MOON, MIND, and MOOD alterating substances


This is a collection of anti-Semitic thoughts.

But please understand Jews, Christians and Muslims are all Semites.
So my beef is that some do not eat pork and some do
Which suggests we are what we eat … what we ingest.

Words and food are two such ingestions which can alter the vessel that contains them.

Inhale … ponder … exhale … inhale … aha … exhale … hmm … of course … inhale … yes, yes, yes … exhale … inhale … ponder … eat something … inhale … exhale … hari krishna … krishna … ponder … hari hari … inhale … exhale … what’s this thread about? … fall asleep.

Wake up … ponder who am I?
Inhale … hold breath … exhale … go into corpse position … hands and arms at my side … palms facing upward … (this is a Yoga position)

Funny how they suggest the Yogi and the SS, the Shaman and the Schizophrenic access the same part of the mind … Cool

Some times … you just gotta acknowledge the short cuts and also confirm the spiritual roadblocks.

Scientists have proved we have receptors throughout our entire body for THC, the active ingredient in Myrrh-ijuana.

Now can anyone show me using science the receptors we have for receiving the words delivered to us in Church?
And please explain why the research shows we have ‘plant consciousness’ dreams before we die?
Ask Carl Jung and Maria Louise von Franz.

the rant picks up …

Evinnra wrote:
The mood altering nature of self reflection is quite well explained in the same place, in Plato’s ‘Phaedo’:


p.s. Steve I’m beginning to think that you and I are really twins!

Evinnra I do not find it odd that you and Steve ‘connect’.
That is the idea behind ‘organized religion’.
To get everyone experiencing the same kind of ahaaaa.

But my life had no ‘organized religion’.
Does that mean my disorganized mind and spirit cannot see or feel what the Judeao / Christian / Islamic / Buddhist / Hindu mind and heart sees and feels?  Am I indeed incapable of accessing your Gods unless I subscribe to a certain belief system, a certain ‘structuring of my inner thoughts’?

Can I never have an epiphany if I do drugs?
Do you both, Steve and Evinnra claim such a thing?

You may want to travel through India where the highly religious Sadhu smoke the evil weed.
Maybe I should post a few links to articles that suggest Shamanism lay the foundation, was the script that Religion worked from … plagiarized actually.

No royalties paid to humanity were ever paid for this theft.
The spoils were kept by those who concealed the knowledge.
And then these forces branded anyone who tried to access this occult knowledge which means hidden a heretic.

Oy vey … and the beat of a manufactured HIStory goes on.
Nice fairy tale Steve and Evinnra.
Both of you are lost on this website apparently but do continue enjoying the tour…on this website.
Fear not the mythologist … we can read between the self-serving lines of the script.
We do not take things literally … we see the unity through figurative interpretations.
A mythologist would never burn someone at the stake.
I am glad you both found my JC.
Joesph Campbell that is…he is a promoter of Unity.
And he is the good twin to your evil twin JC.
Your Jesus Christ constructed and that has been used to divide and conquer.
Ever study real history and not just your version of HIStory, Steve and Evinnra?
Was that a yes?

Good please name one religious cult that has more blood on its hands through the course of history than the globe trotting marauding, crusading Judaeo / Christians / Islam I am bad?
Name one please?
Can’t can you?
Why? … because it is the Judaeo / Christian / Moslem attitude of being Chosen that inspires him to build ships and conquer the seven seas with grand heroism.
Oy vey stay in the desert for 40 more years please … go back to Egypt … reverse the Exodus … put the genies back into the Canopic Jars … and resurrect the Goddess …

Same thing as Jesus Christ actually.
Jesus represents the feminine principle, IMHO…but the temple priest liars refer to him as the Son of God, or was it the Sun of God?

I hate to point out the obvious to both of you … no Pope has ever given birth to another life. It is only the woman who can create life within her sacred womb / tomb. Until the male principle uses his science to replicate …. cloning etc… outside of the body … this vessel, the womb is sacred.
Now what is one of the oldest fertility symbols?

The Shiva Linga.
What does it look like?

Before Sun / Son worship there was MOON / Goddess worship.
That is a fact that seems to upset many funny-mentalist Jews and Christians and Moslems.

So I actually believe behind every good woman there is a man.
A reversal of the dominant theme we have bought into.
Now the twins Steve and Ennvira, try coupling with the woman behind the man?
Sounds like a position for Birth Control.
No my logic dictates to me … only the man can approach from behind sexually … and also recent archeo-astronomy discoveries are changing the HIStorical TIMElines, suggesting that at one time the woman was without a doubt on top … when Oral Tradition ruled.

Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.
Love oral traditions.
Before HIStory, apparently there was a HERstory.

IMHO both of you should force yourselves to read the ground breaking expose on HIStory called ‘Hamlet’s Mill’.
Actually many of the associates stuck in their ‘Judaeo Christian Islamic’ fantasy should read this book released in 1969.
And it no coincidence this book was ignored in 1969.
69 was a good year (we put a man on the MOON … no coincidence) and 69 as you both know is another effective BIRTH Control method.
Both being good Catholics … you would be aware of the alternative methods … and putting the woman behind the man is as noted also very effective.
I prefer 69 though to spooning and forking….leaves a good taste in your mouth.
Did Joseph Campbell ever discuss this book, Hamlet’s Mill?

p.s now imagine for a moment … go back 500 years … what would your Cult forefathers do with me?


That is my point … your theology has some real fundamental flaws.
Magnified by the dimension of TIME called the ‘looking glass’ of course.
Evinnra wrote:

Who was talking about monotheism on this thread so far?!

You and Steve hinted at connecting at the mono god vibe.
That’s good.
Can I join?
You read your Bible.
I will roll mine?

Evinnra wrote:

Raphael, my dear, dear freedom-fighter in disguise, what makes you think that you are not involved in those moments of epiphany Steve and I was mentioning above? I can’t speak for Steve, but for me my Catholic faith is simply a form of expression to convey the mystery within, like my body is merely a particular form of my innate will to participate.

I have been unveiled, the unveiling of Isis.
Of course I was suggesting I have experienced what you and Steve do ALL the time … high or not.

Evinnra wrote:

Besides, most Catholics I know are past caring about how others use their ‘temple’ for fornication, drug abuse and crime. If we were really good Catholics we’d give a toss, but alas … its not an angelic age.

Yes it is the Iron Age.
Iron is white when pure and darkens as it becomes impure with AGE.
But here is another problem I have with the righteous Judeao / Christian … what are you doing in my TEMPLE?
Get the fuck out …
Who invited you eh?
If you were good Catholics you would heed the words of the Oracle of Delphi …

“Evinnra and Steve know thyself”

Evinnra wrote:

What is the saddest of all outcomes is that you my dear friend feel left out and abandoned when others attempt to share their joy. To me what makes this whole existence worth going through is those moments when we can share in each other’s triumph.

You mean live vicariously through others?
Sorry to rain on your parade.
I do not feel abandoned, not at all, I love my isolation, keep out.

Evinnra wrote:

Nobody holds a gun to your head forcing you to become a Catholic/Jew/Muslim or anything.

Hahahahaha … too funny E.
Pardon me?
That is EXACTLY the game these past 5000 years.
Where have you been?
Head buried in the mid-east sand looking for black gold?
That kind of statement is an invitation for another rant about the Crimes of the Vatican … choose your words wisely … remember it is I who continually attempt to bring UNITY through the unity of symbols and numbers that ARE common to all.

Choose your WORDS wisely, with wisdom, because it was the WORD that brought disharmony to the world.

Evinnra wrote:

But I am at a loss to know whether you like me or not, for if you did you would not feel so jealous, and if you don’t why the hell you bother posting replies to us?

Because Steve started this thread directly as the result of a conversation I had had on another thread.
Is that correct Steve?

Hardly…actually I feel sorry for those who refuse to see, I probably have a higher reverence for your scripture than perhaps you do.


Because I see exactly how and where it connects to other scriptures.
Some of what you follow with faith was directly ripped off, stolen, plagiarized etc. from other ‘belief systems’.

That is ALL your illusion called a ‘belief system’ is Evvinra … it is an imaginary lifeline we throw to OURSELVES.
And then you hand the line to the Temple Priests.

Evinnra wrote:

See you on the mountain top,

If you get there before me take a look across the Abyss that divides the theologian and the scientist …
Floating effortlessly is the Shaman … the origin of the species.

The only thing a Judeao / Christian / Islamic funnymentalist can teach me is ‘forgiveness’ …

After THEY, this belligerent mob, all descendants of Abraham apologize for their ungodly behaviors these past 2000+ years.

