Euro TimeTunnel

SteveC wrote:
The Cove wrote:
A moment of levity – we are not getting warmer it’s just that everything else is cooling down.

I was thinking maybe we have come full circle: Now the scientists are saying “The sky is falling!”


Which is my cue to jump in.
Thanks Steve for the intro …

Steve there is a book out there called “When the Sky Fell” by Rose and Rand Flem-Ath.
This book explains the profound deep psychological significance of the ‘Chicken Little’ (micro rant) … the sky is falling … the sky is falling … is of course linked to the ‘precession of the equinoxes’…2012.
And this is the event that suggests we are coming full circle.

Have the following happened before … the sky is falling … drowning / deluge (water) and trial by fire?
Why are all these deep seated UNIVERSAL fears …

Highly recommend…the book.
Imagine being in a valley and the EARTH’s crust slips traveling 1500 Km/hr.
Or better yet being on a mountain top … what would the ride feel like…?
Would not the rapture seem like the ‘sky is falling’?

Need more pictures?



The scientists exclaiming the ‘sky is falling’ I visualize the following motif.
One scientist is looking through a MICROscope and another scientist is looking through a tele or MACROscope and the breakthrough in their collective epiphanies occurs when they break through to the other side and like the EURO tunnel, they meet in the middle and shake chiral hands…
ENERGY = GOD … Share Him is the Message…
God can be neither created nor destroyed; he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for committing sin, for transforming God and it is called Entropy.


TREE of LIFE, Christian RosenKreutz, VIBRATIONS and Waveforms

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
This screen name has a history behind it and had been used in numerous forums and I have been using it since AOL didnt even have versions behind the initials.

My name Raphael also has history. It seemed the name ‘Raphael’, a somewhat common name was available to me on 5 forums … I have since dropped my participation on 2 of those forums, and both of those Forums I may add practiced pseudo science, a blend of physics / metaphysics. So I found there is no point in being a member of these clubs due to the blatant CENSORship of my posts. A profound thread linking historic, scientific, religious, and mythical symbolism and having great archaeological significance, etc., I speak of course in regards to a 20,000 year old sacred symbol found the world over…the swastika.
We should not continue to bury this symbol.
We need to resurrect it and understand it.

Rainman, the latest incident regarding ‘censorship’ occurred over on WSM (Wave Structure of Matter).
Geoff Haselhurst removed my insightful post…totally, from his site, he made a disparaging remark, sent no private e-mail explaining his actions, no discussion was allowed, the thread ran for about 2 weeks and then it just disappeared.
Then I did a bad thing.
But at the time I felt justified and energized about my actions.
Bad Karma to follow moi, maybe?
Rolling Eyes

So I wrote a reply, an open letter to all at WSM, responding to his behavior, his lack of transparency and I also ‘spammed’ many of the threads…i.e. I posted my letter on about 10-15 threads.
Hoping many would see through his self-serving EGO.

I also said something about avoiding the MERCHANTS and TEMPLE Builders…an age old message.
(I was referring to his heavy, non-chiral handedness in being a messenger of truth and discussion, and yet his apparent ironic fascist adherence to a certain belief system that could not withstand the revelations of this old ancient pre-historic symbol.
And of course the ‘merchant’ reference was directed toward his trinket and thinketh EMPIRE called WSM.
I did point out Geoff was the promoter of a good idea.
Not his.

I also wrote a private letter again using my best weapon bequeathed to me…humility…and I have not since returned to his website…removing the WSM icon from my desktop, in case through habit I go back to the O…well.
As it turns out Herr Hasel likes to run a tight Ship or is it a Hearst?
I got off in Tahiti.
Who are the FOOLS that think they are sailing forward…not realizing that by circumnavigating the globe, they are only going round in circles, in different styles of ‘chariots’?
The descent of man as prophecy, we find the world over.
Can I suggest we arrive in a chariot called the Merkaba and we leave in a rectangular box or as ash.

