TREE of LIFE, Christian RosenKreutz, VIBRATIONS and Waveforms

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
This screen name has a history behind it and had been used in numerous forums and I have been using it since AOL didnt even have versions behind the initials.

My name Raphael also has history. It seemed the name ‘Raphael’, a somewhat common name was available to me on 5 forums … I have since dropped my participation on 2 of those forums, and both of those Forums I may add practiced pseudo science, a blend of physics / metaphysics. So I found there is no point in being a member of these clubs due to the blatant CENSORship of my posts. A profound thread linking historic, scientific, religious, and mythical symbolism and having great archaeological significance, etc., I speak of course in regards to a 20,000 year old sacred symbol found the world over…the swastika.
We should not continue to bury this symbol.
We need to resurrect it and understand it.

Rainman, the latest incident regarding ‘censorship’ occurred over on WSM (Wave Structure of Matter).
Geoff Haselhurst removed my insightful post…totally, from his site, he made a disparaging remark, sent no private e-mail explaining his actions, no discussion was allowed, the thread ran for about 2 weeks and then it just disappeared.
Then I did a bad thing.
But at the time I felt justified and energized about my actions.
Bad Karma to follow moi, maybe?
Rolling Eyes

So I wrote a reply, an open letter to all at WSM, responding to his behavior, his lack of transparency and I also ‘spammed’ many of the threads…i.e. I posted my letter on about 10-15 threads.
Hoping many would see through his self-serving EGO.

I also said something about avoiding the MERCHANTS and TEMPLE Builders…an age old message.
(I was referring to his heavy, non-chiral handedness in being a messenger of truth and discussion, and yet his apparent ironic fascist adherence to a certain belief system that could not withstand the revelations of this old ancient pre-historic symbol.
And of course the ‘merchant’ reference was directed toward his trinket and thinketh EMPIRE called WSM.
I did point out Geoff was the promoter of a good idea.
Not his.

I also wrote a private letter again using my best weapon bequeathed to me…humility…and I have not since returned to his website…removing the WSM icon from my desktop, in case through habit I go back to the O…well.
As it turns out Herr Hasel likes to run a tight Ship or is it a Hearst?
I got off in Tahiti.
Who are the FOOLS that think they are sailing forward…not realizing that by circumnavigating the globe, they are only going round in circles, in different styles of ‘chariots’?
The descent of man as prophecy, we find the world over.
Can I suggest we arrive in a chariot called the Merkaba and we leave in a rectangular box or as ash.

Rolling Eyes

I would like to thank-you again Ray / Rainman at this time, publicly, for giving me a 4-umm / Forum to discuss my ‘epiphany’ openly.
Believe me I have NO neo-Nazi ulterior motives. This seems to be something that needs to be constantly addressed. Profoundly I have no idea what a neo-Nazi holds dear, what his ‘Mission impossible Statement’ might be…

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
As far the tiff going on in this thread regarding symbolism, I believe it should be kept in mind one of the questions that I put forth in another post…What Do You Want ?Once this question has been answered, then begins the process of creating the solution.

DITTO to all of the above …I agree with much of your post BTW.
That is a great question to be answered and I am headed in that direction.
But I need to plant some seeds in the fertile gardens first.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I am not a mathematician…I tend to run on sheer intuition and experience to seperate truth from not truth….

Heh heh I resemble those remarks.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
And this is what we do. We all perceive truth from different perspectives …If practice makes perfect, I “know” that whatever Rainman presents is supported by scientific process…We all follow different paths, even with many of us that may be using the Tree of Life as a guide …but through different windows.…as long as one maintains care and diligence from slipping into damaging patterns, whether it be personal or to others.If I am able to create a symbol of a doorknob, that allows me to concentrate and focus to the point of being able to move past the veils that truth is hidden behind, then it is just as powerful as any other symbols.


OvrLrdLegion wrote:
Raphael, you have found an avenue that works for you, the swastika allowing you to unlock questions that you desired to know the answers…Other than symbols that have been created with hidden information embedded within them on purpose, any other symbols will only contain what you give to them.

This is the part where I and others disagree with you.
Those ‘others’ are scholars.
I can only mention the ground breaking book Hamlet’s Mill once again that suggests otherwise.
Myth and folklore was the language the ancients used to transmit math and science.
That book came out in 1969.
I was around 12 at the time.
I heard about this book 1 month ago.