The Nazis (the German Consciousness) said I am sorry … now it is the Vatican’s turn.
But when is the last time any of your faith apologized for the crimes of your forefathers?
Nope … Steve and yourself and countless others on this MYTH website are prime examples of being spokespeople in denial for the Vatican mobsters.
Steve and yourself and many other JCs are similar, a refusal to accept a complicity based on common beliefs.
It is Time the Vatican apologized for the Holocausts it engineered throughout the world…not come out with decrees suggesting babies who were not blessed can NOW go to heaven.
That kind of bullshit speaks volumes about what you support.

As I suggested the Pope should get up and say “I / We are sorry for our hysterical crimes of passion”.

Yes it is time.
I for one want an apology from this ‘organization’.
This MEN’s Club of Rome.
I am not alone.
The Jews got one.
Now I want one from the Vatican on behalf of all those who were silenced by this agent of the devil.

Do you really think I am jealous of your cult?
Or are you showing me the light NOT the dark side of the Catholic …
A sense of humor.

Jews are funny stand-ups … you might want to learn from their messiahs.
The Pope should learn a few good jokes.

SteveC wrote:
The mythologist would throw virgins into the volcano to appease the God of the volcano. I have never killed a person, does that make me unfit to be a religious person, in your opinion?

Two things Steve.
I can show you where it is the FIRE cults that throw people into the Volcanoes.
The Aztecs were famous … they would also rip out your heart.
Something the Egyptians held sacred.
Judaism and Christianity replaced the Volcano with burning at the stake…not everybody had a volcano in their backyard.

But a tree?
Everyone had a tree or access to wood.
One of the first crosses was simply a timber nailed perpendicular to the trunk.

No Steve you are not unfit but be careful which club you join.
I see no difference in someone joining the neo-Nazis, knowing of the Nazi party’s recent history and body count …. and joining your Cult the Club of Rome that has a far more dastardly dark history.

The Vatican makes Hitler and Co. look like a Boy Scout Jamboree…
Organized but amateurish.

I wrote a thread on another website showing how devious and calculating your organization was and is.
How they obliterated a culture and buried their history.
Using facts Steve.
But the egos on this site require a softer handling with kid gloves.
No Steve, your HIStory does NOT equal history.

And this is a problem.
In order to know where you are going … you must have some idea of where you came from.

Hey Steve and Evinnra … I used lots of ‘WORDS’, both of you are cunning linguists … knock yourselves out.

SteveC wrote:
Raphael wrote:

Because Steve started this thread directly as the result of a conversation I had had on another thread.
Is that correct Steve?

That’s true, your post did get me thinking. But I didn’t make the thread about you, I instead described my own experiences.

No, I’m not jealous of what you own or what you do or of what you think.

Sorry to put you on the defensive with the ‘jealous’ comment. But the word jealous was misplaced…it belonged with the next paragraph.

Here is the correction:

Because Steve started this thread directly as the result of a conversation I had had on another thread.
Is that correct Steve?

Hardly…actually I feel sorry for those who refuse to see, I probably have a higher reverence for your scripture than perhaps you do.

That’s better.
Moving on now … do you feel better defending an error on my part Christian Soldier of Mercy?

SteveC wrote:

Actually, the Pope did, and the Muslims went nuts and the Christians used it as proof that the Muslims are nuts. He doesn’t get any points for that! It was an error on his part to speak in terms of groupthink and use it as part of a dialogue in a rebuke of Christian believers. He, like you, is embracing the idea of guilt (and innocence) by association. Nobody can change the past OR take responsibility for it.

Perhaps he drives you nuts because you make the same intellectual errors that he does. Yes, I am a “bad” Catholic, but I doubt I will be nailing a manifesto to the Vatican door anytime soon. Of course, according to you, I am supposed to be a blind automoton who follows without thinking, right?

Are you referring to when the Poop used that INFLAMMATORY remark about Islam being spread by the sword?
Yes that is right Steve … HE the Poop should have known better than ME. He is God’s ambassador … chosen in a conclave … and who am I, but thank you for the comparison.
And as history (not your HIStory) shows … Christianity more than any other religion was spread by the sword … there are not many Muslims in the Americas Steve … at least until recently …

HE, the highly revered Poop was stirring the pot with intent … the difference is I only smoke pot with intent.
But both of us are up to the same schiesse.
We both like to play devil’s advocate…or assistant.

The Pope is a rather pathetic representative to represent humanity … have you read the history of these Christian butchers wearing the frock they stole from the Goddess?
Read about some of your Poops.
Not much better than Hitler.

