Hero With a Thousand Names

Heroes can be found everywhere.
Vibrations are indeed everywhere.
Here is an interaction I had with a hero … at a distance … there was a feeling.
Here is his website.


And the following I wrote, inspired, as a response to his music…his ART within revealed exposed.

northjetty wrote:
The spherical standing wave Goddess has returned Laughing, I like the lyrics. Thanks for the compliments on the music, I’m glad that some people like the funk and reggae approach. I’ve been a little busy lately, but I’m going to do a recording session down in the Islands, the straits of Florida. I love playing Reggae and Ska in the environment of the Islands. I still haven’t sorted out any vocals yet, but that will fall into place when the wave motion is right. Coolnorthjetty/the cosmos

Absoul and resoul lutely tat, northjetty, steve, beachbum, surfin’ philosopher dude wantin’ to be a Wave King, the man with a thousand names…the spherical Goddess is rolling back into our lives…like the tide coming in…glad you are at the helm providing the soundtrack. Very Happy

Sublime, Bob Marley, Parlament funkadelic, Santana, Pink Floyd, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, George Benson, Fish Bone, the list goes on…

I see we have some of the same eclectic musical tastes…and the coincidences I am sure do not stop there nj. The picture of the ‘wave’ you have as your desktop at MySpace looks uncannily like a wave a graphic artist friend of mine had designed years ago for the letterhead of a Video Company I was going to startup. I was going to call it ..
Time CapSoul Videos
This is going back to the late eighties…

Funny and no coincidence MyWave riding friend that you should post the ‘mirror’ or ‘chiral’ image of the wave I had had designed…my wave was travelling from left to right … your wave is travelling, rolling along from right to left…and when we meet in the center?

Life is like that.

The above gif/photo I actually took from YourSpace at MySpace, was that OutofPlace, or is that business as usual in CyberSpace?
Here is an idea I had … why do we not start a new web site to rival MySpace?
We could call it MyTimeMotion and then merge with MySpace to become MySpaceTimeMotion, or it could simply be called MyVibration.

Vibration is a concept that Max Planck believed everything defaulted too!
So if he was to start a website…may I suggest he would call it MyVibration.

Hmm, I like that one, vibration,…and we continue with coincidences.
Seeing as the 4 stages of Maya, the illusion, are…

Atomic >>> Space >>> Time >>> Vibration

Atomic = My
Vibration = Motion

Thus we are moving toward Vibration from a state of Time.
This is what the Vedic sages suggest…not me.

A developing or evolving consciousness must become aware of the unconsciousness and the role it plays in the development of humanity, through the personification of the individual in accordance with his environment.
That would be something Jung or von Franz could be overheard saying…

So I see MySpace came out in 2005 and already it has fallen behind the ‘Times’, I will suggest.
MyVibration is sooooooo much more appropriate…
I see myself as farmer in a garden, here is another idea worth planting, so I cast that seed to the Akashic winds, and if it is a valid thought, in that it fits the pattern as laid out, MyIdea will Vibrate throughout the matrix……

So when I saw this photo on MySpace I immediately thought of you playing the guitar in conjunction with these photos that I recently recovered from the 15-minute recesses of MyMind…

At this time nj we need not discuss your tail, which I will suggest will help you achieve some balance…
Your feet also may be a clue as to why you sometimes lose your grip while surfin’, shootin’ fish and steves through the barrels and jettys…take a look at yer feet…you are not hangin’ 10 MyFriend, you are hangin’ 7.
Feelin’ lucky standing on yer own two feet nj?
To quote you again from your site.

“If you’re not your own biggest hero in life already, then what are you?”

Well you are one lucky wave rider to realize that at 30…took me till 47.
However let’s face it, learning to stand on and cling to the Planck while surfing the ups and downs of life using only 7 toes helps on an unconscious level…cha cha cha chakraaaaaaaphael, (gesundheit, bless you)

So those damn monkeys…are we related?
Nj are you right handed or left handed?
Did you read my post on chirality, noting the “15 Chiral Curiousities”?
Let us explore how being chirally aware might affect your musical abilities or let us at least look at the hands, and their responsibilities in accordance to playing a guitar.
I have never played, an instrument (though very soon I shall be exploring the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 by learning how to play the Djembe, with the hopes the music will find harmony with my heART which happens to keep the same time and rhythm and vibration…), MyKnowledge about music is limited by what I have learned about life.
Now I just need to express life through vibration…

So the left hand is moving along an x-axis while the right hand strums in an upward and downward motion, along the y-axis, in a sine wave, this motion causing intersections between the two axis and this results in vibrations altered by the depth, the z-axis, provided by an empty sound box acting as an amplifier…
(So essentially … music is an art form, a very unique way to transmit thoughts, a painting can have the same effect therefore on the level of the unconsciousness. Now I understand why people stare at paintings in galleries, and why music gets under my skin and into my bones causing rather awkward reflexsive motions of vibration in space trying to keep time, failing because I have been told … “white men can’t dance” … but dude you should see me now … Rolling Eyes )

So how does this all connect to a Spherical Goddess?

Here I believe to be the clue to solving some of these out-Standing waves and riddles.
Nj you are aware of Ian and his fixation with the numbers of 5 and 9.
MyPassion is the number 4, and you riding the wave of intuition saw a marriage made in cheery chiral heaven…and you as cupid brought Ian and me together…we are still together. Embarassed
At a distance.
Do you see that now, the role you played as this ‘story’, this ‘myth’, I see us immersed in, as it unfolds?
Time to start paying attention to our hands and the role they play in helping us weave our environment using alchemy.
Take a look at the hands of the chimp.
Right hand 4 fingers and the left hand has 5.
Please allow me use my gift of sight, truly a gift I wish to share.
I feel I was given this gift because of my simple simple beliefs.
We are ALL one and we are on a recovery mission.
A mission to find the TRUTH.