Rolling Eyes

I would like to thank-you again Ray / Rainman at this time, publicly, for giving me a 4-umm / Forum to discuss my ‘epiphany’ openly.
Believe me I have NO neo-Nazi ulterior motives. This seems to be something that needs to be constantly addressed. Profoundly I have no idea what a neo-Nazi holds dear, what his ‘Mission impossible Statement’ might be…

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
As far the tiff going on in this thread regarding symbolism, I believe it should be kept in mind one of the questions that I put forth in another post…What Do You Want ?Once this question has been answered, then begins the process of creating the solution.

DITTO to all of the above …I agree with much of your post BTW.
That is a great question to be answered and I am headed in that direction.
But I need to plant some seeds in the fertile gardens first.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I am not a mathematician…I tend to run on sheer intuition and experience to seperate truth from not truth….

Heh heh I resemble those remarks.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
And this is what we do. We all perceive truth from different perspectives …If practice makes perfect, I “know” that whatever Rainman presents is supported by scientific process…We all follow different paths, even with many of us that may be using the Tree of Life as a guide …but through different windows.…as long as one maintains care and diligence from slipping into damaging patterns, whether it be personal or to others.If I am able to create a symbol of a doorknob, that allows me to concentrate and focus to the point of being able to move past the veils that truth is hidden behind, then it is just as powerful as any other symbols.


OvrLrdLegion wrote:
Raphael, you have found an avenue that works for you, the swastika allowing you to unlock questions that you desired to know the answers…Other than symbols that have been created with hidden information embedded within them on purpose, any other symbols will only contain what you give to them.

This is the part where I and others disagree with you.
Those ‘others’ are scholars.
I can only mention the ground breaking book Hamlet’s Mill once again that suggests otherwise.
Myth and folklore was the language the ancients used to transmit math and science.
That book came out in 1969.
I was around 12 at the time.
I heard about this book 1 month ago.

Am I one of the few who recognize how 43 years later (1969 >>> 2012) this book, Hamlet’s Mill profoundly proves the ancients LEFT US MESSAGES … here on terra firma, that we can interpret from earth … there is no need to fly off to the Dark Side of the Moon.
The Great Gig in the sky suggests TIME is up and the movements of the celestial bodies confirm this … marking specifically the ‘precession of the equinoxes’.

Here is an event that does not happen very often…the Western THEY ignore this event, yet the TWO Gregorian events … New Year’s Eve 1999 and 2000 were highly publicized. Can I suggest 1999 was the New Year’s Lilith Party and 2000 was Eve’s.
Having 2 parties at the turn of the century also suggests to me that the Judaeo Christian timekeepers who stole the ancient art of sacred timekeeping, support a flawed system.
2 parties in 1 year suggests either …

1/ Bad bad timekeeping
2/ A consciousness looking to party hardy, till death do them part.

We live in interesting times.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I do know that for some of us, if the events unfold as expected, for some it would be a rapture, for others it would be a tribulation.

Regardless of whether it is a rapture of tribulation, I believe the common denominator will be for everyone a truth revealed and humanity needs this revealed to us, before we can move from this dimension of Time (marking the separation process, the alchemy the Earth uses to move toward Vibration…or Unity.)

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I can sense frustration from both you ( Raphael ) and Rainman. However, what is taking place in this thread is a very good thing.I followed along, reading and pondering, seeing the image of the Tree you posted … then you turned it on its side and highlighted a portion of it and it was as though I had been slapped in the face.

That is definitely one of my weaknesses … I do enjoy slapping people in the face.
One at a time if necessary.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
What I saw was … the signature of a wave, and this I have never seen before or realized, and if neither of you had progressed within this thread as you have, it may not have occurred.

Not true OvrLord.
Here are two sketches of mine … the circle was done nearly two years ago … the tetrahedron I honestly do not recall when I sketched it … I have written so much in these past 2-3 years.
I have been pondering nothing but triangles, squares and circles in that time.
Only my children and my job pull me out of this reality.

