HELP … ‘Looking for a FOURsome’

Rainman wrote:
I am running out of TIME (for this session) and must leave soon. So I will have to get back to you on other topics. But in closing let me show you another major connection for my mapping of the Four Forms. I will now show you how these Four Forms, in the order I have shown, align with the four physical metrics I outlined above:>FIRE< = Conservation of INFORMATION
>AIR< = Conservation of ENERGY
>WATER< = Conservation of MOMENTUM
>EARTH< = Conservation of FORCEI can explain these connections in various ways, all of which relate to the scientific truths implied by conservation laws. I can even explain them with regards to how our human technology development progressed from the bottom to the top of these four levels.But for now…I gotta git!

Overlord and Rainman I see again a collision / collaboration based on the number 4.
And here I thought I was going to become a real Card, an expert about the number 4, I see other initiates have arrived too.
Have you seen the film 23 with Jim Carrey?
Well I resemble the character but my obsession tamed into a passion revolves around the number 4.

On this thread I put out the call … ‘Help…Looking for a Foursome’
It examines the number 4 from other esoteric perspectives…some good insight is given by the other forum members.

Card IV of the Tarot as you know is the EMPEROR and he is also known as Father TIME.
It appears all of the forums I am now involved in, do default back to the number 4 and a discussion of Time or Space or Motion.

This I shall suggest, what we share about the number 4 is synchronicity.
And it again suggests to me Rainman that we are very close in our final summations, but I believe what separates us are the different paths we arrived on.
And of course in the word sychronoicity we find disguised and implied a meshing or intersection of TIME taking place.
Since the beginning of TIME till right now, all philosophical discussions have been about Time…
And why not?
Who is not curious about knowing how much time they were fated, and maybe finding a fountain of youth to cheat the system?


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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