Life is Queer

Single-photon memory

Physicists with the Georgia Institute of Technology report they have stored and retrieved single photons that were transmitted between remote quantum memories. The ability to store and retrieve a so-called qubit state in an atomic quantum memory node could help bring “quantum repeaters,” devices that let quantum information transmit long distances by optical fiber.

‘Repeater’ after me…I will now turn on my imagination switch.

In the lab, researchers excite (at 200 Hz) a cloud of rubidium atoms stored in a magneto-optical trap cooled to temperatures near absolute zero, a process that generates a single photon about once every 5 sec. Because the photon is in resonance with the atoms from which it was created, it carries specific quantum information about the excitation state of the atoms.

Have you found your switch yet?
Let me help you.
This ‘trap’ could be a ‘Wave Center’.
Let us follow the path, the journey of this photon.
What kind of message does it carry?
Through the trials and tribulations of darkness and light, will the message get through?

The liberated photon next travels along a 100-m-long optical fiber to a second cloud of trapped rubidium atoms. An intense laser beam controls the velocity of the photon until it is inside the second cloud, at which time the beam is switched off.

Now that you have found your switch…I must turn the laser beam off and place you back into darkness again. No light escapes the gravity of my imagination. Rolling Eyes
As you sit there in the darkness imagine yourself in a Black Hole that YOU dug for yourself. Okay jump into that hole that you dug for yourself…Mr. Male Principle Positive Proton…Mr. PPP
However I happen to see things in patterns of 4 though.
So we can call this force Mr. Male PrinciplePositiveProtonPrick
And how long do these 4Power Forces hang around?

The photon halts inside the dense ensemble of atoms where it sits for about 10 sec.

10 seconds does not seem like a long time…but where time does not exist, how long is 10 seconds?

The control beam is then switched on and the photon escapes the atomic cloud. Researchers verify the quantum information encoded on the exiting photon matches that which was carried into the second cloud.

I find this interesting.
I do see analogies to a bigger picture.

As Hawking has suggested the Black Hole dissipates after the Black Hole has been filled. Actually it is the ‘event horizon’ that gets filled. The formula suggests when 25% of the circumscribed area of the event horizon gets filled the Black Hole dissipates…Hawking theorized that the information / energy that had been collected, sucked in over the history of the solar system / galaxy where it resided would be projected or played back…somewhere across the Universe, hinting at a ‘rebirth’, and also hinting at the ultimate ‘BIG Brother’. The Creator actually has placed recording devices (a.k.a. Black Holes) all throughout the Uni-verse.
I remember the photo Hawking used to illustrate his point…an old phonograph.

And the two tunes I keep hearing on that phonograph are ‘Karma’ and ‘Reincarnation’.

Science and Religion will soon be reconciled.
And we are not going to like it…unless we are ‘prepared’.
ETA 2012

U ni-verse
E nergy
E motion




p.s. All the Uni-verse is a Stage
or is it stages?


3 thoughts on “Life is Queer

  1. Hi Raphael- Could this possibly be us?
    On November 20, 2009, astronomers working with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) released a near-infrared, composite image of Centaurus A with new detail on the new generations of stars that formed after the giant elliptical galaxy “ingested” a much dustier, smaller spiral galaxy around 200 to 700 million years ago. Giant ellipticals typically lack the rich gas and dust clouds that collapse into new stars and so such galaxies are not usually seen with the numerous young and bluish, massive stars found in dustier spirals; however, ellipticals are thought to form from galaxy mergers. The 16,500 light-year-wide ring of dust and gas inside Centaurus A appears to be a warped and twisted remnant of a barred spiral galaxy (ESO press release; and Kainulainen et al, 2009).

    • could this be us?
      you ask?

      what is the ‘mythology’ behind Centaurus ‘A’

      I double checked
      It lead me to this

      (astronomy) A strong, discrete radio source in the constellation Centaurus, associated with the peculiar galaxy NGC 5128.

      constellation 5128?
      oh my
      oh my
      thank you for that vibe, that truth chill sent my way ma nola.

      1258 was my FF badge number upon retirement.
      WHY I LEFT the FORCE to join a NEW ONE in fact.
      You should enjoy this posting regarding the numbers 5128, an anagram of what makes me tick 1258! and if out of tune, maybe quite sick?

      to answer your original question NOW, I feel I might take a stab?
      YES would be my reply…
      we are looking back in time, and it seems we can in fact see US?
      >>> and it has become clear to me, and mi, that the solfeggio frequency 528 hertz that heals DNA, would be connected to the alchemy of the universe, which I want to suggest, is regulated, its binural heART beat that imitates LIFE, by two pillars that stand as boundaries, HIGH (ultra-sound) and LOW (infra-sound) frequencies, tweaked by *radio signals* arriving via the remnants of SUPERNOVAs (i.e. crab nebula) and blackholes, and COLLISIONS too?

      thank you for arriving here to help reconcile religion and science into a unity, ma.
      your wide range of knowledge applied with an open mind, can only be an asset.


      rafa or ra

  2. I like you, too, Ra. You have no idea what it meant to me to find you here, after all this time, and now I am feeling/seeing/hearing/beeing the same vibrations. What a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I cannot find the entry where someone flipped the Nazca lines, but I thought you might want to check the orange bowtie Fermie wore to the Big Bang in Cen A:

    Also, there is a giant SKA concert hosted by the CSIRO pod…Dr. Tasso calls Centaurus A “just an object that’s been sighted many times before” on the podcast heard round the universe.

    Seems like you’d want a headliner for that performance.

    hahaha naMAste ra a toi

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