And it was because of the photo above that I turned Christian RosenKreutz onto his side…simply turning the hands of time…tick…tick…tick…

VIBRATIONS are WAVEFORMS are Colors and Sounds and … and … and


OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I am now extremely excited and once again the axiom that God moves in mysterious ways has been proven true.Good job, guys, keep this thread going.

Did I slap you again O’Lord?
How about a tickle?
Rolling Eyes

Rainman I am working on a post that addresses your concerns…always remind yourself as you read my posts…that I make a claim…I seek balance…herein lay the foundation of my Mission Statement…an aging individual who one day realized his life was kinda ‘mythical’. And then I allowed myself to fall into a game of pattern recognition, a child’s game, using the cataloged experiences and easily identifiable behaviors / patterns accumulated of a 47 year old white male … and ow he is lost in the labyrinth and he is not sure he wants to find his way out.
Playing this game…entering the maze of one’s own patterns is an amazing way to connect with the UNITY that both ENERGY = MATTER and GRAVITY together exclaims ALL is connected…and Max the Sage said yes ALL is connected through VIBRATION…

We are on the same page, but on different sides…however the page, (if you can shrink down small enough is transparent and permeable) …not unlike the barrier that divides the obvious 2 dimensions, Matter and Spirit, or the mind, consciousness and unconsciousness, active and passive, masculine and feminine principles nicely represented in every aspect of the Creation.

But in order for us to see each others perspectives we will need to pass through that invisible barrier and get to the other side. Fun. When the process is done we will have both been transformed and appear to ourselves more balanced.

But be forewarned as you move to the center and become more balanced, you are in fact moving away from the 2 mainstreams that have polarized themselves and to the sheeple you will sometimes appear a little ‘unbalanced’.

Again I resemble that remark.



and sometimes Nasty


p.s. Hence the age old metaphor of good and evil personified and played out by the consciousness.

The best thing about uniting the ‘hermaphrodite within’, might be you can sit in the dark, play with yourself to great satisfaction, getting to know the whole person you spend a lifetime with, intimately.
Some people might find that fun.


update Aug. 20:  I quit my job after 23.5 years on Aug. 1st …
So I can spend more time playing with myself…why else?

God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.

HELP … ‘Looking for a FOURsome’

Rainman wrote:
I am running out of TIME (for this session) and must leave soon. So I will have to get back to you on other topics. But in closing let me show you another major connection for my mapping of the Four Forms. I will now show you how these Four Forms, in the order I have shown, align with the four physical metrics I outlined above:>FIRE< = Conservation of INFORMATION
>AIR< = Conservation of ENERGY
>WATER< = Conservation of MOMENTUM
>EARTH< = Conservation of FORCEI can explain these connections in various ways, all of which relate to the scientific truths implied by conservation laws. I can even explain them with regards to how our human technology development progressed from the bottom to the top of these four levels.But for now…I gotta git!

Overlord and Rainman I see again a collision / collaboration based on the number 4.
And here I thought I was going to become a real Card, an expert about the number 4, I see other initiates have arrived too.
Have you seen the film 23 with Jim Carrey?
Well I resemble the character but my obsession tamed into a passion revolves around the number 4.

On this thread I put out the call … ‘Help…Looking for a Foursome’
It examines the number 4 from other esoteric perspectives…some good insight is given by the other forum members.

Card IV of the Tarot as you know is the EMPEROR and he is also known as Father TIME.
It appears all of the forums I am now involved in, do default back to the number 4 and a discussion of Time or Space or Motion.

This I shall suggest, what we share about the number 4 is synchronicity.
And it again suggests to me Rainman that we are very close in our final summations, but I believe what separates us are the different paths we arrived on.
And of course in the word sychronoicity we find disguised and implied a meshing or intersection of TIME taking place.
Since the beginning of TIME till right now, all philosophical discussions have been about Time…
And why not?
Who is not curious about knowing how much time they were fated, and maybe finding a fountain of youth to cheat the system?


