Newsseeker wrote:
I always get confused reading your posts Raphael. No offense because the problem is with me.

No, Seeker of the News, as in any exchange the problem is with both of us.

I can only keep trying to express an epiphany that exists deep within the rabbit hole…here is what I found today my friend.

Please recognize in the post called 9 Cosmological Eggs in 1 Basket I tried to show you how our inner architecture tries to express itself >>>> project itself outward from within … spiraling outward from within.
Our creative juices flowing from the same source that created all we see around us.
And the mathematics that we employ to dissect this ‘perfect’ creation is a language that profoundly suggests we are ALL CONNECTED. We as a collective equal 1.
Pythagoras did not see the number 1 (one) as a number that came before 2. He saw all numbers that came after one as representing the unity of 1, divided.
As is the number 3. It is merely a number in relation to the number 1.

The numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 thus are merely ‘fractions’ of the number ONE.
Like slices of pie making up the whole.
And 1 pie can also be divided into 12 slices representing the 12 houses of the horoscope or perhaps even 12 knights sitting around a round table.

Math is the universal language that unites humanity.
Not Aramaic, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Chinese or English.
It is numbers that transcend the man-made boundaries called languages.
And written language as we know was preceded by the Oral Traditions.

Oral communications only.
Sounds created with the intent of creating specific vibrations.
Are sounds important?
What is a mantra?
Where is the Wailing Wall?
What is Aum / Om?

So what many of my blogs attempt to show is that there is a Universal architecture that keeps ‘presenting itself’ in many varied forms. But it is there. It must be. The architecture must be sound and consistent and it follows a pattern. Not unlike the underlying structure of a skyscraper.

Hildegard de Bingen, another mystic (many historians suggest if she was not a woman…she would have had the stature, for sure, of a Da Vinci), she also had illuminations where she would portray the messengers cloaked in a dark blue, and she sums what I am trying to express as an interdependence with far more eloquence.

“God has arranged all things in the world in consideration of everything else … “
“…everything that is in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, is penetrated with connectedness, is penetrated with relatedness.”

And fellas like 20th century quantum physicist Max Planck would say … true Hilde … everything is connected to vibration.

But wait … which came first?
The Chick or the Egghead?

Hildegard lived in the 12th century.

Duh…taking the scientist quite a long time to cross the abyss to confirm the visions of the 12th century Abbess.

I also agree with Rudolf Steiner (founder of Waldorf Schools) in believing we should teach Myth before Math.
Steiner believed children should not be taught math until the second set of teeth started coming in. Between the ages of 6-8. And by no coincidence many indigenous cultures also have a rite of initiation around the age of 7. The Hopi of the Southwest actually give their children at the age of 7, a Kachina Rattle.
The Hopi’s equivalent of a coming messiah would be the Blue Star Kachina.
Kachina Rattle

Here again is another example of how a child is still connected to the ‘Universal Structure’ … and if we nurture this inner architecture in our children we will indeed put the ART back into the healing heARTS.

Rolling Eyes

“Our Father who ART in heaven….”

And to me this photograph defines the MYTH of our TIME without a doubt.
There I go making another outlandish claim.

But you have no idea how this photo captures the essence of “All has been written”.
Or do you?
This post will not totally confirm those claims but you must admit, after reading this post, the universal structure is apparent and we must begin to look at the world again with the awe of a child merged with the wisdom of experience, respecting the interconnectedness that we cannot see …

I started this thread discussing the analogies of 9 Cosmological Eggs in 1 Basket, as a metaphor, a motif or as an archetype of a universal cosmological structure or architecture of the BIG picture.

Count the flags in the picture of the Cell, delivered to us by a 13 year old prophetess … with the caption “We Need Water”.

Out of the mouths and minds of babes… emanates a deep, deep, profound truth.
Of course this is true because it is the children who become the prophets. (google > indigo children)
So what gift does this child, this spirit, this prophetess bring the elders for our interpretations?

Done counting the flags?
I count 11 flags.