And yes Steve you cannot change the past but you can take responsibility for the present though…and at what point did the Christian / Catholics start behaving good as a group?

Who are the believers and funnymentalists that have assembled in Iraq and Iran and Israel and Afghanistan and …?

I do not see any Buddhists, Sikhs, Taoists, Aborigine, Indians East or West … NO Steve … your belief has some fundamental flaws … why all the anger between the Jews, Christians and Muslims?

Nobody else is signing up for the Armageddon Party discussed in your flawed interpretations, only the descendants of Abraham …

Yes Steve you may not be a devil worshiper, or are you?
I think Christianity is the Joke, your Satan has played on the ewe.
Where else would a devil live … in a city of gold … while just outside it’s front gates … is despair and poverty … and he as Sheppard has the flock well tended.

The Vatican is such a city of gold.

Mr. robot man I have a cure for that blindness that plagues you.
I will pierce my side with a lance.
If lucky I will strike my liver and this blood, is the blood I will use to cure your blindness.
You are better than most Steve in defending your position, being a defender of your faith … what you ‘believe’.
Good. I too can defend what I believe.

My kids believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.
I see no difference in your beliefs … symbolism not to be taken literally.
Time you grew up too Steve or do you still believe in Santa?

SteveC wrote:

When you are done shouting at your mirror, then you will find yourself. A word of advice: the vomit does come off your shoes, eventually.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is most delusional of all?

Steve I was going to TRY to show a connection to science in regards to the lance piercing the liver and curing blindness…but I shall allow you your delusions.
I will allow you your dreams about your devils and angels and such, swirling about in your Judeao / Christian mind … little girls sticking crucifixes up their vagina … heads twisting about … screaming Christian fears like “your mother sucks cocks in hell” and spewing other Christian vile and bile.

And that line, “your mother sucks cocks in hell”,  is from the film the Exorcist …

What would happen if they showed that film to a Buddhist?
Do you think he would ‘connect’ with the devil fears, like you do?
Part of the Cult programming unique and necessary for a certain illusion to manifest.

Can I suggest a book called Hamlet’s Mill to help you grow up?

p.s. Vomit on shoes?
Pagans go barefoot … I do love how vomit oozes between the toes.


If you fellas cannot see the connection between a religious experience, drug usage and the forcing of certain mantra these past 2000 years …

You are right I am on the wrong thread but can I remind you, Clemsy what Dionyses did say “And if your world-view is big enough that sacred space can be anywhere upon your mother.”

Hate to point out that the Judaeo / Christian / Muslims have claimed all the scared spaces Clemsy and they want to continue to encroach on my mother. All three love setting up new colonies and settlements…

Religious vermin.

You just don’t get it.
Do you?

What has happened to this website … it has become rather ‘full of itself’…
My discussion with Steve was valid.

No offense Nandu, and then you chirp in, wanting to get back on track discussing drugs you haven’t taken.

Blah blah blah.

p.s. has Hamlet’s Mill been discussed on this website?
Don’t waste your time sending me a pm Clemsy, sometimes you are the one off base, it was NOT a religious rant … My mood had been altered by Steve’s beliefs … can you answer that question about Hamlet’s Mill … please?
Maybe direct me to a thread?


Ban me.

The two of you will prove my point.
By not acknowledging WORDS are the best substances to ALTER MOODS.
Actually I believe SYMBOLS are the KEY, buttons that can also be pushed using words.
Ask advertisers about manipulating our sheeple brains.

Now answer this for me please for a third time (anybody / somebody) I am requesting info about ‘Hamlet’s Mill’.
Does this website calling itself the extension of a great man, know anything about this ground breaking work?

In 1969 there were 2 events.
One was a Macro event … we put a man on the MOON.

This was the manifestation of the Macro dream, the personification of an inner need to reach for the stars … why?
Getting to the moon which is a symbol of the Goddess, the feminine principle, the UNCONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!!

Now the other event was a Micro event.
A book was published.

And the revelation of this book, Hamlet’s Mill says to me that it was actually a BIGGER event than putting a man on the MOON, that compliments nicely the fact we put a man on the MOON.

What was the revelation?

That myth and folklore was the language (Oral tradition) the ancients used to transmit complex math and science.
So in other words … they left us messages to be interpreted.
The ancients did, they left us messages … time capsules.
And the Judeao Christians took control of those messages.

