Censored by Ego

The Buddha is right.
Of course he was.
It is all an illusion.

And with bits and bytes there is NO integrity to the illusion.
Paper and papyrus prove not much better.
At least when the ‘simple’ TRUTH was etched into stone the ewe had archival access to some basic tenets of life.

But the modern age is filled with wizard wannabees.
With the push of a button their illusionary worlds are altered to their liking.
Much has been revealed by the arrogance that is self evident all around me.

The twins ignorance and arrogance gave birth to the twins pride and ego.

And because I have met both the Buddha and the Twins on my journey and have learned from both equally, the wisdom of the ages suggests to me everything seeks a ‘thermodynamic balance’, in the end, everything flatlines __________________, xyz compressed into a unity we shall call the X axis, and X is in fact represents the unknown in many disciplines.

Could the game called seeking a ‘thermodynamic balance’ be part of the ‘global warming vs. global dimming ‘controversy?


There is a bigger picture to consider when you think mythically.
To me 2012 represents a ‘turning point’ of some kind, and I KNOW the swastika will again play a role in the unfolding of this drama.

The fact the Iranians RIGHT NOW, like to use the swastika very symbolically in their military parades is not to be dismissed…

Anyway I am not one to suggest that ‘you do as I say’ … please join me in spending the time you have left ‘doing what I am doing’ … coming together with family, especially my kids …
And these posts believe it or not about the swastika has enabled me to see a unity … or at least a fundamental duality that can be found in science and is without argument a favorite motif in everything big and small.

So what have I told my children about 2012?
Nothing yet, I will wait for them to approach me.
2 girls, within a month they will be ages 12 and 14.
Between now and 2012 they will do an incredible amount of ‘growing’ up.
We all will, together and I would not miss it for a moment.

Dismiss my ‘sky is falling’ *
as street corner antics to your peril folks.
You must acknowledge the possibilities of 2012 … are the EWE prepared to shleep through this moment that may define our future?
Do you know why you must respect my street corner antics?

The twins ego and pride that challenge my assertions here at WSM not only show me disrespect but also the Mayan.
So pay attention!
I love the twins within me (male/female) and those motifs of twins outside of me, my 2 girls who are 2 years apart, both Geminii, so actually I have 4 personalities to deal with.

If I must go down with the ship, I hope my daughters will allow me to embrace them for one final moment … then I know I must release them, let go of all emotion, and then I hope I see a blue light and a white diffuse light.

Because between now and then … true blue shall be my mantra.
(this suggestion ‘follow the blue light’ by the way can be found in the Tibetan Book of the Dead)

So first we show the Maya disrespect and then the Tibetan?
Interesting that some people have suggested these cultures are ‘connected’, same source of ancestry.

So the Western Maya suggest 2012 as a turning point and the Eastern Tibetans have a philosophy called Maya or illusion.

Maya has 4 stages or AGES.

1/ Atomic
2/ Space
3/ Time
4 Vibration

What did Max the Sage suggest as he walked the Planck of disbelief?
No such thing as Matter … only VIBRATION.
Time to move forward … toward vibration.



p.s. 2013 arrives and it is business as usual on planet Earth, WSM has proved correct, religion is still with us … the US and the coalition of idiots controls all resources.
Many on this site have become international celebrities but I am considered a fool for having believed that 2012 was going to bring GREAT change, but in the end of my daze what I believed brought me closer to my family and friends…
And I was considered the fool.
Another civilization that is about to lose a great opportunity if they do not WAKE UP.

I see it as win / win.

* recommend “Sky is Falling” … by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath


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