4 + 5 = 9
9 is a very common motif…archetype where we often see 9 levels of creation or 9 levels to the Universe.
Remember the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and the Dogon Cosmological Egg are a 9 in 1 motif.

Nj you know I have written much about those numbers in conjunction with shape and symbol and dimension on the Joseph Campbell site.
If we esoterically follow the line of thinking of the ancient philosophers, the numbers become dimensions of Space.
We see esoterically the following associations being made.

4 = square or cube, male principle, time
5 = circle or sphere, female priniciple, vibration?

In DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man he uses the 3 shapes, the triangle and the square and the circle to show an evolution, a transmutation or a morphing taking place.
Hmm…DaVinci was on one side of the ocean divided by the mid-Atlantic ridge.
On the other side of the ocean were a another culture that also had a reverence for the square and the circle.
The Hopi were based around an area called the 4 Corners, there culture descended from the ancients ones called the Anasazi.

These two symbols were divine to the Hopi, they were know as the Earth Mother symbols.
Pictures are worth a thousand words and when the circular symbol above has also been found on money and pottery and other artifacts around Syria dating from 1000-3500 B.C., I can only ponder NJ, what kind of story needs to be told?

And of course the Hopi as I have mentioned numerous times used the swastika quite profoundly in their Creation Stories, of how things came to be or was it bee, this thought is buzzing about MyMind. (chiral awareness adds NEW meaning to the story of the birds and the bees)
Read the Hopi myths and you may soon see what I did…and now that I have made the profound connection of the swastika to DNA and us being created…like wow!

Yes the Hopi myth I suggest is talking about the formation of DNA.

What if dude?

But a deeper, more profound understanding of the two principles male and female, finds its way into the structuring of society and architecture, laws, rite and ritual, essentially what they believed in became what they rote.
I.e. among the Pueblo, and the Hopi, the descendent’s of the ancient ones the belief is that the female principle (the circle)  spends most of her time in the family home which is of a square construction…and the men of the tribe were seen as the squares. The square or male principle worshiped within circular temples or kivas.
So they were forced to confront their ‘opposite’ residing within, on a daily basis. How simple, how beautiful…is this any different then forcing yourself to alter your own routines…i.e. force yourself to write with the opposite hand?
Is it too late to turn back the hands of time?

What if the chiral swastika, represents the two opposite rotating forces coming together, hinting at finding a balance within, being centered and finding that elusive moment of ‘rest’, at peace with oneself, the ALL-seeing Eye centered in your own hurricane…called life, these are the forces at play to create the mini heavens and mini hells all around us….

Handedness, or being chirally aware is something I have discovered about these ancient pre-Judaic cultures.
Yes nj, my esoteric investigations has given me the ability, (I am starting to realize) to perhaps lend a hand in solving some ancient mysteries.
What if MyInterpretation of the Dogon Cosmic Egg is full on dude?
And everything I have offered about the swastika … I pieced together … there was no direct source for the dots I eventually joined…
What if my bird and snake theory begins to become even more credible when I use it again to interpret the unsolved mystery known as the Dendera Light Relief found in the Temple of Hathor, Egypt.

As I have suggested based on ‘chiral awareness’, the Goddess worshipping cultures that predate Judaism and its accompanying ‘myths’, were egalitarian cultures and appeared to be more focused on make love and NOT war.
And some of these cultures can I suggest were Catal Hoyuk in Turkey, a culture centered around the Sphinx which predates the pyramids by 3000-5000 years according to the geologists and not the Judaeo/Christian archeologists with their collective heads buried in the sands of DeNile, trying soooooooo hard to link Moses with the Pharoahs.
This is what I call blind research. Narrowly focused and missing the bigger Macro-Micro picture I am seeing in full-on Technicolor.

Being left handed in the cheery chiral societies, people like myself were not seen yet as being sinister…as a matter of fact…more left handed people have mystical abilities, but we can also be more aggressive it seems, but it should be noted, more schizos apparently may be right handed…

Studies are underway…

I will attempt to show how the concept of chiral asymmetry comes in play in many aspects of our everyday lives…hence the need to ‘reclaim’ the symbol that is connected to our divine architecture…it is connected to our left and right hands!!!!!

I want the swastika back…THEY can have the dollar sign $.
I suggest we resurrect the swastika, a 20,000+ year old symbol that is connected divinely to our Creative architecture, and I further suggest we replace the dreaded Nazi symbol with a new flag to represent a more profound TRUTH.

I suggest we place a black dollar sign, in the center of a white circle and a red square.
Here is the symbol that makes the world of consumerism go round…
Here is a TRUTH that existed in the dirty 30’s too.

Who wants to help me resurrect the swastika, bring about cheery chiral awareness and in its place…place the dreaded dollar sign, in the middle of the ball of confusion, the root of all evil leading to unhealthy desires of hydrocarbon consumption.
Yes it is MONEY that makes the world go round and it is with great irony the damn swastika that suggests balance.
Have I mentioned the Creator has an incredible sense of humor?
Maybe the wandering jew = male principle / left hemisphere should be on the circuit telling stand-up comedy…?
Life is like that.

So what I see NJ here on planet eARTh is that the lights are on but nobody is home…an apt analogy for a wasteful lost society that still needs to recover…from the last blackout.

Where e = energy and h = heaven

eARTh = energy + ART + heaven



p.s. the hero with a thousand names…you inspire me, at a distance no less.
thank you…understand there can be no greater gift given to the people around you…

Looking for some lyrics funky monkey, nj?
hmm…look no further I may be able to help by lending you a cheery, chiral hand, penning some stellar lunar and loner tunes.



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