The Tree of Life and TIME

Rainman wrote:
Raphael,I’ve agreed that the swastika is a “geometric metaphor” for a process of nature, but it seems you think it is central to everything and I again think it is just a reminder of other (higher-dimensional) things. As I mentioned, I look for the relationship between geometrical metaphors and the realities of life and the sciences. We have not even begun to discuss the tree of life and what Genesis-1 has to say about that. The architecture of the human body IS the tree of life…not a swastika. So perhaps we can discuss that relationship?So, I am at a loss of where to take this discussion.

I am not at a loss yet. This is progressing nicely.
I will use more pics and say less.

Please note in the Kabbalah Tree of Life picture above … the platonic solid, the tetrahedron resides in our lower natures…this is no coincidence.
And we also note a hexagon in the upper realm…a Star of David containing the ‘Merkaba’…by joining the purple dots we form a hexagon.

Can I suggest at this point we reside in the lower 4 dimensions which are symbolized quite nicely by the tetrahedron…which I have connected already to the Oracle of Delphi and the All-Seeing Eye…the Eye of Horus.

Tetrahedron known as the Gnostic Pleroma.
Notice the swirling ‘eye’ in the centre.
The numbers reveal a clue to the structure.
11 = 1 + 1 = 2
93 = 9 + 3 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3
23 = 2 + 3 = 2 + 3 = 5

So the apexes produce the numbers 2, 3, and 5.
By deduction the swirling symbol at the 4th apex is either a 1 or a 4…and the other number would reside at the center.

Therefore the tetrahedron can represent the number 4 or 5.

I feel we must consult thyself, to truly learn and thus gain wisdom in the realm of lower natures.
I will suggest that is the here and now…remember we are metaphorically the ‘fallen man’.
The Kabbalistic Tree of Life if you really look at the symbolism suggests we are descended into matter from spirit.
Take a look at the Tree above and then compare it to this particular drawing which the Rosicrucians held in high regard…as did the Masons.
I believe when one becomes a 33rd level Mason this symbol is revealed as part of their final intiation.
This pic is known to have been found on the Tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz…

Take a look again at the photo above. Remember we are Carbon based life forms and we are also driven by our lower natures…
What if, as I interpret the above, we are at a stage where we are putting the genie back into the lamp … (the lamp that burns eternal).
What I am suggesting is that 2012 could be the event that places us back into the genie’s lamp…or at the very least this will be the inevitable outcome, eventually.

Take a look at the photo above … which way does the flow of energy flow?
It comes from the source above … and into the oil lamp below … the lamp represents the next source of hydrocarbons … to help ignite and fuel the next cycle.
What if?

Remember Carbon 12 is something all life needs to live and this element … if poorly managed … could potentially be written in as the anti-Christ…
Global Warming and Global Dimming are part of the cycle of TIME.
And since the beginning of Time, since we first lay on our backs, star gazing, chewing on maryjane buds, enjoying the lightshow…since that Time…most of our thoughts have been about TIME.

So to put a new perspective on the Timeline allow me to turn the tables for a moment, only to alter your perspective.

Try to look at the following pic altered as a waveform counting TIME.

So the multi-colored horizontal line is the x-axis and it begins at the left…at his head and then the final stage is to the right toward the ultraVIOLETblue … or as the Buddha suggests … we must first pass through duality and then back to Unity again…so we would read this scale left to right, head to toe, crown chakra to root chakra.

Please note the Oil Lamps are only in the bottom 7 dots or Sepiroth.

So the source, where we came from, as I see it Rainman is far, far, far to the left on the timeline. And we as 4D carbon life forms exist to the far right on the Timeline…and our journey into the field of pairs and opposites started at the RED line…the infraRED line.

And the GREEN line represents the 4 Ages of Man…ending with True UltraVIOLET Blue…did you notice the GREEN Line makes a Z.
So that is why the swastika is more important in my estimation.
It represents the start of our entry into this realm starting at the RED/GREEN Line.
And it marks our exit ending at the GREEN/VIOLET Line…

Thus the swastika is also a psychological marker of our epoch.

Also is there a connection between CO2 and UV?
And with great interest, another profound coincidence, Carbon 12 is comprised of …

6 neutrons
6 protons
6 electrons

What if 666 is Carbon 12…?
If 666 is poorly managed it has the potential to harm the Creation called Gaia … it could be the anti-Christ … anti-Life.
What if the Carbon lifeforms allow their desire and greed to overshoot their needs, what happens?
Rolling Eyes

In case you missed this link, this is a great site.


Not sure if all that helped.
Let me know.


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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