Hitler was on the RIGHT track!


Yes he was.
And yes such a paradox.

A GREEN Hitler trying to dispense with Dark Cloud theology.
disclaimer: ALL religions are systems of BELIEF.
I ask who has a right to impose their beliefs on others?

So essentially that is what I see, a GREEN vision vs. Judaeo Christian vision controlling the Earth’s resources.
But poor Adolf was a conflicted individual … he sadly was a GREEN Judaeo/Christian.

Actually I do believe the scriptures (Torah, KJV, Koran) are divine…so are the myths and folklore and the Tarot.
It is the way they have been interpreted by the influential THEY that is the problem here.
Essentially it can be shown that a theological coup took place in the Vatican once the lights had gone out in the conclave.

The literalists literally and figuratively began dominating those who had been using the scriptures as archetypes and motifs.
Like symbols, the words were interpreted figuratively.

But I will suggest Hitler should have done to the Jews what the Judeao Christians did to the Mesoamericans…if he really wanted to be effective.

Pay attention Semites:
If I was a Hitler and my goal was to eliminate a certain tribe, can I suggest I would have learned greatly from my HIStory lessons provided.
I would have been a very wise Hitler indeed.
Here is the lesson most Judeao Christians missed in their conversions to becoming Satanists…(without even realizing it)…yes the conversion has been stealth, Satan has tricked them ALL.
Here is the HIStory lesson that was altered to blind the followers so they would blindly follow the Sheppards into the Valley of Death… Shock

If I were Hitler I would have done what the crucifix waving Christians did when they arrived on the shores of the New World.
I would find all documentation of their tribes history and burn the BOOKS along with the tribes. (See the conflict here for Adolf … he was an Occult Roman Catholic fuck up who believed in devils and such…and he was probably another who saw himself as a Messiah fulfilling a task assigned)

The great advantage as noted is that the ‘victor’ does write the HIStory. What little history you choose to preserve of the vanquished, eliminated tribes, you now place what truth remains of their culture into Codices.

And these Codices were individually called a Codex.
But I refer to them as Code X.
What is X?
X has been portrayed as an unknown quantity…
But the X in the Codex is ALL about TIME and Time Keeping.
What would have been the greatest treasure the Maya or Aztec could offer, besides gold.

An accurate way to tell the future?
The Mayan Atomic clock is only out 33 seconds after 1500 years.
What does 2012 therefore mean?

And as those who write the HIStory, you could and would rewrite the history of those who you conquer…to quell their behaviors based on beliefs.
i.e. We have what is referred to as pre-Columbian history.
Do we call the history of the Judeao Christians … pre – Moses, or maybe we should call the Biblical illusion, pre – Enoch?

Can I suggest Hitler lacked real vision!

Yes the structure of POWER that is a common denominator all throughout HIStory is the Vatican.

And the Vatican knows how to go about creating a real Holocaust.
How many hundreds of millions of unjust deaths (murders) has this institution been responsible for around the entire GLOBE?
They have had death camps ALL over the CREATION.
Hitler confined his nightmare to Europe.

I would ‘buy into’ modern Judeao Christianity as quickly as I would join a Neo-Nazi party. I may be a wingnut but I am not a FOOL.
To me I see no difference … both are CULTS with questionable HIStories based on faulty ways of thinking and feeling.
IMHO there is no difference between being a funny-mentalist belligerent, self-serving Jew/Christian/Moslem and a fascist NAZI …only denial of the obvious exists here.

Hitler seemed to have a Bigger vision than most people acknowledge.
His GREEN EARTH vision has in fact been harmed, look around…AND since 1945…the entire world is now threatened like never before, this is a FACT, directly because a certain way of THINKING and BELIEVING (the JCs) was given a Headquarter from which to operate and espouse their BELIEFS.

Today what threatens the WORLD is ZIONISM and ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE.

And may I point out Hitler was fighting both, in his own way…he termed Mein Kampf, meaning “my battle”.
And ALL battles originate from within.
Rolling Eyes

I believe his vision was a GREAT one.


His methods however lacked wisdom.
And as always when looking through the scope of anger and ego … you are bound to HIT the wrong targets…

I would have made the little Jew babies exercise their RIGHT BRAINS more.
Yes by making them meditate on swirling swastikas … THEY, the LEFT BRAIN dominated thinking JEW would find a balance with their feminine principle within which resides in the other half of their self-serving ME minds.

Easy to prove using today’s science.
Rolling Eyes

Religion as we know it is on it’s way oooooooooooooooooooout!
That will be one of the results of 2012.
The Goddess shall return which means the Temple Priest becomes part of HIStory.



God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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