Epiphany or Drugs?

NuForce wrote:
It’s like you have intelligence in that brain of your but, you off set it by taking some sort of “Stupid Pill” that forces you to ramble on in incomprehensive Bullsh#t.One more time… GET OFF THE DRUGS RAPHAEL!!!!! Just get high on life.NuPS…
One more thing, you should reconsider ending an insulting post with “namaste” which is a spiritual gesture of respect used by Hindu’s. Then again, I’m sure you don’t mind insulting Hindu’s either.

Yes I appear to be ‘conflicted’.

But what you see as conflicted my friends is only my attempts to convey an epiphany. It has been nearly 3 years since I started ‘receiving’ the information…the posts I have written on this website are merely a drop in the bucket…and I have nearly as many unfinished drafts of other connections which appear as coincidences between science and religion.

You fellas have no idea…you want to read incoherence?
Shall I direct you to my earlier posts … before the learning curve, before I sorted things out?

Anybody on this site who believes SCIENCE AND RELIGION / MYTH are NOT reconcilable needs to do some reading.

Can I recommend “Hamlet’s Mill”

Fellas I am NOT behind the times…I am one of those, leading the charge into KNOWN territory.

The ewe amongst you can continue with the grazing on science alone.


The only DRUGS I do are caffeine, and one of the 3 gifts of the wisemen, the Magi (cians).


I also do a little red wine from time to time to make me feel fine.

That’s it…hardly any booze and I quit what the false Profits / Prophets are pushing, the REAL gateway drug, the real EVIL WEED … tobacco.

Do you smoke cigs or drink NuForce…how about soft drinks?

They have proved scientifically that the human body is a receptor…the entire human body is a receptor for THC…not just the FRONTAL LOBE.
(p.s. please understand temples like Solomon’s Temple were designed esoterically to mirror the human body)

So can I suggest if the EWE want to understand the me, the EWE may need to smoke the gift of the gods found everywhere in the Garden of Eden for 35 years.
But wait we have less than six years left…what shall the ewe do to receive a little lite enlightenment?
Pray I guess.

I have traveled the globe and this is a miracle plant NOT a DRUG, and it can be found anywhere where the sun do shine…and mother nature can nurture.
And Hemp can make us more ecologically and environmentally friendly toward Mother Nature who said “here use this…leave my %$#@ lungs (forests) alone…

And yes like Alexander, the Scythians were known as the gentile (not Gentile) warriors…they smoked weed and hash.

Back on track … ancient science.

Hamlet’s Mill

Some books are ahead of their time. Some books convey a message which threatens prevailing notions, and are therefore brushed away. Some books are mixtures of profound insights and garbled speculations. Hamlet’s Mill, An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time (1969) partakes to varying degrees in all of the above. Hamlet’s Mill began a revolution in understanding the profound sources of ancient mythology. Although it tottered on the edge of oblivion for years, it has reemerged as the fundamental inspiration for many progressive researchers who find the precession of the equinoxes lurking within ancient creation myths around the world….Now, scholars are finally beginning to honor the contributuion of Santillana and von Dechend. A progressive and profound interpretation of ancient science and mythology was put forward in Hamlet’s Mill. The next great alignment in this cosmological scheme which I call the archaic mono-myth is not only right around the corner, but was anticipated by the ancient Maya, as evidenced by the Maya calendar end-date, December 21, 2012 A.D

Essentially the revelation of this groundbreaking work suggests to me two significant events happened in 1969.

OKAY … wake up now … my rambling has ended … Rolling Eyes

Man had projected his inward personification outward and landed on the Moon, this was one of the significant events.

How beautifully metaphoric and euphoric.
The Judeao Christians were the ones who marginalized the Goddess who was connected to the Moon in myth. And the JCs used their Euro-science to land on the Moon who is esoterically the Goddess or the female principle.

So the JCs who represent the patriarch landed on the matriarch…to rape her? like they have done to Gaia? because their flawed self-serving theology claimed the EARTH and the WOMAN were abominations.
WTF happened on the Dark Side of the Moon?

So typical of the globe trotting Judeao Christian who is all about individual personification (ego and pride) he could not see the significance of the groundbreaking work of Hamlet’s Mill.

Why do I believe that the publication of this book, Hamlet’s Mill was a bigger deal than putting a man on the moon?

Because of what it suggested may happen in 2012.
43 years after putting a man on the moon, the gig is up, so the sky suggests.
Which was more significant, to the BIG picture?

The answer suggests what we should be doing.
Looking inward because that is what the movement of the heavens above is suggesting is happening down below.
Myth is so beautiful when you immerse yourself in it.
If only ewe knew.

So what did “Hamlet’s Mill” attempt to prove?

This groundbreaking work written by scholars (smoking drugs?) showed that myth and folklore (later religion) was a way of transmitting complex astronomical calculations.
The spoken word or Oral Tradition was the best way for uneducated people to transmit this info accurately.
This of course hinted therefore at the precession of the equinoxes as noted above.

And this book (which I have not read, but will) suggests to me that before we looked upward to the heavens, we were looking all around us, in order to survive the elements…anyone who has a LITTLE reading of myth soon sees the constant conflicts with nature…in the stories…man’s role within the theatre…’All the world is a stage’
(and I have simply chosen the role of ‘true blue messenger’ … if only the ewe understood how this worked … Raphael laments)

And within the symbolism, i.e. the birds and the bees, is math and science.
Get it?
I am ahead of the game.
I am writing a bestseller for FREE and that is another reason HE Rolling Eyes choose me as messenger…….

The info I offer is channeled.
There I said it.
And to those who oppose my epiphany…to those who are not present when I vibrate…

Rolling Eyes

…to those who do not want to believe the messages I bring forth, the messages that I try to interpret to the best of my abilities…


…I can only say go %$#@ another ewe.

And yes I know ‘namaste’ means the spirit in me respects the spirit in you.


…my interpretation is ‘the energy in me respects the energy in ewe’.

Where energy = life force.

I am, as always, consistent and true in my communications with the herds of sheeple and flocks of seagullibles.

Did I write before my nearly 2000 finished posts and countless drafts?
Well I had written maybe a dozen poems.
But at age 47 everything changed.
The ewe must esoterically know what 43 and 47 means to science and myth and me … it is all part of a pattern recognized.

That’s what a messenger / mystic is … a recognition of universal patterns of divine architecture.
Can the EWE imagine what it is to be reborn with the vision of a child, the awe of constant discovery … now add wisdom.
That my friends is whats known as a rebirth, a spiritual resurrection.

NuForce back off.
Ewe really have no idea of my journey.
Do you?

In my next post I reconcile Science with Religion using the SWASTIKA.
Idea Idea Idea Idea

Yes NuForce the ARK was delivered to me….

26 years and 4 days after my dad Karl had passed away.
He directed me to another Carl, who confirms what I just mentioned above…

You are only as Jung as you feel.

Laughing Laughing Laughing

The most important advice I can impart between now and 2012 would be…

Lie not

“Know thyself”



notice a pattern that all messengers deliver … it is a truth.
Truth always resurrects itself.

Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


One thought on “Epiphany or Drugs?

  1. Can the EWE imagine what it is to be reborn with the vision of a child, the awe of constant discovery … now add wisdom.

    abso-fuckin-lutely…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    ain’t it just Great..!!

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