Because much of the language, the MESSAGE concerned the PRECESSION of the EQUINOXES…and this by the way…is what 2012 is all about.
And this cycle of time is the cycle they took control of…the Solar Cycle as it moves through the 12 houses of the HORRORscope.
And this then brings me FOOL circle to the Tarot which I trace back to Mesoamerica not Egypt or India…
The Mayans who were our best keepers of TIME used the MOON and SUN to predict the future.
Would Pope Gregory be aware of this? Yes.
I can prove the Church deliberately tossed out the MOON from the calculation of TIME.

Joesph Campbell is turning in his grave anyway.
I am one of the few here on this mythical forum who actually heeds the revelations of Hamlet’s Mill.
In other words I am tuned into the revelation this book suggested.
And you are not, obviously.
I was assigned the task to interpret.
I have a higher calling than to put the delusion Judeao Christian to bed at night, happy with his perversions and delusions brought about by self-serving literal interpretations of a UNIFYING message.

Too bad you support Steve and Co. in their delusions.
This book supports mine.
It was written by scholars.
I know how that impresses the common folk here.

1969 + 43 years = 2012

I have lived at number 43 since 1994
4 + 3 = 7
Is 7 significant?

The Sri Yantra … the most revered of the Hindu Symbols contains 43 triangles.
1 downward female triangle and 42 upward male triangles.
I could on and on as you know.
I really do not see it as my problem the mods here are dead to the subtleties of the Creation.
It is yours.
Which I see as a bigger problem than the tongue lashing I like to give the badly behaved, HIStorically politically incorrect Judeao / Christian.

By the way JC (Joseph Campbell)  is on my side.
I have awakened to the myth that envelopes me.
Banning me only completes the cycle.
We are all messiahs like the anointed one … I will be crucified because my WORDS cause you dis-ease.

The TRUTH hurts.
As a side note Clemsy, (my appearances of grandeur and supremacy are the illusions you hold dear … EGO bashing is what drove Crowley, Case and Waite, the founding members of the Golden Dawn apart too.
That is not what is going on here my friend.
My message may be loud and cantankerous but it needs to be when sitting way back in the cheap seats.
To rise above the Judeao Christian liars who have had the floor for 2000 years…

What do you think and feel 2012 is about?

P.s. go ahead Pilgrim … make my day…I will send all Mods who ban me a complimentary copy of THE BOOK I am putting together for free.

The lunacy, the MOON madness we see all around us?
Easily explained to a non-indoctrinated JC mind.

nandu wrote:
If so, can you please state lucidly, what your experience with drugs is?


They have proved we have receptors throughout our entire body for THC, the active ingredient in POT.

So POT heightens the bodies ability to receive the WAVES or VIBRATIONS.
And the following is NO coincidence Nandu.

It is the female aspect of the plant that gets you high.

The male aspect like HEMP is used for work OUTSIDE the body, for personifying the EGO.

The female aspect deals with the UNCONSCIOUSNESS.
Nandu I smoked POT with Sadhus while in India.

Look at the countries who ban this drug with HEAVY penalties?
The Judeao Christians again.
Guilty again.
Because it interferes with their programming.

Clemsy wrote:

So your use of the word dare is provocative.

I guess this comment deserves its own clarification by me.

The game of life is all about truth or dare.

I dare you to toss a mystic from a myth site.
I have been granted vision.
If you want proof of my mystical insights … it is right here on this website.
Bodhi will confirm my numerous ‘epiphanies’ and so will tat and Ian Beardsly. Ian and I personally engaged in one of the most popular threads here at jcf according to the number of ‘views’.
Go back and read my earliest threads on this site … those of you who do actually see and understand will comprehend the journey I have been on.
And it has been fucking GREAT.
And the EWE wanna take it away.
I see a pattern again.

Go ahead … I will make note of it in my book about how pride and ego manifest to blind one to a underlying truth, how a website claiming some kind of mythological insight was itself a metaphor, fulfilling the motif of the sheeple gathering together in a frenzy of quiet conspiracy, crucifying an uncomfortable message.

Time, in time will prove me correct.
The prophet however suggests we do not need to wait much longer for the truth to work its way to the surface.

Here are the realities.
Melting ice caps, drowning polar bears, electro-magnetic polarity reversal does what to your noodle Sir?
My assertion is that our earthly behaviors are a reflection of where the Sun and the Moon are relative to the 4 Royal Stars.


