9 Cosmological Eggs in 1 Basket

So which came first, the Egg or the Chicken?

A scanner is what has held me back from posting thoughts best expressed as pics or symbols or glyphs or the 22 manifestations of the Hebrew letter Aleph.
I am sure you will recognize my sources.

I am about to point out a profound pattern that seems to jump from discipline to discipline…we are looking for the motif…the key, the pattern is 9 symbols or eggs contained within 1 basket or womb or the ‘alchemical sealed vessel’.
And keep in mind that 9 was connected to the Goddess and many indigenous cultures had 9 Levels of Creation within their creation stories.

The first 3 symbols are taken from Paul Foster Case‘s Masterpiece “The Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages”.
Get it.

In the above photo Case offers as KEY … we see 9 letters contained within a structure … a matrix of interlaced geometric shape.

Again 8 Vertices and a Centre for a total of 9
Case relates the structure of our reality to Card IV of the Tarot.
The Emperor who is related to TIME.
And it no coincidence that it is the 4th Card…the Cards also can represent the dimensions.
i.e. The first 4 Cards of the Tarot would represent the first 4 dimensions.

And here Case draws the relationships between the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet … an alphabet that begins with the Letter ALEPH.

The Alchemic Cosmological Egg

Now this gem I came across in a book called ALCHEMY written by Dr. Marie Louise von Franz … she was a disciple of Herr Carl Jung … both Marie and Carl have given me cause to be reborn, jung again.
Yes I will try to connect it ALL to the MIND … everything, Atlantis, Solomon’s Temple, Mt. Meru, I will leave no stone unturned … etc…
Please note: The two aspects of the male and female, the conscious and unconscious are represented … along with the 7 planets representing the 7 chakras.
There resides a dragon at the 4th chakra…where the bird / crown chakra and serpent / root chakra collide in the center.
The observation of snakes and birds OFTEN seen together lead me one day to an epiphany via my muse. These two symbolic entities, the bird and the serpent or the snake, represent the 2 ways light can travel.
this is another thread to itself

Particles = Birds and Waves = Serpents


Waves and Waves according to WSM theory.

It does not however matter to my theory…I speak of Dragons here in this thread if you wish to know more.

Rolling Eyes

In this alchemic photo again from the same book … we see 9 distinct levels, 7 of which can be traced to steps in alchemy (chakras?), and the 4 Tetramorphs are also positioned in the corners….
These are sometimes called the 4 Evangelists, 4 Houses of the Horoscope, one house each representing the 4 different Elements, and as I later point out … the letters YHWH also maintain those 4 positions.

I want you to know these are ALL coincidences.

Then one day I decided to play around with particles and waves / straight lines…
Again I noticed a very profound pattern that comes FOOL circle according to the Tarot >>> Kabbalah >>> TORAH Shocked

DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man employing the triangle / tetrahedron, the square / cube, and the circle / hexagon >>>> fullerenes maybe?

Roman Emperor Constantine displaced the Swastika, the most common cross carried by Christians with the Chi Rho and then later the Chi Rho was replaced by the Crucifix, another Roman symbol.

I saw a very unique pattern unfolding … based on the universal SEED of LIFE.

Now this intuitive wisdom acquired simply by tapping into my unconsciousness consciously, has allowed me to offer some unique and I may say a viable explanations for some archaeological mysteries.

Like the following:
One day another forum member on another site directed me to a website that discussed the African Dogon Tribe. The Dogon are connected esoterically to ancient Egypt and to the star of Sirius so I was quite interested in learning more.
The Dogon play a huge role in helping me break CodeX.

Their cosmology also presents an astronomical anomaly.
They spoke of Sirius B and Sirius C before the telescopes were invented to see these stars.
So I looked at this symbol for the first time and within minutes I recognized the pattern thus allowing me to interpret what ALL others have not seen or understood…by placing it into a comparative reference with the stars above and other beliefs and other cultures it remains consistent.
The cosmological structure appears the same.
So I simply joined the dots to help understand the Dogon.

Remember the grand game must be as simple as a child’s game.
Who says it should be simple?
Intuitively I felt it, and my feelings led me to this book.
The study ‘Hamlet’s Mill’ suggested an uneducated person could relate complex astronomical information using Myth and Folklore, essentially transmitting math and science accurately.
Yeah baby!!!

