Global Dimming and Kurt Vonnegut and Cute Dolphins

Later, remembering his hyperagitation about global warming, I telephoned him at his Long Island summer cottage, curious about whether he saw Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. “I know what it’s all about,” he scoffed. “I don’t need any more persuasion.” Not satisfied with his answer, I pressed him to expand, wondering if he had any advice for young people who want to join the increasingly vocal environmental movement. “There is nothing they can do,” he bleakly answered. “It’s over, my friend. The game is lost.”

“There is nothing they can do,” he bleakly answered. “It’s over, my friend. The game is lost.”

Kurt my kinda guy.

I agree.
In watching Gore with his entourage globe-trotting a ‘false’ message, using all those resources he suggests the herds and flocks are wasting.
DUH…… Razz

Fucking false prophet he is.
A mouthpiece for the THEY and a vehicle for the E lets GO make money.

The REAL TRUTH THEY do not want EWE to know about is this …

It is about Global Warming AND Global Dimming

As prophecized ….

And these two concepts playing off each other helps explain soooo much…these two forces above and below the ‘barrier’, are in fact as I type, are the authors of this AGE…they write the epitaph for this generation of egotistical prideful FOOLs, with their heads buried in the mid-east looking for Black Gold … Laughing

Here is what global dimming addresses that global warming DOES NOT!!!

Why is it if we are indeed going to suffer from the effects of Global WARMING, which suggests an increase of the mean global baking temperature of the carbon life forms … why do the evaporation pans (a test they have done for over 100 years), why do the evaporation pans suggest cooling?

Another anomaly that the LIARS (the Liars are very easily identified in life, THEY are the false Prophets blinded by profits), they cannot explain away why the radiation levels, i.e. the amount of radiation hitting the earth from the sun is dropping significantly … hmmm

Both of these anomalies suggest the EARTH should be in fact cooling …. but the ice is melting and the Polar Bears are drowning.

Let me find the link to unravel this kink of human nature.
The flaw in our design.
The weakest link in the chain of evolution is us.

Found the link … scroll down to the 4th post.

Here is why … only a messenger of TRUTH can wade through the self-serving Judaeo Christian Euro-Science.



p.s. “There is nothing they can do,” he bleakly answered. “It’s over, my friend. The game is lost.”

But is it?

The Prophet of Gaia is here to suggest there is a way out.
Rolling Eyes

Continued Part II

Did you read the above post … it leads nicely into this one.

I_Like_Plants wrote:
Great stuff! You can tell he’s wrestling with the same questions we are, and he gets closer and closer to the only suitable conclusion – that people are happy in primitive socities and being able to swim like dolphins would probably be about the coolest.

Yeah man I am vibrating and here is why … as we fumble about in the dark we call light … it is soon apparent who is on the same page…”I LOVE Plants … they are sooooooooo cool.”

Is this what Kurt meant?

WHO SEES BLISS in that KISSer????
(I also scuba…above and below all barriers I seek to find a balance)

PMS is that me?
Can I put the same face in Peru with the Lamas Daily walking around Maaaaaaaaaaachu Pichu?

Heh heh heh … jahway I can.
I have never lied here at PO…every experience and thought has been sincere.

It was delivered to me in a Code X ** … only I understand.
Did you never wonder who the messengers might bee?
Who would come forward and reveal themselves.
The numbers will grow.
I guarantee it.

So of the EWE who wishes to stop going through life PMSSinging the BLUES
Who among the EWE are willing to join the BLUE MAN group NOW?

Currently the group seems to be taking in members like … NEOPO, I Like Plants, GreenWorm, and Raphael, these enlightened individuals even choose inspiring names…
By the way … fellas like Carl Sagan and the two Kurts, cute and curt are some of the members assisting us … from the other side.

All this TRUE BLUE group requires is that the EWE learn how to shift to BLUE light and compress the waves of love that naturally want to separate and divide itself from the UNITY which we, the scientists call RED shift or the red light district we should avoid… Razz

It is the battle of a humanity that must be in a constant decline with its environment, (4 Ages) in order for the consciousness to expand from within…

Immerse yourself in the game of life and consume it … however do with awareness and do not let the stronger players with strong minds but the weak heARTS defeat you.

Code X would be a good name for an enlightening book…hand it our for FREE … like the bible … give the drug away for FREE till the sheeple are hooked … then you shear their woolly hides …
God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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