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.

The Tree of Life and TIME

Rainman wrote:
Raphael,I’ve agreed that the swastika is a “geometric metaphor” for a process of nature, but it seems you think it is central to everything and I again think it is just a reminder of other (higher-dimensional) things. As I mentioned, I look for the relationship between geometrical metaphors and the realities of life and the sciences. We have not even begun to discuss the tree of life and what Genesis-1 has to say about that. The architecture of the human body IS the tree of life…not a swastika. So perhaps we can discuss that relationship?So, I am at a loss of where to take this discussion.

I am not at a loss yet. This is progressing nicely.
I will use more pics and say less.

Please note in the Kabbalah Tree of Life picture above … the platonic solid, the tetrahedron resides in our lower natures…this is no coincidence.
And we also note a hexagon in the upper realm…a Star of David containing the ‘Merkaba’…by joining the purple dots we form a hexagon.

Can I suggest at this point we reside in the lower 4 dimensions which are symbolized quite nicely by the tetrahedron…which I have connected already to the Oracle of Delphi and the All-Seeing Eye…the Eye of Horus.

Tetrahedron known as the Gnostic Pleroma.
Notice the swirling ‘eye’ in the centre.
The numbers reveal a clue to the structure.
11 = 1 + 1 = 2
93 = 9 + 3 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3
23 = 2 + 3 = 2 + 3 = 5

So the apexes produce the numbers 2, 3, and 5.
By deduction the swirling symbol at the 4th apex is either a 1 or a 4…and the other number would reside at the center.

Therefore the tetrahedron can represent the number 4 or 5.

I feel we must consult thyself, to truly learn and thus gain wisdom in the realm of lower natures.
I will suggest that is the here and now…remember we are metaphorically the ‘fallen man’.
The Kabbalistic Tree of Life if you really look at the symbolism suggests we are descended into matter from spirit.
Take a look at the Tree above and then compare it to this particular drawing which the Rosicrucians held in high regard…as did the Masons.
I believe when one becomes a 33rd level Mason this symbol is revealed as part of their final intiation.
This pic is known to have been found on the Tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz…

Take a look again at the photo above. Remember we are Carbon based life forms and we are also driven by our lower natures…
What if, as I interpret the above, we are at a stage where we are putting the genie back into the lamp … (the lamp that burns eternal).
What I am suggesting is that 2012 could be the event that places us back into the genie’s lamp…or at the very least this will be the inevitable outcome, eventually.

Take a look at the photo above … which way does the flow of energy flow?
It comes from the source above … and into the oil lamp below … the lamp represents the next source of hydrocarbons … to help ignite and fuel the next cycle.
What if?

Remember Carbon 12 is something all life needs to live and this element … if poorly managed … could potentially be written in as the anti-Christ…
Global Warming and Global Dimming are part of the cycle of TIME.
And since the beginning of Time, since we first lay on our backs, star gazing, chewing on maryjane buds, enjoying the lightshow…since that Time…most of our thoughts have been about TIME.

So to put a new perspective on the Timeline allow me to turn the tables for a moment, only to alter your perspective.

Try to look at the following pic altered as a waveform counting TIME.

So the multi-colored horizontal line is the x-axis and it begins at the left…at his head and then the final stage is to the right toward the ultraVIOLETblue … or as the Buddha suggests … we must first pass through duality and then back to Unity again…so we would read this scale left to right, head to toe, crown chakra to root chakra.

Please note the Oil Lamps are only in the bottom 7 dots or Sepiroth.

So the source, where we came from, as I see it Rainman is far, far, far to the left on the timeline. And we as 4D carbon life forms exist to the far right on the Timeline…and our journey into the field of pairs and opposites started at the RED line…the infraRED line.

And the GREEN line represents the 4 Ages of Man…ending with True UltraVIOLET Blue…did you notice the GREEN Line makes a Z.
So that is why the swastika is more important in my estimation.
It represents the start of our entry into this realm starting at the RED/GREEN Line.
And it marks our exit ending at the GREEN/VIOLET Line…

Thus the swastika is also a psychological marker of our epoch.