Tasoheter – Michael (Aldebaran) watcher of the East;
Satevis – Oriel (Antares) Watcher of the West;
Hastorang – Gabriel (Fomalhaut) watcher of the South;
Venant – Raphael The Healing Archangel (Regulus) Watcher of the North.

They have been characterized as Horses, reflected both in the famed Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Revelations 6) and Chariot Horses in the Book of Zechariah.
At one time these four stars marked the two Equinoxes and two Solstices. Aldebaran marked the zero Aries point in 3044 BC, Antares marked zero Libra 3052 BC, Fomalhaut marked zero Capricorn, 2582 BC, Regulus marked zero Cancer 2345 BC.
Early English astrologers made Regulus a portent of glory, riches, and power to all born under its influence. Proclus wrote: “The Lyon’s heart is called of some men, the Royal Star, for they that are born under it, are thought to have a royal nativity.” (Allen).

Regulus enters the sign Virgo in 2012 AD. It entered the sign Leo in 156 BC.

So these 4 Royal Stars map out the Precession of the Equinox.
Do you have any idea what a revelation that is?
Probably not … but these 4 Royal Stars further, can be linked to the square cross and the swastika …
The resurrection of these 4 Stars is the beginning of the End of Daze we call Christianity.

Sorry just the facts.

Ever heard of them mods, Judge, Jury and Executioners?
So how can you judge with such limited perspective?
The four of us stand shoulder to shoulder, like sentries guarding an inner sanctum. Our backs facing each other. Thus we only see 180 degrees and our perspectives are rather limited.

Maybe you should acknowledge that our backs are back to back and that neither of us sees the same thing. Quantum experimentation of the INVISIBLE confirms that the VISIBLE is an ILLUSION.
Each observer has a valid observation …. even though they see totally different things…and the Dopler principle suggests this works with SOUND too.
Can I suggest anything that VIBRATES would be subject to the same underlying LAWS?

As I have suggested to the other misplaced EGOS trying to set me straight on my journey of late (these past 2+ years), leave me alone … allow me to channel … I will try to be nice … this site could use a little ‘Hamlet’s Mill’ clarity.

i.e. So I suggested to an Airline Pilot that I respected the fact he knew how to fly a plane … and I would board his plane … even if his experience had been garnered as an angry Judeao Christian dropping bombs on a illusion he helped manifest.


Yes I suggested to this Airline Pilot that he should feel comfortable climbing aboard the esoteric time capsoul called the goodship lollipop that I, Raphael as navigator do actually provide the co-ordinates of the journey…. and sometimes I hand out pacifiers too!!!
Obviously I do acknowledge the pilot / Moon and the co/pilot, the Sun are in ultimate control of this Macro journey we are on…my job as Micro navigator is to get along with the crusading Judaeo Christian in the cramped quarters on a long journey.

Go ahead toss the mystic.
Maybe one day I will meet the EWE at Esalen … when you are attending one of my seminars…for free by the way.

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright are just an extension of the EGO and Pride linked to what Jung termed the personification of the CONSCIOUSNESS.

What I offer, what Edgar Caycee offered was simply the tapping into, of the collective UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

And whenever I see Bodhi and other members on this website copyrighting great info …
A part of me dies.
Yes it does.
Go ahead … ban me, the same people that are (unintentionally, unknowingly I do acknowledge and this is the power of the metaphor of the fallen man) , leaching off Joesph Campbell’s good work, claiming to be messengers of a truth…and sadly…tinkering with it.

Again the Judeao Christians have infiltrated an inner temple, the inner sanctum and again HIStory has repeated itself.
TRUTH is very difficult to unravel.
And then mods who like to play gods, take a good long hard look at your wee lamb selves … between now and 2012.

The Rolling Stone that gathers no moss reminds me that …

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmme is on my side … yessss it is….
But TIME is running out for the herds of sheeple and flocks of seagullibles.
Do the EWE want to know what to do?
Do you?
All you need to do is ask me.
And then I will pose the question to a higher authority.
What have the EWE got to loose?



p.s. Could not a mythical website could use a Prophet of Doom?

Regardless of how fucking uncomfortable the message is, my reluctance to sugar coat it for the weak and unbalanced … those full of fear and uncertainty in their lives, the lesson ultimately is “Do we shoot, hang, crucify the messenger and thus quell the noise, and ignore the message….again…?

You folks are smarter than that.

Maybe I am an appetizer for the main course to come.

Have a nice day in lala land … what makes everybody think the message was going to be painless and comfortable, eh?





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