The Armageddon Party

Bill Back wrote:
When we look another in the eye, we see a reflection of our self and the realm around us in the convex surface of the eye. As we peer into the center pupil we see infinity, like looking out into space at night.
The iris shows the color, tone, vibration, of where others are coming from. The white and /or red, like the twinkle, shows our soul. (Don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes.)

Do not underestimate the symbolic importance of the colors RED and WHITE.
Two of the 4 colors on the medicine wheel representing 2 of the 4 Races.
The 2 colors positioned as steps 2 and 3 in Alchemy…the Philosopher’s Stone are white and red, positioned between black and yellow.

Bill we really screwed up big time, this is what HIStory suggests to me.
With a little insight using Alchemy I now realize that the prophecized EGO and PRIDE and GREED and desire was the undoing of Western Civilization.
The decline of Western Civilization I will argue BEGAN when we crossed the mid-Atlantic ridge en masse.

The prophecy of the fall of man was solidified when the white man arriving on the shores of the New World, arrived looking for only one thing, he was in search of the material GOLD…and rumors of material Gold allowed the feeble mind of man to expand westward, looking for nuggets in the ground and ignoring the nuggets within.
Here was an opportunity for a reconciliation of male and female principles represented by two distinct and different cultures.

It turned out to be a missed opportunity.
Sadly this feeble Judeao/Christian mind was further weakened because it was filled with a self-serving literal interpretation of a wisdom, coded into Oral Tradition that was really meant for ALL to hear.
The western mind filled with devils and demons and ghosts, FEARED the unknown westward lands because that was the hemisphere where the Sun of God died each night … like Prometheus another messenger of light whose liver was affected by the passing of day into night.
A cycle of time is implied.
The EXODUS was the passing of Power from the female right hemispheric prinicple to the left hemisphere of the mind where the patriarch resides cloaked in logic and rationale.

The Indians were offering something better … they were offering a Spiritual Gold.
These ancient societies I have come to realize were chirally balanced.
The EXODUS upset the balance, and continues to do so because their Chosen attitudes refuse to acknowledge cheery chirality. Their less than cheery attitudes thus has lead to the Armageddon Party.

Do ya notice how the balanced individuals are staying away?

So what did we do to the Mesoamerican Indians?
…We stole land that really belongs to no one, and in return offered them trinkets made from the resources that ‘grow’ on the land that we stole from them. An apt analogy would be stealing the press that prints the money and just printing them money using the very same press…
And hundreds of years later we are blowing up mosques in holy cities like Fallujah in Iraq, only to replace them with shopping malls.

Yes it was time for the Fall U Jah. (jah = god)
The fall of a spiritual god and the apparent rise of the Money-theistic God in his place and its accompanying graven image has been responsible for placing many of this Cult’s followers in their graves.
What is their symbol?
What symbol do the mythical and metaphorical and archetypal THEY worship?
No secret here. The book and concept called The Secret was all about manufacturing more of this secret of alchemy.
Yes it is all about the transmutation of the inner gold but most of us spend to much time shining and buffing the stuff that shines on the outside and as always we default to sweeping the stuff on the inside under the rug where it cannot be seen.

This is the symbol THEY want everyone to have on their mind and THEY want to fool us to believe it is a positive symbol capable of healing all woes.

I suggest in an upside down world that the swastika and the dollar sign exchange roles.
We acknowledge that meditating on the dollar sign is bad and mediating on the symbol representing a creation process as good.

This is profound and true realization and very necessary to the global healing process and obviously I am way ahead of current thinking because I FEEL more than I think.
And this is becoming more and more obvious as I engage the intellectuals…


Bill Back wrote:
Writing back and forth and back and forth in an online forum must be mutual to be successful. This is what we have here, like waves coming together from all directions to form the standing waves that we experience. How about the point of view that there are no possessions, we only get to use this stuff while we are here. Can’t take it with you. All these things are actually, one big wave going in and out and in and out like the squeeze box from Who?. So let us use the waves to realize the unity that we always have…

Yes Bill there are many philosophers here at WSM but the realities always seem to point toward a different consciousness…

A philosopher is often someone who uses his mind NOT drugs to escape the apparent BS of life.
I find I need both to help me cope with the WMD THEY keep employing all around me.


Weapons of Mass Deception



p.s. we are at the same crossroads we were when we crossed the Ocean long ago. We have learned what?
We are sailing back EAST with what knowledge what wisdom after hundreds of years of WESTERN exploration and discovery?

WTF and WMD is all we are returning with.

Mission has failed, everyone report to the Middle East. Arrow Arrow
Do not pass Go … straight to a jail imposed by the feeble mind.


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