Also is there a connection between CO2 and UV?
And with great interest, another profound coincidence, Carbon 12 is comprised of …

6 neutrons
6 protons
6 electrons

What if 666 is Carbon 12…?
If 666 is poorly managed it has the potential to harm the Creation called Gaia … it could be the anti-Christ … anti-Life.
What if the Carbon lifeforms allow their desire and greed to overshoot their needs, what happens?
Rolling Eyes

In case you missed this link, this is a great site.


Not sure if all that helped.
Let me know.


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.

WSM and the EGO

northjetty wrote:
Bill for all we know, this could be the beginning of just that. If we could some how connect with other observers from different areas of experience within space we would certainly gain in our perspective and our self knowledge. We probably need to unify things a bit here on earth before we’re ready to extend our hand in friendship to beings that exist else where in eternal space. You’re right about that.north jetty/the cosmos

Hey NJ, I resemble that remark.

Like connect with me where I attempt to reconcile religion and science using a pretty heavy heavy symbol?

Then it is deemed not worthy by hmm, the weak EGO stepped in, and with no explanation it was CENSORED, it conflicted somehow with the message, here on this website that suggests discussion.

I see only more detail here at WSM.
More devil in the detail.

I repeat the book Hamlet’s Mill sealed a truth.

Myth and folklore was the language used by the ancients to transmit complex math and science … the Oral Tradition was used so even uneducated people could transmit complex ideas.

I have thus identified the problem here on this website, where I see more selling of trinkets and leaving your kids behind, MAKING A CHOICE to feed your ego and the problem is ego and pride and too much smarts.

The language has been invented already guys.
The storing of valuable information for when the next catastrophe hits has alrady been coded.

It is called myth and folklore.
It is sublime and subtle and because it is ancient … and it comes from a time that was much closer to the beginning of an awakening consciousness, we must respect this.

The game folks is too use our modern science in interpreting ancient myth and folklore, use them both to find an answer.
There are few of us doing this…I suggest I am one who was inspired to do so.
Inspired by an epiphany.
We those who understand do NOT seek to re-invent anything … only understand what was written.

Easily done when you ignore self-serving literal translation and instead do an about face, and embark on a figurative interpretation, a journey using the same symbolism found the world over…I will suggest it is a much more UNIFYING method in finding the commonalities, the common denominators that point toward a common source.

No need to keep reinventing the wheels called pride and ego.
Is that what you are attempting to do here?
A new language, a new science, have faith … we have the truth?

I subscribe to the KISS principle.
Keep it Simple and Subtle
(because myth gets under your skin)

Read the book Hamlet’s Mill, written by scholars … if you choose to ignore me.
The language you seek to redefine has been invented, in a time when wisdom was in a balance with knowledge.
No offence, but not a soul on this site has impressed me enough that we should entrust any of you in changing what was written …

Sounds like the layering of more gospels on top of gospels.

Stepping outside of Nature trying to CONTROL her and not recognize how to live in an accordance with the elements is the beginning of the Fall …

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge is an attempt to recover lost wisdom.
But we cannot find our hearts, using only math and our brains, the only way back into the Garden is through the Oral Tradition.

Words only get in the way if they are written down and misinterpreted.
With the Oral Tradition, the vibration of the word itself was the message.

Wonder how long before Geoff, the webMASTER deletes this post … like the last two … he did not agree with.
I shall warn of you now of what I see as a weakness in Geoff.
The man is only human and he has his demons.
To CENSOR my posts without any discussion … not even a private message speaks volumes.

I have encountered this kind of an individual often in my journeys …

I present another false prophetl.
The idea of WSM is not even his …..

And that is the difference between those who quote (Geoff) and those who are quoteable … my offerings were inspired … as Milos Wolfes are … Geoff is a promoter ….
So is his pretty mate.