9 Flags contained within 2 other flags called the cell membrane and cell wall.

9 contained within 1 contained within 1
9 1 1

And these two barriers, the cell wall and cell membrane apparently contain the CHAOS within and have mechanisms for growth and expansion built in.
And by no coincidence to illustrate how CELL structure is analogous to the UNIVERSE on a macrocosmic scale, cells are programmed to die, black holes also are programmed to die, within the Chaos of cell activity beautiful Order is Created, the Chaos of the Universe also reveals an Order of a greater magnitude.

Like wow.

So in conclusion I have concluded and thus manifested a profound ‘thought’.

What if 9 I I is a number that defines the universal structure?

What if the toppling of the 2 Towers was a harbinger of a future event?

What if as Buddhism suggests this is the end of Duality … a stage necessary to pass through on the path to Unity?

The 4 Steps of Stages of the Maya illusion.

1/ Atomic

2/ Space
3/ Time

4/ Vibration

What if we currently reside between Time and Vibration?
It can all be represented as frequency and amplitude creating waveforms.

Max the Sage walked the Planck and declared before plunging into the Quantum Waters as yet unexplored….”No such thing as Mattter…only VIBRATION!!!”

We should not ignore 2012 … I feel it might be the moment we pass from Time through to Vibration as a collective.

But if are not prepared therein lay the danger I feel.
Get ready for an onslaught of WMD against the TRUTH.

Weapons of Media Distraction

Here is a great example of what I mean.
Watch this trailer for the film 23.
Another film selling a BIAS.
Get ready for an onslaught of hair raising BS between NOW and 2012.

The latest film with JC … Jim Carrey and the exploration of the Number 23 is again unfair and ends with predictable Judeao Christian fears of the Occult, murder and mayhem…


Oy vey …
This is incredible blatant manipulation of Truths easily researched if the individual is possessed like me…


One of the Secrets to the number 23 is to do what ALL the ancients did.
Reduce it to a single digit.

So Jim Carrey is possessed by the number 5 and I am obsessed with the number 4.

Hey Jimbo, oops, did not mean to show disrespect to you J.C. … I was wondering would ya vanna do a pre-quel to 23 = 2 + 3 = number 5 ?
The pre-quel of course would be based on the number that came before it.
22 = 2 + 2 = 4 ? … have I got a script for you…ewe fans would love it! )

And it is no coincidence that the numbers 5 and 4 are connected esoterically to the Circle and the Square respectively and also to the Left and Right hands, respectively.

Then I like to discuss how Chirality affects our ‘BLUEprints’ called DNA without which we NEVER evolve.

The process of creating chiral compounds is best discussed using your left and right hands…and soon we start to see patterns between the numbers 4 and 5 and 9, that I also tried to illustrate manifest themselves very early in the child’s game reflecting the Universal architecture, and this Game of Life is called Tic Tac Toe.

The Universal structure also reveals itself in the KEYboards we all use.
How they are structured…where the KEYS are place…symbols sharing KEYS representing Big and Small, Upper Case and Lower Case…

Take a look at KEY number 4 … what is the Lower case … what is the Upper Case?
What symbol did I place in the center square of the Game Of Life happening right now in the 4th dimension…

More on prophecy using our KEYboards that our hands are attached too later. We are more connected than we realize folks.

Is it a coincidence that the enneagram and the popular game of sudoku both can be placed on a 3 x 3 grid?
I discuss the enigmatic enneagram later in this post…

Should I show you how to draw the swastika, placed on a 3 x 3 grid, and at the same TIME show how it is connected in a profound way to the Judaic symbol Solomon’s Knot?

Rolling Eyes

The Myth of 9 1 1

… to be continued…

update July 2nd, 2007:

The Sears Tower in Chicago was purchased recently by the owners of the WTC.

The Sears Tower is 9 buildings in 1.

“…The building plan consists of nine 75 x 75 foot column-free squares at the base. Floor sizes are then reduced by eliminating 75 x 75 foot increments at varying levels as the tower rises…”
-building architect B. Graham

WTF is going on?

The Sears Tower is 1450 feet tall.
Do I need to point out that 1 + 4 + 5 = 10?
And 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

And there are those 2 numbers again, 4 and 5.

4 + 5 = 9 buildings in 1


Then I guess the fact 75 = 7 + 5 = 12 … Thus the building with a footprint of “…the building plan consists of nine 75 x 75 foot column-free squares at the base… can in fact be reduced to a 12 x 12 grid.