Am I one of the few who recognize how 43 years later (1969 >>> 2012) this book, Hamlet’s Mill profoundly proves the ancients LEFT US MESSAGES … here on terra firma, that we can interpret from earth … there is no need to fly off to the Dark Side of the Moon.
The Great Gig in the sky suggests TIME is up and the movements of the celestial bodies confirm this … marking specifically the ‘precession of the equinoxes’.

Here is an event that does not happen very often…the Western THEY ignore this event, yet the TWO Gregorian events … New Year’s Eve 1999 and 2000 were highly publicized. Can I suggest 1999 was the New Year’s Lilith Party and 2000 was Eve’s.
Having 2 parties at the turn of the century also suggests to me that the Judaeo Christian timekeepers who stole the ancient art of sacred timekeeping, support a flawed system.
2 parties in 1 year suggests either …

1/ Bad bad timekeeping
2/ A consciousness looking to party hardy, till death do them part.

We live in interesting times.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I do know that for some of us, if the events unfold as expected, for some it would be a rapture, for others it would be a tribulation.

Regardless of whether it is a rapture of tribulation, I believe the common denominator will be for everyone a truth revealed and humanity needs this revealed to us, before we can move from this dimension of Time (marking the separation process, the alchemy the Earth uses to move toward Vibration…or Unity.)

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I can sense frustration from both you ( Raphael ) and Rainman. However, what is taking place in this thread is a very good thing.I followed along, reading and pondering, seeing the image of the Tree you posted … then you turned it on its side and highlighted a portion of it and it was as though I had been slapped in the face.

That is definitely one of my weaknesses … I do enjoy slapping people in the face.
One at a time if necessary.

OvrLrdLegion wrote:
What I saw was … the signature of a wave, and this I have never seen before or realized, and if neither of you had progressed within this thread as you have, it may not have occurred.

Not true OvrLord.
Here are two sketches of mine … the circle was done nearly two years ago … the tetrahedron I honestly do not recall when I sketched it … I have written so much in these past 2-3 years.
I have been pondering nothing but triangles, squares and circles in that time.
Only my children and my job pull me out of this reality.

And it was because of the photo above that I turned Christian RosenKreutz onto his side…simply turning the hands of time…tick…tick…tick…

VIBRATIONS are WAVEFORMS are Colors and Sounds and … and … and


OvrLrdLegion wrote:
I am now extremely excited and once again the axiom that God moves in mysterious ways has been proven true.Good job, guys, keep this thread going.

Did I slap you again O’Lord?
How about a tickle?
Rolling Eyes

Rainman I am working on a post that addresses your concerns…always remind yourself as you read my posts…that I make a claim…I seek balance…herein lay the foundation of my Mission Statement…an aging individual who one day realized his life was kinda ‘mythical’. And then I allowed myself to fall into a game of pattern recognition, a child’s game, using the cataloged experiences and easily identifiable behaviors / patterns accumulated of a 47 year old white male … and ow he is lost in the labyrinth and he is not sure he wants to find his way out.
Playing this game…entering the maze of one’s own patterns is an amazing way to connect with the UNITY that both ENERGY = MATTER and GRAVITY together exclaims ALL is connected…and Max the Sage said yes ALL is connected through VIBRATION…

We are on the same page, but on different sides…however the page, (if you can shrink down small enough is transparent and permeable) …not unlike the barrier that divides the obvious 2 dimensions, Matter and Spirit, or the mind, consciousness and unconsciousness, active and passive, masculine and feminine principles nicely represented in every aspect of the Creation.

But in order for us to see each others perspectives we will need to pass through that invisible barrier and get to the other side. Fun. When the process is done we will have both been transformed and appear to ourselves more balanced.

But be forewarned as you move to the center and become more balanced, you are in fact moving away from the 2 mainstreams that have polarized themselves and to the sheeple you will sometimes appear a little ‘unbalanced’.

Again I resemble that remark.



and sometimes Nasty


p.s. Hence the age old metaphor of good and evil personified and played out by the consciousness.

The best thing about uniting the ‘hermaphrodite within’, might be you can sit in the dark, play with yourself to great satisfaction, getting to know the whole person you spend a lifetime with, intimately.
Some people might find that fun.


update Aug. 20:  I quit my job after 23.5 years on Aug. 1st …
So I can spend more time playing with myself…why else?

God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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