137 – Birds and Serpents become Dragons

update Feb. 5, 2013


The world is divided into three spheres: the first is the Upper World (Felső világ), the home of the gods; the second is the Middle World (Középső világ) where the world we know is, and finally the underworld (Alsó világ). In the center of the world, a tall tree is standing: the World Tree / Tree of Life / Life Tree (Világfa/Életfa). Its foliage is the Upper World. The Middle World is located at its trunk and the underworld is around its roots. In some stories, the tree has fruits: these are the golden apples.


137 – 2 – Dragon

Sárkány (dragon)

Appearing in almost all folk tales, a creature not similar to Chinese dragon or dragon from West Europe. He is always man-shaped, can ride a horse, and has usually 7 heads, sometimes 3, 12 or 21 (relating to numbers in astronomy). Dragons usually symbolised human behaviour or characteristic, i.e. when the hero was fighting with him, he was fighting to overcome his own bad behaviour, habit or characteristic.

The Hungarian folk tales return a negative player in the multi-headed dragon. The words hang in Transylvania vortex is present and the Hungarian tales of dragons are often arrives whirlwind. This semantic overlap with other nations can be observed, the Turkish language is a part of “dragon, snake,” meaning sazagan word Dobrudja Kipchak CETS tribe storms and rain before rotating wind.[5]

 The weather and the dragon link between the Hittite mythology Illujankasz shows for the first time , the Storm God conqueror. 

The previous dragons and dragon-like creatures, or rather the wisdom of the ancient chaos were personalization.

The Dragon [fr, en: dragon] in heraldry that four-legged animal. Heraldry originated in the Nile crocodile is going back.


original post:

Joseph Campbell argued that it is not science that has diminished human beings or divorced us from divinity. On the contrary, the new discoveries of science “rejoin us to the ancients” by enabling us to recognize in this whole universe “a reflection magnified of our own most inward nature; so that we are indeed its ears, its eyes, its thinking, and its speech…”
-Bill Moyers, Power of the Myth

So with Joe’s approval and blessing I shall present what I believe science reveals about Snakes/Serpents, Birds and Dragons.

For those of you who have studied physics this may resonate.

Light can travel essentially one of two ways.
As a Wave or as a Particle. (quanta or packet of particles)

Serpent = Wave
Bird = Particle

Serpent + Bird = Dragon

The Serpent or Snake is usually found in close proximity to a Bird in many myths and from many seemingly disconnected cultures.

A Wave is also ‘Bound’ energy and Particles are ‘Free’ energy.
We are ‘bound’ in matter.

Dragons occur at the transition point on the axis mundi, it is the tirtha, the still point, the 4th chakra.
This would be where I think you would encounter dragons.
It is the point where we defeat the dragon and harness his powers or the dragon defeats us.
It is the point also where mind over matter occurs.
Where quantum intersects with the relative field.
We are trying to achieve inner thermodynamic equilibrium. An inner peace.
That is what slaying the dragon represents, this is what I feel.
That is the King Arutherian fantasy…and interestingly in the Andes, Peru, among the Inca the Snake and Condor battle for the power of the Puma who resides at the 4th chakra.
And is it a coincidence that the Inca Solar Cross is known as the Chakana, sounding not unlike chakra. And at the centre of this cross is a circle signifiying the 4th chakra, the balance point, the point of intersection.

I will post a link here about the ayahausca plant used by the Shamans and the florescent dragons one encounters, if I can find it.

I eventually googled ayahuasca, fluorescent dragons and serpents.



Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


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