And as we know 12 x 12 = 144
And 144 = 1 + 4 + 4 = 9

What most people slough off as a coincidence … I see as consistency, integrity and undeniable proof of ‘Intelligent Design’ … the ID or id.

Connecting with the id through mythological archetypes is the id trying to know itself.
update July 26th, 2007:

I present a few more coincidences in regards to the Universal Structure etched into our consciousness called 911.

Remember the ancients reduced everything to single digits between 1-9.
i.e. 911 becomes 9 + 1 + 1 = 11

We have 92 basic elements … before man started slicing and dicing …
92 = 9 + 2 = 11 = 2

1 divided by 137 = fine structure constant
You can arrange the numbers 137 into a tetrahedron form using 11 spheres placed in a trinity of layers.
i.e. first layer has 7 spheres, followed by a layer of 3 spheres, and at the apex we place 1 sphere.

137 = 11 = 2

And the magic substance chlorophyll has a total of 137 atoms and is structurally comprised of 6 circles, 12 branches and 137 atoms.

Why do I call chlorophyll magical?

Because it has the ability to convert energy into matter using light!!!!!!!!!!!!

What this essentially means is 4 things, and for the layman to understand this is very, very important because the conspiracy by mega- corps. like Monsanto Inc. thus presents itself…

1st reason … All plants are solar and wind collectors.

2nd … Because plants are solar and wind collectors, they can be viewed as a free energy source.

3rd … Plants have achieved a ‘balance’ , that the animal ‘man’ has yet to achieve in utilizing the ‘4’ elements.
Let me explain.
i.e. 4 basic elements.

Solar is Fire
Wind is Air
These two elements are associated with the masculine principle and please note: they are considered the invisible elements

Rain is Water
Land is Earth

By no coincidence (design?) these elements are considered to be associated with the feminine principle.
And these elements are visible. And they also share the same letter H (hay/heh) in the name of the supreme Hebrew deity known the world over as YHWH. (Yahweh)

In the esoteric realm each letter of YHWH is associated with one of the four elements.

Card X or 10 of the Tarot exploits this relationship quite succinctly.

Y is Yod is Fire
H is Heh or Hay and is Water
W or V is Vav and is associated with Air
H is Heh / Hay and is associated with the Earth

And the final and 4th reason I believe Plant consciousness could in fact be more evolved than animal consciousness is this …

In the battle to find a balance within the ‘creation’ provided plants have indeed proved their longevity.

Man who is the animals best representative to date is no match for the plant in this thermodynamic battle which has control over the direction of TIME itself.

The only way for the intellect of mankind to turn back the hands of TIME, is find or manifest a TIME machine.

A TIME machine capable of doing an end run around the 3 supreme and incontestable laws of SPACE called Thermodynamics.

Plants have achieved through the manufacture of the chlorophyll molecule what scientists have not.

The abiltity to Create Matter out of Energy!!!!!!!!!!

Man has built particle accelerators, and one is called CERN.
Cern is a 26 mile donut buried in the Alps.
Here the best egos of mankind are trying to accomplish what every plant on earth can.

Create Matter out of Energy!!!!!!!!!!And the 137 atoms contained in a Chorophyll molecule = 1 + 3 + 7 atoms = 11 atoms = 2 atoms or adams?

thus we have in the beginning …

adam + eve in the Garden of Eden / Chlorophyll…

And the 2 towers that came crumbling down on 911 represent the dismantling of the current epoch prior to Unity…just like the Tibetans and the modern sage Max Planck believe.

It is all vibration folks.
Matter apparently is an illusion.

What if 911 is indeed an archetype for the Universal Structure and the KEY to it’s Universal Movement is the swirling, twirling whirling devilish and dervish swastika?What if?

Would that be reason enough to bury this sacred symbol (the swastika…the Key to Universal Movement) by associating it with a heinous crime?

Next post we see how the mystic Madame Blavatsky the Grand Duchess of the esoteric, and her adopted symbol by the Theosophical Society, confirms my theory…

Update August 19th, 2007

Below is the Seal of Madame BEE’s (Blavatsky) Theosophical Society.

Theosophical Seal

If you count the symbols /glyphs inside the Ouroboros you will count 9.
This symbol adopted by the society contains all the numbers from 1-9.

