Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I began this thread as the result of the current observations, debates and comments exchanged, taking place on another thread in regards to current IQ testing methods and results.

Okay I will try to keep this rant and rave shorter than most.
I have come to realize the attention span of the average Peak Oiler is brief … if he dare wander out of the box/pen of reality constructed for him.

So here is how I suggest the EWE can make a Million.
I offer this idea to anyone to promote.
No royalties necessary for me.
Ewe keep ALL the royalties … thus Ewe the prince of tides are elevated and become King.
But the never-ending story, the eternal tides of change suggest the King will one day again desire to exchange positions with the Pauper … implying we must come full circle in order to grow in consciousness, which we must acknowledge, that consciousness is itself evolving.
Otherwise what is the point of the illusion we participate in?
To put the Golden Arches on Mars?
This vision therefore suggests if we were Martians we would indeed be ‘coming full circle’, if we desire to re/populate Mars.

Take the fundamentals of RISK (nobody has a Monopoly on a basic map of the world, yet…)

Instead of cubes that we formerly assigned as armies in the game of RISK (by no coincidence the entire Kabbalah is structured on the Cube) and we elevate these geo-metric structures, the cubes to Pawns, Bishops, Knights, Rooks, Queens and Kings.
Now here is where the game of RISK changes and is taken to new heights…only a wingnut has this vision.

I call my vision the Grand Game or the Unified Game Theory.
Just in Time … because it reflects what I believe is very close at hand. Which hand? Sleight of hand?
Or should I say ‘handedness’?
An awareness of handedness and the role chiral compounds play in forming the Universe will eventually lead us, along with more quantum penetration into a reconciliation.

A Reconciliation of Science and Religion

What kind of IQ is necessary to solve such a riddle?

1st stage … in any war/merger we apply the Game of Diplomacy and Conspiracy. Two players are allowed to leave the room and have an ‘off the record’ chat. If these ‘backroom antics’ fail we move on to stage 2.
And among consenting adults…screwing each other from behind and blowjobs are recognized as valid tactics and are thus allowed to resolve issues and ongoing conflicts.

2nd stage … anywhere two countries share a border and the D’n’C (Diplomacy and Conspiracy) has failed to abort the situation, thus a problem is born, is when we must move on to another playing field…the chessboard.
In this game we throw away the dice formerly used to induce others to die randomly.
We line up the troops assigned to us at the beginning of the Grand Game… (we have many troops in reserve also, comprised of pawns, bishops, knights and rooks).
As the troops are killed they can be replaced from the reserves anytime as you lose them on the killing fields (the chessboard).
We now have lined up the two Kings and the country is not taken until the dispute is handled on the chessboard using the rules of chess. The number of men available to be played on the board, defending or attacking a border is determined by how many men, you as King assigned to that particular zone of conflict. As King you assign the troops, the chess pieces, to the zones of conflict based on the strength of your opponents and the number of chess pieces he has in position.
So essentially you could be playing 4 different chess games at once as you defend or attack various borders against your 3 opponents. You assign the troops to the zones of conflict based on what your perceptions are of the strength, of each of the 3 other opponents.

So the ‘Rules’ of Diplomacy, RISK and Chess can be morphed into an interesting Tetra-morph of a game … and to allow the chess non-player or younger children to participate … you allow them to use the dice (die die again) to settle the conflicts … but you give them a dire warning…
You instruct them not to misuse the magic cubes… the two die called Chance and Faith. You warn them about THEY who if they have a Monopoly THEY can change Truth into Faith which becomes the Community Chest = Vatican.

And how do we always make the game more interesting for the ewe-nified flock?
We introduce money or a wager of some kind.
Hence the title of the thread.

Apparently the Game of Life becomes more interesting if we introduce money.
Does money in fact make the world go round?
Essentially yes.
And to add the concept of money to the Grand Game and the game after all is to make the world go round, but how fast, at what speed should the turntable be set?
At which speed do we set into motion the machine and replay the vibration, is it 78? 45? …or is its 33 1/3rd ?
At which speed do we replay the song and dance ‘Cabaret’?

To introduce money we must introduce another Magical Cube.
And we will structure our society on this Magical Cube.
And Yes I challenge you to ripme apart, Believe It Or Not!
We actually have structured our reality on this Magical Cube. As I mentioned above the structure of the scriptures contained within the Kabbalah is structured on the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. If you want proof of my assertions … acquaint yourself with the Key 4 known as The Emperor or Card 4 of the Tarot and on page 68, in the book written by Paul Foster Case you will find your proof…from the perspective of the archetypes presented in the Tarot…this is the stuff the Black Magicians like Aleister Crowley would toy with…

So what is this Magical Cube?
We must introduce a Doubling Cube, similar to how the one in Backgammon operates.
We now have 3 Cubes … and we can use these 3 Cubes to generate Money.

In my Grand Game I refer to these 3 Cubes as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I think at this point, I have probably set in motion the wheels turning within the mind of someone out thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and in fact at a very great anti-podal distance from me, is it possible somebody sees the merits of promoting this game?
I can only suggest you, your imagination and me and my imagination … stand between the EWE and the fields of greener pastures…to be reaped…

However why would I choose NOT to promote or invite another ‘game’ into my life at this time, a game that potentially could give me control of greener pastures to be grimly reaped?
What’s the point, is my perspective…why?

Please note the following disclaimer:
ALL the RULES will change in 2012.
Business as usual will be altered about 180 degrees.

So I see any effort at this point, any effort put forth only to generate more money, to only feather an already comfy nest, to only fulfill desires that go far beyond true need are efforts wasted.
I feel these efforts are a big waste of valuable time, the little time we have left.

People should start investing more in them between now and 2012…
That does NOT mean applying the makeup to the outside and ignoring the inside.
That does NOT mean investing in the best education money can buy, only to allow your ego to exploit the wee ewe within you.
That does NOT mean getting the body in shape souly so others can fuck it…
That does NOT mean taking the best you can offer as a conscious evolving mensch … and then selling it to your brothers and sisters at a prophet.

What it DOES mean I believe is ‘Know thyself’.

I will wait till a few responses have been posted and then I present more profound proof, yes proof that at the heart of every man, woman and child lay a universal architecture and this architecture expresses itself as art, music, shape, color etc.
Of course music, shape and color can all be represented as vibrations or frequencies, and these vibrations are of course the codes which are contained within a blueprint, or program, or DNA.

I realize now I can show you how the highly revered Kabbalistic Tree of Life, upon which the entire Judaic mystical game of life is structured can be reduced to a child’s game.
Yes the Creator is truly beneficent, and he devised a game of life that any child can play … actually anyone can play rather well…I will even suggest I can take an Aborigine and an Ashkenazi, teach them both the simple rules of this game…and the results will be predictable.
I will need to have a look at this game more closely.
This will be a rather profound realization…once again…a vision born of intuition.

I kid ewe not kids.


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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