Merchants and Temple Builders

Stay away from these self-serving individuals is the message through the ages….delivered by all messengers.

Geoff I did suggest you work together with myth and if you did I would support WSM, if you recognized the importance of myth in untangling the web…
You turned away a gift…WSM will flounder.

Rolling Eyes



Global Dimming and Kurt Vonnegut and Cute Dolphins

Later, remembering his hyperagitation about global warming, I telephoned him at his Long Island summer cottage, curious about whether he saw Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. “I know what it’s all about,” he scoffed. “I don’t need any more persuasion.” Not satisfied with his answer, I pressed him to expand, wondering if he had any advice for young people who want to join the increasingly vocal environmental movement. “There is nothing they can do,” he bleakly answered. “It’s over, my friend. The game is lost.”

“There is nothing they can do,” he bleakly answered. “It’s over, my friend. The game is lost.”

Kurt my kinda guy.

I agree.
In watching Gore with his entourage globe-trotting a ‘false’ message, using all those resources he suggests the herds and flocks are wasting.
DUH…… Razz

Fucking false prophet he is.
A mouthpiece for the THEY and a vehicle for the E lets GO make money.

The REAL TRUTH THEY do not want EWE to know about is this …

It is about Global Warming AND Global Dimming

As prophecized ….

And these two concepts playing off each other helps explain soooo much…these two forces above and below the ‘barrier’, are in fact as I type, are the authors of this AGE…they write the epitaph for this generation of egotistical prideful FOOLs, with their heads buried in the mid-east looking for Black Gold … Laughing

Here is what global dimming addresses that global warming DOES NOT!!!

Why is it if we are indeed going to suffer from the effects of Global WARMING, which suggests an increase of the mean global baking temperature of the carbon life forms … why do the evaporation pans (a test they have done for over 100 years), why do the evaporation pans suggest cooling?

Another anomaly that the LIARS (the Liars are very easily identified in life, THEY are the false Prophets blinded by profits), they cannot explain away why the radiation levels, i.e. the amount of radiation hitting the earth from the sun is dropping significantly … hmmm

Both of these anomalies suggest the EARTH should be in fact cooling …. but the ice is melting and the Polar Bears are drowning.

Let me find the link to unravel this kink of human nature.
The flaw in our design.
The weakest link in the chain of evolution is us.

Found the link … scroll down to the 4th post.

Here is why … only a messenger of TRUTH can wade through the self-serving Judaeo Christian Euro-Science.



p.s. “There is nothing they can do,” he bleakly answered. “It’s over, my friend. The game is lost.”

But is it?

The Prophet of Gaia is here to suggest there is a way out.
Rolling Eyes

Continued Part II

Did you read the above post … it leads nicely into this one.

I_Like_Plants wrote:
Great stuff! You can tell he’s wrestling with the same questions we are, and he gets closer and closer to the only suitable conclusion – that people are happy in primitive socities and being able to swim like dolphins would probably be about the coolest.

Yeah man I am vibrating and here is why … as we fumble about in the dark we call light … it is soon apparent who is on the same page…”I LOVE Plants … they are sooooooooo cool.”

Is this what Kurt meant?

WHO SEES BLISS in that KISSer????
(I also scuba…above and below all barriers I seek to find a balance)

PMS is that me?
Can I put the same face in Peru with the Lamas Daily walking around Maaaaaaaaaaachu Pichu?

Heh heh heh … jahway I can.
I have never lied here at PO…every experience and thought has been sincere.

It was delivered to me in a Code X ** … only I understand.
Did you never wonder who the messengers might bee?
Who would come forward and reveal themselves.
The numbers will grow.
I guarantee it.

So of the EWE who wishes to stop going through life PMSSinging the BLUES
Who among the EWE are willing to join the BLUE MAN group NOW?

Currently the group seems to be taking in members like … NEOPO, I Like Plants, GreenWorm, and Raphael, these enlightened individuals even choose inspiring names…
By the way … fellas like Carl Sagan and the two Kurts, cute and curt are some of the members assisting us … from the other side.

