WSM and the EGO

northjetty wrote:
Bill for all we know, this could be the beginning of just that. If we could some how connect with other observers from different areas of experience within space we would certainly gain in our perspective and our self knowledge. We probably need to unify things a bit here on earth before we’re ready to extend our hand in friendship to beings that exist else where in eternal space. You’re right about that.north jetty/the cosmos

Hey NJ, I resemble that remark.

Like connect with me where I attempt to reconcile religion and science using a pretty heavy heavy symbol?

Then it is deemed not worthy by hmm, the weak EGO stepped in, and with no explanation it was CENSORED, it conflicted somehow with the message, here on this website that suggests discussion.

I see only more detail here at WSM.
More devil in the detail.

I repeat the book Hamlet’s Mill sealed a truth.

Myth and folklore was the language used by the ancients to transmit complex math and science … the Oral Tradition was used so even uneducated people could transmit complex ideas.

I have thus identified the problem here on this website, where I see more selling of trinkets and leaving your kids behind, MAKING A CHOICE to feed your ego and the problem is ego and pride and too much smarts.

The language has been invented already guys.
The storing of valuable information for when the next catastrophe hits has alrady been coded.

It is called myth and folklore.
It is sublime and subtle and because it is ancient … and it comes from a time that was much closer to the beginning of an awakening consciousness, we must respect this.

The game folks is too use our modern science in interpreting ancient myth and folklore, use them both to find an answer.
There are few of us doing this…I suggest I am one who was inspired to do so.
Inspired by an epiphany.
We those who understand do NOT seek to re-invent anything … only understand what was written.

Easily done when you ignore self-serving literal translation and instead do an about face, and embark on a figurative interpretation, a journey using the same symbolism found the world over…I will suggest it is a much more UNIFYING method in finding the commonalities, the common denominators that point toward a common source.

No need to keep reinventing the wheels called pride and ego.
Is that what you are attempting to do here?
A new language, a new science, have faith … we have the truth?

I subscribe to the KISS principle.
Keep it Simple and Subtle
(because myth gets under your skin)

Read the book Hamlet’s Mill, written by scholars … if you choose to ignore me.
The language you seek to redefine has been invented, in a time when wisdom was in a balance with knowledge.
No offence, but not a soul on this site has impressed me enough that we should entrust any of you in changing what was written …

Sounds like the layering of more gospels on top of gospels.

Stepping outside of Nature trying to CONTROL her and not recognize how to live in an accordance with the elements is the beginning of the Fall …

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge is an attempt to recover lost wisdom.
But we cannot find our hearts, using only math and our brains, the only way back into the Garden is through the Oral Tradition.

Words only get in the way if they are written down and misinterpreted.
With the Oral Tradition, the vibration of the word itself was the message.

Wonder how long before Geoff, the webMASTER deletes this post … like the last two … he did not agree with.
I shall warn of you now of what I see as a weakness in Geoff.
The man is only human and he has his demons.
To CENSOR my posts without any discussion … not even a private message speaks volumes.

I have encountered this kind of an individual often in my journeys …

I present another false prophetl.
The idea of WSM is not even his …..

And that is the difference between those who quote (Geoff) and those who are quoteable … my offerings were inspired … as Milos Wolfes are … Geoff is a promoter ….
So is his pretty mate.

Merchants and Temple Builders

Stay away from these self-serving individuals is the message through the ages….delivered by all messengers.

Geoff I did suggest you work together with myth and if you did I would support WSM, if you recognized the importance of myth in untangling the web…
You turned away a gift…WSM will flounder.

Rolling Eyes




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