Schizophrenia and The Magnificent Seven

cynicalheretic wrote:
I was just curious, I realize I speak out of my ass sometimes, but it seems to me that a serious case of dementia / schizophrenia has taken over the board.

Hey CH, I agree…on at least 2 counts! Shocked
That is a rare occurrence between you and I.

A/ I agree with you. You do often speak out of your ass where the sounds emanating, the pitch and the volley are controlled by your 2 sphincters, yes ewe have 2.
Most people are not aware of the other sphincter I shall refer to as Sphinx for short.
It feces yeast. Very Happy
(and if you want to talk about Aker, Geb and Sun Disk…please engage me)

B/ Cynical you can do some surfin’ now that ewe have cut yourself free of the self-imposed Peak Oil descent into hell…or whatever it was that the EWE in you saw, and then decided to run and hide from….
Please google ‘earth rotation schizophrenia’ and you will see that the following inquiry provide these top 2 returns.

This thread was the second return at a myth site I participate in….on page 3, scroll down…enjoy Wink

disclaimer: Since writing that thread in Feb…I can greatly expand what I wrote with the aid of Dr. Carl Jung and Dr. Marie Louise von Franz…ewe just wait and keep on grazin’, I will deliver … I always do … Rolling Eyes
Changes In The Earth’s Rotation Are In The Wind

Changes In The Earth’s Rotation Are In The WindScience Daily — Because of Earth’s dynamic climate, winds and atmospheric pressure systems experience constant change. These fluctuations may affect how our planet rotates on its axis, according to NASA-funded research that used wind and satellite data.

In conclusion: As we approach 2012 and the earth continues to slow down…people are going to go apparently, quite fucking mad.

Not me, because I already am willing to be whatever you want to call me… Embarassed (so I am constantly being reminded of … by those who haven’t a clue about the sheeple poo that is used to cultivate not love … but war. (the Killing Fields are very very green)

This of course is tied into the electro-magnetic fields that are being altered as we continue our descent into the abyss … into the tunnel of love.

In the future, finding crazy fuckers to fight a war against people they have never met will be very, very easy if we continue this path into the darkness that is kept illuminated, souly by hydrocarbons.

That is the bad news.
The good news
is that America plans to keep most of the fuckers / gladiators, who have guns playing on the same level playing field in a stadium called Homeland America … Das Vaterland Part II … the return of the Burning Bushes Razz

Also there is more good news … I, Raphael confirm I am a product of the coming ‘earth changes’ and there will soon be many more of me. Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
(the Magnificent 7)
Rolling Eyes

In the future as my clan increases, those born of the Oral Traditions, our word of mouth will travel quickly in an age where the BIG GUY has pulled the plug. (again)
This is the tribe my ancestors belonged to and we will make a come back once the advantage of science has been removed and the Goddess returns, we will be humbled by our own collective Mother Nature … her punishment will be directly commensurate with the rape and pillage and plunder that has occurred, simply as the result of technology gone mad…with ever increasing numbers of mad people at the switches and triggers.

Yes, back then the ones to be feared, the THEY were the Schizophrenics. Shock
The Schizophrenics actually heralded from a time where the Oral Tradition ruled … it actually beckons and beacons from a time when the conscious (language and math) were in more of a harmony with the unconscious. Can I suggest that the Exodus that took place, did not take place at all in Eygpt.
Egyptian History does NOT record the fame and fabled Jewish Exodus which as I have often suggested might be instead a metaphor for the transfer of power and influence actually taking place in the mind.


Here is more food for thought to be digested by your easily influenced and programmed MIND. Confused

The female principle/ negative power/ electron/ Goddess / Priestess / right hemisphere / Oral tradition and shape (hourglass) was displaced by the male principle/ positive power/ proton / Male God / Male Priests / left hemisphere / language and numbers.
So the battle that rages outside of us … can be traced back to inside of us.
The insanity around us is manifested by us.
I and Ihztak Bentov would equate that our future lay in how the light of knowledge and scientific achievement, the consciousness of the collective, driven by apparently a ‘semitic mind’ needs to find a balance with the darkness, the unconsciousness that is found in how the complex knowledge itself was always ‘spoken’ and transmitted by sound and common archetypes that ‘uneducated’ could relate to and also relay accurately.


In the future as our worlds collide, The 7 sent to resurrect the spirit, the Yogis, the Sadu, the Seers, the Mystics, the Schizophrenics, the Shamans and the many, many Goddesses will scour the American landscape, some seeking out the wetbacks who became the I want American green(made off the) backs of others.
America has become a magnet for those who desire to belong to the proud full tribe, the patriotic (to a fault), the well equipped belligerent globe trotting citizenry, the affluent numbed and dumb and dumber who seek to be comfortably numb, at any cost.
Afterall THEY have created a hell for themselves.

The Magnificent 7 will first deliver a mythological sermon before slaying the sin within and without hurt to you, resurrecting the virtue within the spirit.

The Magnificent 7 will soon be coming to a beleaguered global village near the you…do not fear these people who are connected to their unconsciousness.

It has been the EWE within the YOU all along we should fear.
Please take the time to ‘know thyself’.
2 words of Wisdom repeated since the dawn of time.
Who said it?

See how numb and dumb ewe have become?
I do sadly. Crying or Very sad

I just want to clear up by what is meant by … “as it is Above … so it is Below”?

This is a No brainer from a male perspective.
I say let the Goddess return and bring back the Oral Traditions.

Silly Razz Here I share with you, the initiaite, I wish to share with you the secret. What is actually meant by “as it is Above … so it is Below”.
The Heaven above and the Heaven below, above and below the waist…this is the FIRMofMENt that divides and keeps me from experiencing Heaven if not attended to through Oral Traditions.
Language becomes limp if we start measuring everything.
Duh do I need to explain everything?

Hence my quest for the Goddess.



God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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