So the Dogon Cosmological Egg very much resembles the other esoteric representations.
(to see how I arrived at the above representation of the x, y and z axis, read the next post, ‘Dogon Cosmic Egg‘, dated March 30th, 2007)

In the photo below we see again that these symbols are suggesting very strongly THE CUBE … just like Paul Foster Case.


Please note in the above sketch that the lines we cannot see forming the
Cube, do in fact form a ‘Peace’ symbol.

And then the ‘CodeX‘ is revealed in CARD X of the TAROT.

The Wheel of Fortune CARD X (ten)
Here again we introduce the Tetramorphs, YHWH, and the Swastika.
Did you know the Nazi Swastika actually spelled the name of YHWH?
…so the Nazis in effective, quite effectively used a symbol representing the forces of YHWH to persecute the Jewish tribe…true.

Now here it gets interesting Rainman and OverLord.
I hope to stretch your imaginations a little further.
In the photo below we see a RED Hexagram surrounded by a BLUE circle positioned over Saturn’s NORTH Pole….no [censored] as we speak.

Now imagine for a moment that this HEXAGRAM positioned over the NORTH Pole of Saturn is the same hexagram symbolized in the Upper Sepiroth of the Tree of Life … as I suggested in the above post.
You can form a HEXAGON.

And please do not abandon your imagination nor the EYE that exists in the SOUTH Pole of Saturn … it looks like a VORTEX does it not?
And can I suggest this Vortex at the Southern Pole we would place in the Lower 4 Sepiroth on the Tree Of Life … the Tetrahedron.

And now I will suggest the movements at BOTH Poles involve VORTEX movements…would that be correct Rainman?
And…both vortexs swirl like Swastikas…having opposite spins, opposite charges, of course.

Could the inward vs. outward movements of the two Saturn vortexes cause those shapes we see Rainman.
Essentially these are pictures of the electromagnetic fields, is that correct?

What if the event in 2012 is maybe similar to the event, to what is happening on Saturn?
What if in 2012, or as we approach 2012, we in the NORTHern Hemisphere may see a RED Hexagon, encased by a BLUE circle, and in the SOUTHern Hemisphere a HUGE swirling VORTEX, and those positioned at the equator will see BOTH?
Remember I see patterns within patterns within patterns…
The Hexagon / Upper / Macroprosporus and the Tetrahedron / Lower / Microprosporus

And I did promise I could take those 9 esoteric glyphs and dig deep into the recesses of the unconsciousness and find a CHILD’s game to represent the TREE of LIFE.

Here I reveal a TRUTH that our true purpose has been tampered with.
I reveal a game that the youngest can play.
And yes the uneducated too can participate in this unique game.

And the structure of this game is indeed profound, and it will only add to my assertion that everything outside of us can be related back to our inner microcosmic divine architecture.

Here is that GAME based on achieving a balance between the MALE and FEMALE principles.
And guess what?
We have been playing this game WRONG.
I learned it as Tic Tac Toe

3 Ts
A trinity of Ts

Again we have 9 glyphs contained within a Cosmic Egg.
And we again have the 3 axis, X, Y, and Z represented.
Again a Trinity recognized…the ‘Father’ is X (male) which intersects with Y the ‘Holy Spirit’ (female), an intersection resulting in the formation of a ‘Z’-ygote…a son or daughter … often twins ….

And yes OverLord…I hope I have slapped you several times in this post.
Slapped silly, ecstatic, maybe?

X = male principle … positive energy … swirling one direction
O = female principle … negative energy … swirling the opposite direction
$ = the winner wins the battle of energy … known as ‘I cha ching’

I have come to realize however that the intent of this child’s game is to cause stalemates too!

But I do not find it surprising that a mind dominated by the masculine principle turned it into a game of winning.

So eventually this child’s game evolved into the Game of Life and ALL adults who get lost in Garden of Eden one day wake up and find themselves in the Garden section of Home Depot.

This game all adults want to play and win at, is now called Tic Tac Dough.
And the Prophecy of the ‘Fallen Man’ suggests it is MONEY that makes the world go round…or is it MONEY and TIME and MOTIONs makes the world round by the leveling of forests and mountains and the altering of landscape?

Rolling Eyes


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY


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