It also has 9 distinct symbols within the snake and the snake also wears a crown which is interpreted as being outside the snake.
Thus we again are presented with a 9 within 1 within 1 structure. It was appropriate that the final world from the world of the esoteric was delivered by the Madame.

Now if that was not convincing enough, I believe this last example from the world of science and math should be the final example I need to present before ‘I rest my case‘.
I believe I will have presented enough evidence in regards to establishing that The Myth of 911 = Universal Structure.

What was it that brought the Twin Towers down?

Thermodynamics … ?

To describe asymmetric processes, (haha … were the twin towers asymmetric?), thermodynamics contains a law, known specifically as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. And this law is also known as the Law of Penalty or Entropy. As it turns out the law of Penalty is an appropriate name for the events that took place on Sept 11th, 2001.

And Entropy always increases with TIME and reversals in TIME are therefore not possible so suggests the 2nd Law. But Newtonian physics declared reversals were possible. Hmm

So to help me solve this dilemma (can time travel in both directions?), we need to use Statistical Mechanics.
But I know nothing about Statistical Mechanics so I will need to enlist the help of Lord Kelvin, James Clerk Maxwell, J. Willard Gibbs, and today we will consult with Ludwig Boltzman.

These were the men, among others who invented the theory called Statistical Mechanics.

The main insight underlying statistical mechanics’ explanation of the 2nd Law is easily demonstrated.
Imagine two boxes. One box, B is empty and the other box A contains 20 balls numbered 1-20.
And the balls are laid out in a 4 x 5 grid. (there are those numbers 4 and 5 again)

Statistical Mechanics deals with ALL the different ways the balls could be distributed between the two boxes.

i.e. you could put 20 in box A and none in box B or the arrangement could be reversed…or you could put 4 in A and 16 in B … or 16 in A and 4 in B … etc. etc.

Boltzman then noticed the following statistical asymmetry.
There is only one possible way to place all 20 balls in A and none in B.
This arrangement would be 20 – 0. And there is only one possible way to put none in A and all 20 in B.
This arrangement would be 0 – 20.

Boltzman noticed there were 15,000 ways to put 5 balls in box A and 15 in box B.

But what does this have to do with 911?

Well the easiest arrangement to achieve is a 10 – 10 balance between the 2 boxes.
This is the most common arrangement statistically possible…
There are more than 180,000 different ways to place 10 balls in box A and 10 balls in box B.

But then please note … the next easiest configuration would be either 11 – 9 or

9 – 11 !!!

So what does this all mean?
I believe 9 – 11 represents a countdown toward the most probable configuration of 10 – 10.

And what does that mean, a countdown toward a 10 -10?
If you understand that ENTROPY is the result of closed systems and Global Warming is the result of a closed system forming, then you will appreciate that the notation 10 – 10 represents the earth is headed toward a Thermodynamic Equilibrium.

Fact: All closed systems seek Thermodynamic Equilibrium which is a 10 – 10 configuration and this state is known as maximum entropy.

20 – 0 or 0 – 20 are both states known as minimum Entropy … or if I had to use mythological jargon … …In analogy, minimum Entropy 0 – 20, is similar to the Golden Age, and maximum Entropy which is a 10 – 10 balance is also known as heat death, matter chaos or the Iron Age.
But there is an outside chance, a probability of .0000001, that the event we know as 9 – 11 is suggesting there is a reversal of Entropy taking place.
Not likely say the numbers.

So the event that changed the course of recent history, 911, is actually an archetype representing a state of entropy or thermodynamic asymmetry, and using Statistical Mechanics, we learn we have entered a period of acute environmental sustainability and other sensitivities… and we are headed toward achieving the inevitable as all closed systems do … thermodynamic equilibrium.

What if 2012 is the event, the opportunity that the THEY may use to try to push back the hands of Entropy Time to a more agreeable configuration like 5 – 15 or 6 – 14 or 7 – 13, and statistically these arrangements are possible given an indefinite length of time, low entropy fluctuations like 5 – 15 can occur and then the Entropy will start from this point onward again … with all probability toward a balance of 10 -10. All configurations are preferable to 10 – 10, 9 -11 or 11-9, which is like suggesting we are in the final hour…in the countdown toward an equilibrium…balance.

