Here is a cut and past from another thread I participate on.

Rainman wrote:
So… in summary, this is why I do not think that any single geometric glyph is superior to any other. Are you saying that the swastika is “more important” than the interlocking triangles of the Star of David? For if you are, I can also show you a similar 3-D depiction of this geometric glyph, and I can even show you how it overlays and interacts with the swastika and it’s 3-D toroid cousin.To me, life is about RELATIONSHIPS, one thing to another, and it is in understanding the RELATIONSHIPS of one thing to another that we encounter truth.Ray

I agree about the Relationship aspect Ray.
And I am glad you brought that up.
Because the swastika…more importantly BOTH rotating swastikas are above LOVE.
What if I was to suggest a proper understanding of these symbols is The Final Solution?
Yes with the most profound irony, the symbol that has been ‘intentionally’ flashing like a beacon for the past 60 years…is in fact capable of providing humanity with The Final Solution.

Did THEY not always say it would be very obvious, right there in front of us? The TRUTH was right there in front of us all along. We just did not see it because?
Yes why because?
I will introduce the work of Marie-Louise von Franz later into the discussion to explain how chirality manifests itself in the mind…how the psyche splits with itself…fascinating shit….she worked with Dr. Carl Jung for 30-40 years.

So how do we twist the truth back into this sacred symbol?

Well for one thing do not quickly dispense with what I am about to share. Do save it on a hard drive, print it, fold it into a hexagram…I do hope to put a hex-agram on you today.

Reality Test
The swastika’s role in religion…throughout ALL the world, pagan and Christian has been well documented.
So do I need to spend any time suggesting the swastika is profoundly deeply seated within our psyche, do I need to prove this?
The oldest archetypal symbols that unites all humanity is the swastika, circle/oval, square cross.
That would be it. Those are pre-historic.
Let us stay there. Closer to the beginning before men started writing down their thoughts in Bibles and such.

I made the claim some time ago that I was attempting to ‘Reconcile Science and Religion using the Swastika’.

Well I have essentially accomplished what I set out to do.
Please read the following.

Here is the Science portion of the equation.
The Chiral Swastika is the KEY

THE KEY Exclamation

THEY have known about chiral properties in chemistry since the time of Pasteur … he is given credit.
(update…evidently this is another lie of western science and the charting of a certain prescribed HIStory.  There was an Arabian alchemist 1000 years prior to Pasteur who knew…)

Understand THEY know that you can take a substance and make it good or bad…
2nd Commandment states … “thou shall not make any graven images”

Swastika … Chiral … Thalidomide … AZT … AIDS … is there a connection?

Below, when you draw Solomon’s Knot using both swastikas … you end up with a 3 X 3 grid

Here are 15 Chiral CuriositiesYou really only need to read the 1st curiousity … let us call the this step, Alpha … the Beginning AND The last curiosity noted #15 … let us call this step, Omega … the End. 1) Human DNA is a helical structure made up of chiral nucleotides. If not for these molecules’ handedness, DNA could not form and we would not be here! 2) Amino acids – can be either left or right-handed, yet we can only metabolize left-handed amino acids; whereas right-handed ones cannot be utilized by the body to build protein, although some
may offer therapeutic benefits.

3) Carbohydrates – sugars – are also chiral. Humans only metabolize right-handed glucose, of which there is abundance. Left-handed glucose, which can only be produced in limited quantities due to
its higher cost, although just as sweet, passes through the digestive system untouched. The most notable exception amongst predominantly right-handed sugars is L-ascorbic acid or Vitamin C – the only carbohydrate considered essential in human nutrition.

4) Bees can distinguish between different enantiomers of sugar. They will eat sugar of one hand, but not of the other. From plants they will gather the nectar containing sugar of one hand, but not of the other. Bees are therefore enantio-selective or chirally aware.

5) The human nose is the most chirally aware of the senses. It smells the ‘shape’ of a molecule, instead of the expected vibratory energy levels. It actually relies on the handedness (chirality) of molecules. Left-handed carvone has the odor of green mint, while right-handed carvone is the essence of caraway aroma. KYRA™ is the first product line in the world to improve on aromatherapy by creating chirally corrected aromatherapy or chiroma-therapy™ , to enhance the ‘therapy: aroma’ ratio of natural aromatic compounds.

6) The sense of taste is also very chirally discriminating. It recognizes most synthetically produced right-handed amino acids as sweet, as opposed to the naturally occurring left handed ones which are often either tasteless or even bitter.

7) Right-handed pheromones can be hundreds of times more potent than their mirror images.

8. Crystals, not surprisingly, are predominantly chiral compounds exhibiting optical activity in very obvious and visible ways (although not always when in solution). The lipid bilayers of membranes throughout the body are liquid crystals composed of hydroxy acid units. Liquid crystals are unique because they exhibit dual chirality: they are optically active like solid crystals and optically active like solutions. This is known as birefringence.

