CENSORSHIP at Peak Oil…Why did this thought provoking post get me rubbed out?

~ For most absurd/wingnutish post of 2006, the winner is “any post by Raphael” ~

I had been participating on a web site for nearly 2.5 years.
And I recently responded to this particular thread.

Below, is where you can find my response to the above thread.
I called it “To Bee or not to Bee?.
Good thing I back up my posts on other forums, blogs, hard drives, disks and gray matter.

I was voted ‘wingnut’ of this site in 2006.

In my 2+ years participating on the forum I had written over 1700 posts.

Funny thing I noticed, I was tolerated as a wingnut but when people started commenting that my posts were becoming insightful….
Actually it had been some time since a derogatory remark was flung in my direction.

Read that post and you can decide why it is, that that post lead to my expulsion and the deletion of my other 1700+ posts, which with the click of the mouse, also have vanished from that site.


Please also note that this site has a “Hall of Flames Forum” for disparaging remarks.
I never once was vanquished to this belligerent hateful Forum for anything I had written…but I was once banned for challenging a moderator’s decision to censor some of my posts and change the title of a thread I had started.

That was some time ago however, and I was of late getting along better with everyone on that site, except maybe the site webMaster Aaron the Nimrod.

But that post of mine above, disappeared not longer after I had posted it.
I then posted another reply … this time with a link to my own blog (containing exactly the same post) … wondering what the response would be from the moderators.
Not once accusing anybody of anything in my 2nd attempt at posting this information, info which I think and feel says WTF!!!
I even suggested the mix-up, the ‘lost’ thread of mine was perhaps a posting/editing error on MY part.
I never once accused the mods of bias.
Because I know what happens if you do.
Aaron is Moses of that site and he can strike you down, or kick you out of his temple.

So I must point out that after posting that link back to the same original reply that had ‘disappeared’, soon afterwards so did I and any trace of my posts have been vanquished into cyber space from that website.
The truth is thus out there again, to be harvested … hahaha

UPDATE August 27, 2014

Yes it is out there part of the data, information of inPHOmation circulating via the EM field, these SEEDS Raphael has been sowing since ? … will be reaped one day, mark my words the mark has been revealed.
Clearly this is how it works …

To the reader ~ clearly being a ‘wingnut’ had its advantages as I was able to recover something of great value regarding insights to the evolution of human consciousness.

Two versions of the MBG ~ Master Builder’s Grid
left: the conclusions Rene Schwaller de Lubicz
right: the Friendship Knot

This great work documenting the ‘Great Work’ taking place in the vessel called ‘ralph’ will speak for itself.
A valuable contribution to the 13 step recovery process has in fact been made.
Clearly the ‘wingnut’ has become a ‘Master Builder’ since being banished by Aaron the nimrod.

~ end of UPDATE ~

But if you go here you can in fact still see that I was immortalized on that Forum.
Scroll down to the 6th post by Smallpoxgirl for the naming of awards.

And in case the ‘THEY’ that run that mini empire called PO (Aaron the nimRod is the boss of that site), and if he should try to re-write Peak Oil HIStory, as seen through his delusional eyes, his preferred perspective, and lets face it, we all have one, I present the awards ceremonies as proof, proof of censorship … forever encrypted on another site, here and there and everywhere.

OK…voting is now complete for the remaining awards.

Drumroll please….

Very HappyFor Best Sig Line of 2006, the winner is Holmes with “Crush the Cornucopians, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women”

For most absurd/wingnutish post of 2006, the winner is “any post by Raphael”.
Raphael amazingly managed to get more votes than the other 6 nominees combined. Give him a hand folks. He worked hard for this award.

The Best of 2006 award for best avatar goes to Zardoz.

The award for funniest post goes to Madpaddy for his quip “May all your children have small dicks even the girls”

The award for post with the best sociopolitical insight goes to gg3 for this post: link

In a tight race, the award for best overall thread goes to US Army strategic report on PO confirms our fears. Since Zardoz started the thread, I guess he gets to accept the award, but thanks to all those that contributed.

This brings us to the Poster of the Year award. This award was really hotly contested. There were 43 people nominated for this award and there were 287 votes cast in the poll. I’d like to give a big shout out to all the nominees and everyone that has contributed to make PO.com such a wonderfull place. The handsdown winner of the Best of 2006 Poster of the Year award is Dantespeak. Congratulations!

Lets give them all a big hand folks!

ta da

For most absurd/wingnutish post of 2006, the winner is “any post by Raphael” ~

Funny thing is, anybody new to Peak Oil, and reading about these awards and searching Raphael … will not find any posts.

Aaron the website Master effectively rubbed me out.

There is one other fellow who witnessed the event on the PO Forum as it unfolded, as I have suggested.
He had commented on my post before it and I disappeared.
We had been in contact through private e-mail, questioning the disappearance of my thought provoking post.

His name, the witness to the event, is kinda funny, considering the circumstances.

His name is NEOPO.
Neo PO

neo is the one?

Yes only 1 (one) Peak Oiler was witness to this event.

Life is like that …
Am I being paranoid about this expulsion?
…or did that post, ‘To Bee or not to Bee’, get you thinking and feeling I may in fact be onto something?

Or is it simply about a moderator who felt he had been dissed and about maintaining control of his creation?

Please respond.



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


6 thoughts on “CENSORSHIP at Peak Oil…Why did this thought provoking post get me rubbed out?

  1. I knew something was going on. Were you given a reason for your expulsion? Anyways, I look forward to your posts since they are quite thought provoking.

    I loved neopo’s name, it was genius in many respects.

    Nearth Earth Object, which is a prominent cause of oil.

    Yet nobody discusses this at great length at a site devoted to oil. hmm.

    Anyways, if you have time send me a message, you owe me some moon knowledge, and I would love to share my latest working model of the universe. (keeps changing but slowly reaching singularity. Ha)

    Peace Brother


  2. Raphael

    I read 2 B or not 2 B – every word.

    I would like your permission to post to energyroundtable@yahoogroups.com

    Don’t search for it because I do not think it is searchable. It is a small virtually unknown quaint cybercafe

    Bill Tamblyn is the moderator and his readership is very bright.

    I think you are on to something here, but I am not smart enough to get at it.

    More eyes are needed.

    please PM me.



  3. So this is where you are hiding. I still find it crazy that you were rubbed out for the Bee commentary. Sounds very childish. I could understand if you were swearing or bad mouthing , but this seems silly 😦

  4. Think about it… I like the way you react to my principal analyst Fresh joke! When should you use milk to irrigate your fields? When you are growing creamed corn.

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