Because those 2 boxes represent the game of things getting hotter and colder…and those balls represent the heat that is transfered away from box A and shifted toward box B.

And the Electro-magnetic light spectrum has an indicator called Atmospheric Opacity, which is also playing a central role in our current environmental concerns.
Atmospheric Opacity predicts periods of increased Entropy here on Earth.

So by using the Electro-magnetic Light Spectrum as an indicator … you could claim, using the journey of light as template, that “All has been written’.

Want me to show you pictures of the EM spectrum, Atmospheric Opacity and the Golden Age?

Before I do … I just remembered another very important 911 archetype.

It is believed that the Enneagram figure is of ancient origin, possibly from within Sufism, while its introduction in modern times is credited to G.I. Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff used the figure in his teachings as a symbol that represents fundamental universal cosmic laws.
-from Wikipedia

And did you notice the ‘open end’ of the Enneagram is represented by the numbers 4 and 5.
One word … Intuition

See the photo above?

The 5 is on the LEFT.
The 4 is on the RIGHT.

May I remind the reader of what I wrote above…

And it is no coincidence that the numbers 5 and 4 are connected esoterically to the Circle and the Square respectively and also to the Left and Right hands, respectively.

Then I like to discuss how Chirality affects our ‘BLUEprints’ called DNA without which we NEVER evolve.

The process of creating chiral compounds is best discussed using your left and right hands…and soon we start to see patterns between the numbers 4 and 5 and 9, that I also tried to illustrate manifest themselves very early in the child’s game reflecting the Universal architecture, and this Game of Life is called Tic Tac Toe.

But I forgot to mention that in all sacred symbolism the right hand is connected to the left postive hemisphere of the mind and the left hand is connected to the right negative hemisphere.
All religious iconography supports this structure of symbolism.

As this inspired photo illustrates.
Right Hand of God

Please note the right hand of God is trying to connect with the left hand of man … and that space between them in analogy could be seen as that gap, and as tiny as it is, this is the gap that reveals itself as that quantum abyss that we cannot breech, the Planck era.

Aum … unless you learn to vibrate…..

I have another profound example using the 3 x 3 matrix … connecting it to numerology…should I bother posting it?

to be continued as the info arrives

namaste … means the swirling swastika in me respects the swirling swastika within you.


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


11 thoughts on “The MYTH of 911 = UNIVERSAL STRUCTURE = The SEARS Tower

  1. interesting. did u notice the jim carrey video showed mayans saying 23rd december 2012 is the end not 21st dec 2012…. whats the real date?

  2. Yes the Hollywood Myth makers changed it to the 23rd from the 21st, only because it added more fodder for their terrible script “23” …this link should clear up any questions as to which date should be heeded.

    Also please note I have added two more 911 ‘structural archetypes’…just go to the end of the blog and look for the update dated August 19th.



  3. i read the update. cant one bridge the gap via meditation? what will happen if the gap is bridged? radiation..? but what does that mean

  4. Yes I suspect the gap can only be bridged using meditation, spiritual means.

    Man’s folly is well documented in the parable … the Tower of Babel, it is his big mistake when he tries to circumvent natural laws … the illusion is struck down by godly forces …


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  6. In the last pic, the right hand of god, it looks exactly like a human brain that god is reaching out of. Looks like a hidden message that god is hidden inside our brain./

  7. My life path using my birthday ( 05.12.1992 ) is like this :

    5121992 / 9 = 569110.22222 to infinity .

    Notice the ” 911 ” ? Kinda strange.

      • Sadly, i can’t recall anything related to these numbers 😦 .
        I just found it interesting that i have a “911” in the life path number just as you have a “528 “.

  8. 9 – 11 . 9 Lords of the Night in Mayan mythology. 11th hour. 9 on the Enneagram sits at the end of the 11th hour, 11.59… , Meet Seven of Nine and the Millennium Gate + 3 Action News + Matrix of Doom & more.
    Blood, skulls & skeletons + The Great Eagle – Mictlantecuhtli
    Enneagram = Omega – Chaitin’s Constant…Will the program halt?

    Thank you Raphael for pointing out the Enneagram. It reminds me of Wilhelm Reich’s Ether.

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