9) Methyldopa, a classic treatment for high blood pressure, owes its effectiveness to the left-handed enantiomer alone.

10) L-ketamine is anesthetic, while the right-handed KYRA is an excitant, which can cause psychic disorders.

11) Chloromycetin – a synthetic antibiotic has only one of its enantiomers that is therapeutically active.

12) The famous herbal aphrodisiac ‘yohimbine’ occurs in plants in both left and right-handed forms, but only one hand is responsible for its desirable vasodilation effects, while the other hand virtually negates it. Clearly, here’s a case where the whole ‘natural’ extract is virtually useless and
would be better separated.

13) Nicotine occurs in tobacco in its L form. The D form is less addictive and less toxic. Wouldn’t providing tobacco with the same calming effects as regular tobacco, but not as addictive and not as toxic, be an improvement on nature? Isn’t this an example of being ‘better than natural’?

14) Mothers who belonged to the old school demanded that their children say hello to the gentleman or lady “with the proper hand”.And Ray I want what is behind door # 15.

15) In both the old and new worlds a left-handed (anticlockwise) swastika was considered an inoffensive, even revered mystic symbol. Ironically, the nazi fascists used its enantiomorphic mirror image (the right-handed clockwise form) as their party emblem and symbol of hate and anti-Semitism. Whether this was deliberate or chance we shall never know.

And I disagree with the author about the, we shall never know part.

Chirality was discovered by an Arabian alchemist acutally. Again here is another profound lie, where knowledge is attributed to the great Judeao / Christians and others are marginalized or discredited.

Here is a most profound example and one upon which a great truth rests.
Precession of the Equinoxes or the Platonic Year was attributed to Hipparchus who is credited with discovering that the positions of the equinoxes move westward along the ecliptic compared to the fixed stars on the celestial sphere. The exact dates of his life are not known, but astronomical observations attributed to him date from 147 BC to 127 BC and were described in his writings, none of which survive to date.

But Plato lived BEE4 Hipparches!

Plato (428/427 BC348/347 BC), was an ancient Greek philosopher.
A Great year (also known as a Platonic year or Equinoctial cycle) is the time required for one complete cycle of the precession of the equinoxes

So why call it a Platonic Year and not a Hipparchus Year?
So the myth makers who wrote the HIStory took the Platonic year away from Plato and turned his story of Atlantis, which is based on cycles of precession causing destruction into a fairy tale to be disbelieved.

The former professor of the history of science at MIT, Giorgio de Santillana, argues in his book, Hamlet’s Mill, that many ancient cultures may have known of the slow movement of the stars across the sky; the observable result of the precession of the equinox. This 700 page book, co-authored by Hertha von Dechend, makes reference to approximately 200 myths from over 30 ancient cultures that hinted at the motion of the heavens, some of which are thought to date to the neolithic
Identifying alignments of monuments with solar, lunar, and stellar phenomena is a major part of archaeoastronomy.

What happens to HIStory when I can illustrate that the two ancient symbols known as Solomon’s Knot and the Swastika are symbols representing Precession of the Equinoxes, the Great Year…known as the Platonic Year?
What happens to HIStory when we realize ALL megalithic structures were successful attempts at measuring the cycle known as Precession?
What happens to HIStory when it can be shown that many cultures prior to the rise of the Levant religions were measuring Precession.
Think about it.
Precession is NOT what they want us, the herd, thinking about.

The ancient alchemists knew about chirality and asymmetry.
Pasteur knew about chiral asymmetry.
The Nazis knew about chiral asymmetry.
The CDC in Atlanta knows about chiral asymmetry.
THEY know about chiral asymmetry.
Only the herd of EWE don’t.

Chirality is fundamental to all living things!
Your hands are also chiral in the MOST PROFOUND way. When you place your hands together in prayer it is exactly the same thing as placing the 2 swastikas over each other…canceling each other out and bringing balance, that is why the swastika was the most common cross carried by the pagan Christians at one time.

Thus you have the Cross above also that I drew using 2 swastikas rotating in opposite directions….and that Cross above resembles the shape and structure of the Cross below…

This was found in Nicaragua…they are found everywhere…not just in Judaic symbolism. And when you realize Rabbis meditate on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, what happens when they meditate on Solomon’s Knot?

The SEAL OF SOLOMON….in Mesoamercica?

And the Peru version below is called the Chakana. I meet a woman in Peru and that was the first thing she shared with me, drew for me after telling me her name. I was already at that time, ALIVE within in my own MYTH and I was receptive… Rolling Eyes
Both containing the magical 3 x 3 grid.

