puts the colors, sounds, tastes and emotions into a comprehend able metaphor.
Math removes all of that and replaces it with white numbers and formulas with a blackboard jungle background.
How colorless and boring and dangerous … like most left-brained scientists.

These lifeless, number crunching nerds will not be happy until a colorful humanity are replaced with compliant robots … controlled by nerd programming…who cares if humanity is sacrificed on the alter of EGO?
A price justified if you are the genius who discovers the very elusive, (like the graviton) “Theory of Everything”.

Yes this confirms that humanity is under a stealth Alien invasion, right now!
And command central of the Nerd invaders is controlled by the Alien left hemisphere of the MIND.

This illusion we call Earth is a manifestation of a collective insanity or sanity based on a balance we can achieve using our BRAINS in a BALANCE between left and right hemispheres … between the two forms of energy representation, positive and negative, masculine and feminine.

And some place in that equation of a balanced mind we must find room for the heart.

It is about choice and up to us to decide.
That is why is SO important that everyone spend some ‘quality time’ getting to know themselves between now and 2012.




Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


3 thoughts on “MYTH of MU

  1. hi friends,…i have been finding the ancient record of mu,lamuria,valhalla,shambala,the 1st worlds of the hopi,the homeland of the pre-proto-indo-europeans,the mother of cultures here in the willamette valley oregon.for 10 years.the images found on stone are of orange glaze,charcoal,carved,and scraped…archaeologists and all others have been walking over this material for thousands of years calling it ‘river stained and fire damaged “rock.the images appear natural because the first written’language”of spiritual instruction was suggestive art..the language of the creator…hence the enhanced style by humans would be ‘super natural’…,for those with eyes to see i could send a way to view photos of some of this material on the internet…it is esoteric,complex….archetypical…including give-away symbols like the phrygian cap-physical features…faces-surrounded by ‘design elements’ as spoken of in hopi myth….all enquiries responded too…this was the birthplace of danu,mitras etc….awaiting scholarly interests….best always,tom,cottage grove oregon

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