All this TRUE BLUE group requires is that the EWE learn how to shift to BLUE light and compress the waves of love that naturally want to separate and divide itself from the UNITY which we, the scientists call RED shift or the red light district we should avoid… Razz

It is the battle of a humanity that must be in a constant decline with its environment, (4 Ages) in order for the consciousness to expand from within…

Immerse yourself in the game of life and consume it … however do with awareness and do not let the stronger players with strong minds but the weak heARTS defeat you.

Code X would be a good name for an enlightening book…hand it our for FREE … like the bible … give the drug away for FREE till the sheeple are hooked … then you shear their woolly hides …
God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.

Epiphany or Drugs?

NuForce wrote:
It’s like you have intelligence in that brain of your but, you off set it by taking some sort of “Stupid Pill” that forces you to ramble on in incomprehensive Bullsh#t.One more time… GET OFF THE DRUGS RAPHAEL!!!!! Just get high on life.NuPS…
One more thing, you should reconsider ending an insulting post with “namaste” which is a spiritual gesture of respect used by Hindu’s. Then again, I’m sure you don’t mind insulting Hindu’s either.

Yes I appear to be ‘conflicted’.

But what you see as conflicted my friends is only my attempts to convey an epiphany. It has been nearly 3 years since I started ‘receiving’ the information…the posts I have written on this website are merely a drop in the bucket…and I have nearly as many unfinished drafts of other connections which appear as coincidences between science and religion.

You fellas have no idea…you want to read incoherence?
Shall I direct you to my earlier posts … before the learning curve, before I sorted things out?

Anybody on this site who believes SCIENCE AND RELIGION / MYTH are NOT reconcilable needs to do some reading.

Can I recommend “Hamlet’s Mill”

Fellas I am NOT behind the times…I am one of those, leading the charge into KNOWN territory.

The ewe amongst you can continue with the grazing on science alone.


The only DRUGS I do are caffeine, and one of the 3 gifts of the wisemen, the Magi (cians).


I also do a little red wine from time to time to make me feel fine.

That’s it…hardly any booze and I quit what the false Profits / Prophets are pushing, the REAL gateway drug, the real EVIL WEED … tobacco.

Do you smoke cigs or drink NuForce…how about soft drinks?

They have proved scientifically that the human body is a receptor…the entire human body is a receptor for THC…not just the FRONTAL LOBE.
(p.s. please understand temples like Solomon’s Temple were designed esoterically to mirror the human body)

So can I suggest if the EWE want to understand the me, the EWE may need to smoke the gift of the gods found everywhere in the Garden of Eden for 35 years.
But wait we have less than six years left…what shall the ewe do to receive a little lite enlightenment?
Pray I guess.

I have traveled the globe and this is a miracle plant NOT a DRUG, and it can be found anywhere where the sun do shine…and mother nature can nurture.
And Hemp can make us more ecologically and environmentally friendly toward Mother Nature who said “here use this…leave my %$#@ lungs (forests) alone…

And yes like Alexander, the Scythians were known as the gentile (not Gentile) warriors…they smoked weed and hash.

Back on track … ancient science.

Hamlet’s Mill

Some books are ahead of their time. Some books convey a message which threatens prevailing notions, and are therefore brushed away. Some books are mixtures of profound insights and garbled speculations. Hamlet’s Mill, An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time (1969) partakes to varying degrees in all of the above. Hamlet’s Mill began a revolution in understanding the profound sources of ancient mythology. Although it tottered on the edge of oblivion for years, it has reemerged as the fundamental inspiration for many progressive researchers who find the precession of the equinoxes lurking within ancient creation myths around the world….Now, scholars are finally beginning to honor the contributuion of Santillana and von Dechend. A progressive and profound interpretation of ancient science and mythology was put forward in Hamlet’s Mill. The next great alignment in this cosmological scheme which I call the archaic mono-myth is not only right around the corner, but was anticipated by the ancient Maya, as evidenced by the Maya calendar end-date, December 21, 2012 A.D

Essentially the revelation of this groundbreaking work suggests to me two significant events happened in 1969.