A Chakana (or Inca Cross, Chakana) is an Andean symbol. It is the three-stepped cross representing the southern cross and symbolising the three tiers of Inca life. The lower world, this world and the higher world. The three levels also represent the snake, puma and condor. Many buildings, temples, and religious sanctuaries are scattered with relevance to the chakana. Sacsayhuaman Temple, located in Cusco, Peru, has a stone entrance shaped to form the upper portion of the chakana. Artifacts and jewelry still made by Inca descendants often depict the chakana.

I have felt for some time now that the mythical THEY were trying to kill this sacred pre-historic symbol, which lay and was somehow connected to the heART of our human architecture. As it turns out, the swastika is indeed a symbol of our divine architecture.

Asymmetry in our everyday lives
Interestingly, because of the asymmetry we observe everywhere in nature we take it for granted.
Why is it that most living things display bi-lateral symmetry, that you could ‘split them down the middle’ from the top to the bottom (in the direction of gravity) and they would separate into two halves which, in the broadest sense, were mirror images of each other?
This is so intrinsic and fundamental to life on this planet that the only people ever to question it prior to modern chemistry were philosophers.
CHIRAL correct compounds are being marketed as an ‘An Anti-Aging Miracle’ or as a ‘Fountain of Youth’.

Please note: to the reader … the above link I had provided to this TECHNICAL MANUAL has been REMOVED!!!!

I find this move by the corporation to remove any link about my discoveries, about the swastika and chiral compounds to their cosmetic line called KYRA, very, very revealing.

Not only have they removed the TECHNICAL MANUAL, but even in a word search of ‘KYRA swastika chiral dna’, and in fact all these words do appear together in this manual … so there should be a hit … but the word kyra will NOT be associated together in a word search with swastika dna or chiral any longer.


So sadly the following info I suggested you link to therefore is no longer available … (You mainly need to read starting at page 4, the chapter called Chirality 101 and may I remind the flock here that my favorite number is number 4, who here would DARE challenge that? Rolling Eyes)

Well it is a good thing I have lapses where I seem to have a photographic memory. I will see if I can remember the highlights … it was only science.

(stay tuned to be updated)

Some of the Peak Oilers may be in a need of a spiritual makeover after they read this article.



DUH…DUH…DUH…DUH…DUNCE NO LONGER…DANCE…DANCE…DANCIN’ FOOL…I have BEEcome chirally aware and I am buzzing with delight…are you enjoying the nectar of truth I deliver today?
I note the day 04/ 03 /07
I love 4 and I was born on July 3rd.
Do you see how the heroes and legends unfold through time.
Who would like to know how it feels to come alive with wisdom…clarity?

I was dancing, swirling asymmetrically about in my living room this morning…who wants to join me, and it happens often, and then I must mesh with those who are unaware.
If I am a wingnut…please understand it has been very difficult to be me…these past 2-3 years…for sure…ask my FORMER friends…

Please note that we can also now solve the riddle of Catal Hoyuk. This was an agrarian culture (one of the earliest recorded) that thrived around 6000-7000 B.C.E., but what was odd was that they employed ‘honeycomb’ architecture…the mystery has now been solved may I suggest….this agrarian culture was built around a ‘Queen Bee / Goddess …and they were apparently chirally aware.

We must move forward from being stuck in TIME, past geo-political and religious ‘correctness’ and acknowledge what is…vibration.
I also feel I can now work through the riddle of the Dendera Light using symbolism and alchemy. Rolling Eyes


Vibration is all that matters according to Max Planck.
Max the Sage said matter was an illusion.

Reconciliation = Forgiveness
I could not think of a better ending to a Human tragedy written by our own unconscious.
That is why the swastika is and must be used to reconcile.

Ray, do your ‘symbols’ possess those properties that I listed above?

There is only one symbol that does.
There is only one symbol that I would etch onto to a rock to be left as a marker if I could only leave one symbol.

This epoch is on the Recovery Program Ray.
The ship went down long ago.
Since that time we have been on a salvage and recovery program.
We discover nothing.
We only turn over rocks.
And we also leave markers for others to follow.
Like on the Nazca Plains.
That’s what they did.

In conclusion as I see it … we must become more ‘chirally aware’ if we are to evolve, we must move forward and not ignore this knowledge.
We must decide if we want our TO BEE or Not To BE colonies to dive, hive, jive, kiva, live, ‘rive, thrive, vive…la liberte…vive la difference, vive la femme principle Exclamation

That’s what THEY are doing or should be doing.
Fine tuning society using this awareness of asymmetry.
THEY are chirally aware.
You gotta believe it.
I have proof…those 15 curiousities came from this article.
It actually arrived as a Technical Manual.
And that it is.
It is a Technical Manual that hopes to profit from the Vanity of Humanity.
And this Vanity of Humanity Manual … was by no coincidence delivered to me 26 years and 4 days after my dear dad’s death.
And it is no coincidence his name was Karl and my mother’s name is Maria. As I type this … I cannot withstand the joy I am feeling.
As I realize I again have the guidance of Carl (Jung) and Marie (von Franz) … I hear their whispers, more importantly I must be feeling their vibrations…
Jesus Zeiss…why is guys with the name Karl always give us vision?

