Dharma Wheel, Zero Gravity and 4 Moons



Sorry I fought to explain how its supposed to work.
Actually its pretty self explanatory…

Start at position 1. The fariswheel is at its peak and its negative arch developes force of 1g upward. Gravity force is 1g DOWNward.
They cancel out= Zero g.

At position 2 you have gravity downward, force of 1g leftward,
but then we have the inner centrifuge rotate at such an angle/position so that its effective gravity vector cancels out and we are again left with zero g

At position 3 you have gravity 1g and the fariswheel itself 1g.
This is TWO g’s downward. However the inner centrifuge rotates EXTRA hard to make up for it and we get 2 g’s upward from it. That again cancels everything out.

Pos 4 is just like pos 2 except its flipped.

I cannot help but notice the same pattern in your sketch …
A centered, balanced, worldly and cosmic entity would also see the…


Rolling Eyes

But this is consistent with pattern recognition…and my research of pattern recognition, patterns within patterns, concludes that the VATICAN stole the secret of ancient Time Keeping because of its accuracy in predicting the FUTURE…


That is what the Mayan used their calendars for.
Their atomic clock is only out 33 seconds these past 1500 years.

So WHY would THEY, the Vatican, want to control TIME?

DUH because of what 2012 represents, accurate crystal ball future FORECASTING…and it goes without saying…if I can control your TIME, i.e. get you singin’ 9 to 5 … I will control also your MOTION within SPACE.
Thus I control SpaceTimeMotion.
That is how physics essentially describes the boundaries of this MATTERial game we find ourselves bounded to.

Proof … compare what THEY substituted for accuracy … the Roman Julian replaced by the again, inaccurate, a further distraction and diversion, the Gregorian calendar. Neither were tuned to the MOON.
Seeing a pattern?

By the way to bring the fools full circle back to the beginning of my post … how did THEY steal TIME and thus our TIME here on earth?

By first dropping the same MOON connected to the Goddess, the feminine principle from the equation.

Then once separated from our mother natures, called the EXODUS, we left the feminine principle and our hearts NOT in San Francisco but in Egypt. The Judeao Christians effectively with a rewrite of HERstory into a HIStory, essentially put Isis on ice.

The dominant male principle fled Egypt, last seen blazing a trail all throughout the promised land. And HIStory shows he has proceeded to rape and pillage, thus transforming and creating new civilizations. It seems everywhere HE (the active masculine elements, fire and air) goes there appears conflict.
The masculine principles of fire and air shapes the feminine principles of water and earth, but these changes, as we know are temporary and eventually a ‘correction’ takes place.
A correction of divine proportions, historically an apocalypse where the two feminine elements water and earth, both known as HEH in Hebrew, conspire together to negate ALL of our masculine creative efforts born of the manipulation of resources, an alteration of the elements by the modern day alchemists / chemists etc.
We are modern day alchemists, we are the Matter Magicians.
The Prophets who seek the profits through the alteration of perfection.

Suggesting a Karma or a price to pay at some point in the future.

It is part of a cycle. The Earth, like us goes through stAGES of growth, patterns recognized that the ancients wrote into prophecy as the 4 AGES.

Dharma Wheel

Swastika and Dharma Wheel in Mesoamerica

Da Vince’s Sketches
Seed of Life
A very common ‘6 surrounding 1’ motif (hmm 6 + 1 = 7).
Below is an ossuary.
Some have claimed JC is perhaps buried in such a box.

Now what if….as my research continues to show…that 2012 is one of those moments in TIME where when the shift occurs, it might be because…it is where the Earth currently exists at this time, she is on her own path, she has her own journey (of which we are a part), and we must remember that her orbit must be referenced to Sol and Sol must be referenced to its own gravitational dance that our Sun might have with other masses, seen and unseen, and those must be referenced again to other even greater masses. Remember all the galaxies are also littered with Black Holes, Brown dwarfs and other unknown forces yet to discover, there is much we have yet to detect.
75% of the Universe is Dark Matter and we really have little idea as to what this entity is all about.
My head hurts, like an expanding universe my head feels like exploding…
And all the Stars are going through various Ages of development, some exploding / rising and some collapsing / falling …how do the EWE chart a course through this cosmic Holy-wood?

And all of these countless invisible relationships existing between the billions of stars are as individual as each snowflake.
And we think we have it figured out.
My feelings suggest we do not.
Rolling Eyes

Every philosopher has this thing with TIME … have you noticed?
EWE would not notice…they have their heads down grazing, ready for the whistle to go home…

Philosopher’s with their heads above the dark Judaeo Christian clouds can see the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.

This is his timekeeper.
Why do we ignore the warnings of 2012 by a culture that held high reverence for the number 13.
And by no coincidence the same dysfunctional JC culture that will not build a 13th floor (funny pretend game these mason builders play, the fucking ewe do not even know why there is no 13th floor…THEY just say to the flocks, cover your sheeple ears, shhhh!! ‘occult’, shhhh!!).
And by no coincidence this is the same culture that still kisses and bows DOWN to the crucifix and the star of david.
And by no coincidence again these funnymentalist bible thumpers were the same culture that eventually wiped out a culture that was keeping really accurate TIME…the Mesoamericans…the indigenous that take their cues from both the Sun and the Moon.

And then these same wandering belligerent JCs wandering the globe also stole the history of the indigenous. They hid what ‘history books’ remained and placed them in private collections and ‘White Museums’ depicting ‘White HISTory’.
And these Mesoamerican animal pelts written in code became the Codices.

That’s what my inspired (WTF? Rolling Eyes where did that come from), research continues to show…and it is no coincidence I recently decided to name the book detailing my epiphany CodeX.

Rolling Eyes



p.s. Helloooo Mel Gibson
Oy vey, Jah vonna make another Holy-wood movie about the Maya?

Go back to Scotland ya confused as to your roots…
America…Aussie…William Wallace…?
You are an aged, once pretty face, a father of 7 kids, an alcoholic, an anti-Semite (for the wrong reasons) … a director and an actor … but the M in Mel does NOT represent the Maya … wasted talents as a messenger for the EWE, ewe have become Mel.

Call me… Razz

God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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