Tic Tac Dough

Raphael wrote:
Magus wrote:
2012…I’ve heard that date mentioned alot. Supposedly the world will end in December of that year, correct? But…what has all of this have to do with IQ? And games?(I have to disagree with the poster above, I actually find Risk enjoyable, but then again, that applies to many games for me. I sort of an enthusiaist.)

I also enjoyed Risk at one time.
But of late I have been immersed in a much bigger game.
Far more sublime … and it exists just beneath the surface.
But as always gravity brings us back.
But often with new vision.
Believe me?
Rolling Eyes

Here is another example of something I brought back…an understanding of a game that starts out as a child’s game but evolves to mean so much more…in how our competitive world operates…and to think it was all a misunderstanding.
We didn’t understand the rules.
There were not supposed to be any winners or losers in life.
That is what I am seeing in this particular child’s game.

The best way I have found to explain my experience of late is the following.
An ‘awakening’ is seeing the world again but with new vision.
Yes I have heard that.

My awakening can only be explained as the merging together of 2 visions, the sight of a young child with the wisdom of an adult.

The naive sight we all possessed when we were first born, the awe fullhigh from being presented a new golden age, essentially a new opportunity, a new life … and then at 47 years of age we merge this rebirth with accumulated experience.
As another observation can I suggest the creation left us speechless and that is why we cannot talk when we are born…once you open your mouth…you stop listening to what is ALL around you…

Life is a game.

I can reduce everything down to a basic child’s game.
This energetic dance of life I have come to realize can be reduced to a child’s game adults also enjoy playing.
The structure of the Universe is in a child’s game.
I knew it would be…
Einstein said it would be simple and he has been my inspiration.
His words kept me on track as others attempted to knock me off my high horse.
Nobody likes the Black Knight.
And it was a New moon the night the knight rode in to PO town.
The lights had been turned down and it was difficult to see. But that was then and now the moon is Full.
And those taking their shots at me formerly as I ran the PO gauntlet are now beginning to realize I was in fact a Blue Knight.
And Blue Knights have valuable messages to bear.
And please note, this true Blue Knight carries with him a flag, and on the flag are two symbols.
The crescent moon and the hexagram.

A profound motif I have found among many indigenous is the idea of 9 levels or Universes.
In conjunction with the 10 Commandments we begin to see a pattern.
The Kabbalah uses the Tree of Life.
It’s basic structure is ‘9 contained within 1’ motif.
The Dogon Cosmic Egg contains the story of their Creation myth and the structure is again 9 glyphs contained within an egg, O.
9 within 1

Here is the game we play as kids and then as we grow older we become far too serious.

Red X = positive energy or male principle
Blue O = negative or female principle

Green $ = the goal of the game is to manifest a Trinity.

Line up 3 in a row in this lifetime.
The Father, The Son And The Holy Spirit and you win the game.

So here we have the game of energy played out on a 3 x 3 playing field…and there are 9 playing pieces on the field within the Oval office.
I ponder if the idea of the game in Tic Tac Toe should be not to win … but to create stalements.

Have you ever played this game with the intent NOT to win?
There you have a metaphor for how we turn the world around.

I ask was has Tic Tac Toe become Tic Tac Dough?
Well that brings us back to the Oval office.
And in the Oval office they are more concerned about orifices.
The current collective consciousness wants to go for the green in the center of this 3 x 3 matrix.
And the following geometric structure fits in nicely on any ODD grid.
i.e. 3 x 3 or 5 x 5

And everyone is familiar with the following spiral…
Take a look at the 4th square produced in the sequence … it is 3 x 3

And if you use the 7 x 7 grid below you can logically reason what Pythagoras did and arrive at the formula (a)2 + (b)2 = (c)2

So really when you begin to realize that the swastika is a swirling geometric form giving rise to life … it becomes apparent that we are all indeed just chips of the old block.
So that’s why I was called a square head.
I thought it was because I wore leather pants and kicked my fullerene bucky ball around the neighborhood.
Very Happy



God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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