2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Game to help understand Chirality

CHIRAL correct compounds are being marketed as an ‘An Anti-Aging Miracle’ or as a ‘Fountain of Youth’…so what is Chirality?

The above direct link to KYRA’s TECHNICAL MANUAL has been killed by the company. But the info I linked to above, can still be still found on their site.

We are not aware of the difference. The Prophets make the profits with this technology.
Have been for a looooooong time. Ever heard of Thalidomide and AZT.
That’s the Real SECRET you will not see on Oprah.
There are $$$ to be made.

I feel this symbol (both) belong to humanity.
All of humanity.
Jews at one time had this sacred symbol in their synagogues, yes the swastika…which long ago was associated with Solomon’s Knot.
This association of the ‘Nazi’ swastika can be traced back to alchemy.
Am I correct Mdm. Marie von Franz?
So let’s discuss.
Who dare take on the wingnut?
Books keep mysteriously arriving to help me in my quest.
And as my family coat of arms proudly displays…I am a Blue Knight, my flag carries the Hexagram and the Crescent Moon, implying I am on the right/left path of balance…and my quest has been recognized.
Not unlike the Key Man in the Matrix you finally recognize your purpose in this life.
It truly is liberating…but scary.
I now recognize the resurrection of the Goddess as the event of 2012.
And I am starting to feel deep within it can have a happy ending.
We have little time left…to change our attitudes ( I cannot even read the paper or watch the news any longer…this is what we need to bring us to a much much higher latitude in the development of human consciousness…a merging of the two distinct principles…male and female…

shhh but the battle is supposed to take place in our minds and hearts … this is absolutely no need to get all dressed up in your Khakis and Doc Martins and take your dysfunctional bad act weaned on western TV to the mideast folks.
Stay home turn off the lights, sit in the darkness and a new light arrives. And soon you realize there was no need for the hydrocarbon illusion….

Rolling Eyes


Love you all…even the Americans, including ‘Ask Kam the Nazi’
Very Happy

p.s. cut and paste … spread the news …tell 2 people … the Siamese cat is out of the bag … sometimes I feel I shouldn’t be saying these things … sometimes I wonder about my future.
The more people that know Ray, the safer you and I are.
Because you must understand I am doing a run around the system…THEY never thought somebody would give such insight and wisdom away for FREE…and I will continue to do so…

Sorry to bring you into it Ray, and ALL EWE Peak Oilers too. Razz
Don’t you see it?
Well if you don’t see it … you won’t see it coming.

God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


6 thoughts on “The Cosmetics of THE FINAL SOLUTION

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  3. Dear Raphael,

    I now realize that I have distracted myself from my inner self my entire life. After a long, contemplative drive, I found myself looking at the night sky and reveling in vibration of darkness’ creatures, the crickets & the frogs. I thought about the number 36, which has manifested itself to me in many ways since I was very young (including being my dad’s birth year – mine being 72) and of which I was aware, but now understand so much more. My remaining question is, does this number designate a specific purpose for me? I am still trying to figure that one out. Another thing is, with the cat being out of the bag here in 5 AR (anno Raphael), why do we not see the beloved, truthful swastika/spiral everywhere? I am a children’s music teacher, and one of the places I teach is the local JCc ( Jewish Community Center) and I have half a mind (literally!) to show up for work with a beautiful left-hand painted swastika on my t-shirt! Can you imagine the fallout? And then I would share the story, the Truth, with the news media, challenging everyone as you have. And then the sheeple would begin to wake up. I have a 7-year old daughter who went to a Waldorf school for a short time. I loved the idea of it but the reality was not necessarily 100% Steiner, at least in my locale. She has been in a French immersion program since, but you have inspired me to remove her from school, and she is now at home coloring mandalas with her left hand and listening to me retell the ancient stories. My university studies, after majoring in drama, then aerospace engineering, astronomy, Eastern European history, Russian, and sociology,finally resulted in a degree in anthropology with a minor in Women’s Studies, while at a military prep college. (!!). I had visited the 4 corners, at Mesa Verde. I went back to school again to study architecture and everything I did was spirals. I have to wonder if spending my childhood in Hawa’ii with Japanese teachers had something to do with my perception. Now this is turning into a blog, so may I just thank you for your work and your fab sense of humor. Katrina was a blessing for me & my daughter, and now the oil spill has led me to myself, because of you.

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