OKAY … wake up now … my rambling has ended … Rolling Eyes

Man had projected his inward personification outward and landed on the Moon, this was one of the significant events.

How beautifully metaphoric and euphoric.
The Judeao Christians were the ones who marginalized the Goddess who was connected to the Moon in myth. And the JCs used their Euro-science to land on the Moon who is esoterically the Goddess or the female principle.

So the JCs who represent the patriarch landed on the matriarch…to rape her? like they have done to Gaia? because their flawed self-serving theology claimed the EARTH and the WOMAN were abominations.
WTF happened on the Dark Side of the Moon?

So typical of the globe trotting Judeao Christian who is all about individual personification (ego and pride) he could not see the significance of the groundbreaking work of Hamlet’s Mill.

Why do I believe that the publication of this book, Hamlet’s Mill was a bigger deal than putting a man on the moon?

Because of what it suggested may happen in 2012.
43 years after putting a man on the moon, the gig is up, so the sky suggests.
Which was more significant, to the BIG picture?

The answer suggests what we should be doing.
Looking inward because that is what the movement of the heavens above is suggesting is happening down below.
Myth is so beautiful when you immerse yourself in it.
If only ewe knew.

So what did “Hamlet’s Mill” attempt to prove?

This groundbreaking work written by scholars (smoking drugs?) showed that myth and folklore (later religion) was a way of transmitting complex astronomical calculations.
The spoken word or Oral Tradition was the best way for uneducated people to transmit this info accurately.
This of course hinted therefore at the precession of the equinoxes as noted above.

And this book (which I have not read, but will) suggests to me that before we looked upward to the heavens, we were looking all around us, in order to survive the elements…anyone who has a LITTLE reading of myth soon sees the constant conflicts with nature…in the stories…man’s role within the theatre…’All the world is a stage’
(and I have simply chosen the role of ‘true blue messenger’ … if only the ewe understood how this worked … Raphael laments)

And within the symbolism, i.e. the birds and the bees, is math and science.
Get it?
I am ahead of the game.
I am writing a bestseller for FREE and that is another reason HE Rolling Eyes choose me as messenger…….

The info I offer is channeled.
There I said it.
And to those who oppose my epiphany…to those who are not present when I vibrate…

Rolling Eyes

…to those who do not want to believe the messages I bring forth, the messages that I try to interpret to the best of my abilities…


…I can only say go %$#@ another ewe.

And yes I know ‘namaste’ means the spirit in me respects the spirit in you.


…my interpretation is ‘the energy in me respects the energy in ewe’.

Where energy = life force.

I am, as always, consistent and true in my communications with the herds of sheeple and flocks of seagullibles.

Did I write before my nearly 2000 finished posts and countless drafts?
Well I had written maybe a dozen poems.
But at age 47 everything changed.
The ewe must esoterically know what 43 and 47 means to science and myth and me … it is all part of a pattern recognized.

That’s what a messenger / mystic is … a recognition of universal patterns of divine architecture.
Can the EWE imagine what it is to be reborn with the vision of a child, the awe of constant discovery … now add wisdom.
That my friends is whats known as a rebirth, a spiritual resurrection.

NuForce back off.
Ewe really have no idea of my journey.
Do you?

In my next post I reconcile Science with Religion using the SWASTIKA.
Idea Idea Idea Idea

Yes NuForce the ARK was delivered to me….

26 years and 4 days after my dad Karl had passed away.
He directed me to another Carl, who confirms what I just mentioned above…

You are only as Jung as you feel.

Laughing Laughing Laughing

The most important advice I can impart between now and 2012 would be…

Lie not

“Know thyself”



notice a pattern that all messengers deliver … it is a truth.
Truth always resurrects itself.

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.