Euro TimeTunnel

SteveC wrote:
The Cove wrote:
A moment of levity – we are not getting warmer it’s just that everything else is cooling down.

I was thinking maybe we have come full circle: Now the scientists are saying “The sky is falling!”


Which is my cue to jump in.
Thanks Steve for the intro …

Steve there is a book out there called “When the Sky Fell” by Rose and Rand Flem-Ath.
This book explains the profound deep psychological significance of the ‘Chicken Little’ (micro rant) … the sky is falling … the sky is falling … is of course linked to the ‘precession of the equinoxes’…2012.
And this is the event that suggests we are coming full circle.

Have the following happened before … the sky is falling … drowning / deluge (water) and trial by fire?
Why are all these deep seated UNIVERSAL fears …

Highly recommend…the book.
Imagine being in a valley and the EARTH’s crust slips traveling 1500 Km/hr.
Or better yet being on a mountain top … what would the ride feel like…?
Would not the rapture seem like the ‘sky is falling’?

Need more pictures?



The scientists exclaiming the ‘sky is falling’ I visualize the following motif.
One scientist is looking through a MICROscope and another scientist is looking through a tele or MACROscope and the breakthrough in their collective epiphanies occurs when they break through to the other side and like the EURO tunnel, they meet in the middle and shake chiral hands…
ENERGY = GOD … Share Him is the Message…
God can be neither created nor destroyed; he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for committing sin, for transforming God and it is called Entropy.


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